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Preparing Apple Push Notification SSL Certificate

July 8th, 2013 9 comments

Today I would like to describe (just not to forget) non-trivial process relating to implementation of Apple Push Notification Service mechanism delivers short messages to users’ devices applications in the AppStore. And I’d like to put actions sequence performed when creating and installing SSL Push Certificate: without this certificate server side is not able to send Push. Also, I’m going to write how to implement the most simple push-server php script. The function itself is very useful to alert users about new system events. Such monsters as Skype, Google, WhatsApp use push technology to make a call subscribers or notify about new messages in the manner of how it does standard iOS apps. Read more…

Bon appetit. Part 3.

July 7th, 2013 No comments

Let me write another abstract post about healhty and not really kinds of food since it’s getting very popular to publish recipes especially those that don’t require special skills. I also would like to share one delicious we cook from time to time. It may look like usual pizza but it seems to me much tastier then bought in grocery or devlivered by pizza service. Perhaps because of miminal amout of dangerous ingredients.
This recipe can be related to the category of “fast and simple course” and can be useful if you want make a dinner quickly or suddenly you’ve got a friends behind your door. Read more…

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