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title='Notabene: disable a restriction for mobile internet sharingNowadays some of cell operators have a practice of restricting internet sharing function for smartphones. Usually it's an attribute of family tariffs which also propose home internet and digital TV. This article will describe how to disable this restriction. The article is only for educational purpose of course, the author takes no responsibility for what you're going to do with this information.   Read more...
13-01-2020 19:31
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The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has played a rendition of Neil Young's Rockin' in the Free World with a local band on his surprise trip to Kyiv.
14-05-2024 21:09
H?cke has led the Alternative for Germany's (AfD) regional branch in Thuringia since the party was founded in 2013
14-05-2024 20:41
Nicknamed "The Fly", he reportedly had links to the drugs trade and was freed when armed men attacked a prison van.
14-05-2024 20:36
Many streets in the southern Gaza city now lie empty, the UN says, as an Israeli operation continues.
14-05-2024 19:10
The Canadian writer was known as the "master of the contemporary short story".
14-05-2024 19:07
Organisers say they are working on solutions to address bad behaviour near the art installation.
14-05-2024 18:54
The front line has turned from a relative stalemate to a major Russian offensive in a week.
14-05-2024 18:42
At least two prison officers have died after the vehicle - which was carrying a prisoner at the time - was ambushed near Rouen in Normandy.
14-05-2024 17:25
Georgia's parliament voted through a law that critics say could be used to threaten civil liberties.
14-05-2024 16:50
Actor Charlotte Lewis says he defamed her by calling her a liar when she accused him of rape.
14-05-2024 15:51
A member of the UN's safety team was killed in Rafah on their way to a hospital, the agency says.
14-05-2024 14:55
Oliver Dowden raises allegations in a BBC report that forces were "told to kill" for futuristic city.
14-05-2024 13:57
A tornado sent debris flying through the air when it touched down in the US state of Pennsylvania on Saturday.
14-05-2024 13:53
There have been weeks of mass street protests in the capital sparked by a divisive "foreign agent" law.
14-05-2024 13:51
After a decades-long love affair with Ghana, the US musical icon is granted citizenship.
14-05-2024 13:28
Protesters angry at the lack of progress in the case of the 43 missing students threw firecrackers.
14-05-2024 12:54
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The internet outage in East Africa highlights the fragility of the continent's online connections.
14-05-2024 14:58
The auction house's website is down as it seeks to sell items ranging from high art to rare wine.
14-05-2024 12:28
The role has been split into two separate top jobs, dividing up hardware and software.
14-05-2024 11:47
OpenAI has unveiled a new, faster version of its generative AI tool, ChatGPT.
14-05-2024 09:12
Chinese firm MineOne Partners has been ordered to sell land it owns near a US nuclear missile site.
14-05-2024 02:08
India is hoping that biogas, produced from farm waste, will curb its reliance on imported gas.
13-05-2024 23:06
The test comes amid concern about the vulnerability of satellite navigation systems to blocking.
13-05-2024 17:18
Shares in Gamestop, the original meme stock, surge again as 'Roaring Kitty' returns online.
13-05-2024 16:02
The game's developers said the controversial terms gamers were told to agree to was a miscommunication.
13-05-2024 11:22
The Oxford study comes as concern about the impact of internet use prompts laws in many countries.
12-05-2024 23:04
As Twitter and Facebook both now offer paid subscription, what impact is it having?
11-05-2024 23:35
BBC Analysis editor Ros Atkins looks at what what is being done to prevent minors seeing harmful content.
11-05-2024 05:25
Patients say the device allows them to reduce the number of hospital visits involved in cancer care.
10-05-2024 21:11
The technology giant apologised after Hugh Grant and others criticised the "tone deaf" iPad advert.
10-05-2024 00:21
Baidu's Qu Jing tells workers she does not care for them because, 'I am not your mum'.
09-05-2024 05:20
The media giants are under pressure to attract more subscribers to their streaming services.
09-05-2024 03:35
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Clues hidden deep in their trunks shows just how unprecedented last year's heat was.
14-05-2024 15:01
A new national food security report finds the UK is too reliant on imports of fruit and vegetables.
14-05-2024 13:52
Twenty-seven new sites have been designated for summer pollution monitoring.
13-05-2024 01:04
Frantic efforts are being made to save the endangered mountain chicken frog, native to just two Caribbean islands.
12-05-2024 00:26
Frantic efforts are being made to save the endangered mountain chicken frog, native to just two Caribbean islands.
12-05-2024 00:26
Alok Shukla has spent years fighting to protect a key Indian forest from mining companies.
11-05-2024 23:24
A rare solar storm made the aurora borealis visible across the UK, including across the south.
11-05-2024 12:09
A conservationist is on a mission to keep a Welsh island a sanctuary for native red squirrels.
11-05-2024 00:46
A solar storm of this scale can cause disruptions to infrastructure such as the power grid.
10-05-2024 21:49
The local wildlife trust hopes the tunnels will boost the reptile's numbers by encouraging mating.
10-05-2024 17:05
One of the most common types of mosquito has been identified for the first time in locations across Scotland.
10-05-2024 05:21
The policy comes despite global calls to drastically phase out fossil fuels to reach climate targets.
09-05-2024 03:49
Targets to improve England's rivers, lakes and coastal water will fall well short, a key watchdog finds.
09-05-2024 01:12
John McFall is studying whether it's possible for someone with a physical disability to go to space.
09-05-2024 01:07
Every single day of the past 12 months has seen a new global sea temperature high for the time of year.
08-05-2024 02:00
Midges blown from northern Europe could spread a serious virus across farms in England, experts warn.
07-05-2024 00:17
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Sophie Harvey, of St Mary’s Road, Cirencester, is accused of taking the drug to end her pregnancy.
14-05-2024 15:05
Shannon Bowe's family want UK hotel chains to stop hosting Turkish surgery "clinics" and sales days.
14-05-2024 14:12
The jab could reduce heart attack and stroke risks regardless of the amount of weight people lose.
14-05-2024 10:34
Richard Scolyer has undergone a new treatment for glioblastoma, based on his own melanoma research.
14-05-2024 05:50
The Conservatives are not on track to increase spending by 3.3% a year above inflation in England.
14-05-2024 01:27
Addicts at risk of an opioid overdose in England will get supplies of the antidote for emergency use.
13-05-2024 23:48
A bill to allow assisted dying for the terminally ill is expected to pass a key parliamentary stage.
13-05-2024 23:14
Hundreds of women have contacted BBC News with their traumatic experiences of giving birth.
13-05-2024 17:33
The health minister questioned whether a cross-community vote to extend lockdown was 'morally right'.
13-05-2024 15:59
Hundreds of women have contacted BBC News with their traumatic experiences of giving birth.
13-05-2024 11:46
The once a day pill Tafamidis is now available on the NHS in England.
13-05-2024 06:26
Families torn apart by the infected blood scandal break their silence to BBC Panorama.
13-05-2024 04:45
Changes in postnatal care are also required, MPs say after hearing "harrowing" evidence from UK women.
13-05-2024 04:03
MPs heard "harrowing stories" from women, including some who said they were left in blood-soaked sheets.
13-05-2024 04:03
The US hospital which carried out the operation said Rick Slayman's death was not a result of the transplant.
12-05-2024 11:43
Five babies have died from the infection amid a rise in cases in the UK.
10-05-2024 12:23