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title='Notabene: disable a restriction for mobile internet sharingNowadays some of cell operators have a practice of restricting internet sharing function for smartphones. Usually it's an attribute of family tariffs which also propose home internet and digital TV. This article will describe how to disable this restriction. The article is only for educational purpose of course, the author takes no responsibility for what you're going to do with this information.   Read more...
13-01-2020 19:31
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Officials in western Austria warned winter sports enthusiasts of dangerous conditions in the area.
05-02-2023 14:38
Iranians involved in anti-government protests are among those set to be released.
05-02-2023 13:32
Ukrainian troops in the Donetsk region are facing difficult conditions, the country's president says.
05-02-2023 12:35
The former president, who seized power in a coup in 1999, survived numerous assassination attempts.
05-02-2023 07:42
The Trevelyan family, who owned more than 1,000 African slaves in the 19th Century, will also pay reparations.
05-02-2023 05:22
Rampant inflation is a key issue for voters as Turkey’s President Erdogan faces elections in May.
05-02-2023 01:31
Adele, Beyonc?, Kendrick Lamar and Harry Styles are up for prizes at the 65th annual Grammys in LA.
05-02-2023 01:26
A bout of food poisoning at a Madrid restaurant stirs debate about how to cook a Spanish tortilla.
05-02-2023 00:36
"Arrogant", "discreet" - Lucy Williamson visits the apartment block where the brothers first settled.
05-02-2023 00:32
Poulami Adhikari played in India's under-16 team, but had to stop when her family fell on hard times.
05-02-2023 00:18
Luxury rehab centres address the life-consuming nature of crypto trading, but some question the huge costs.
04-02-2023 23:01
Video shows the vessel capsizing in rough Pacific seas as the man on board is rescued.
04-02-2023 19:17
Pope Francis is on an unprecedented trip to the war-torn country with two other Christian leaders.
04-02-2023 18:09
Flames light the sky over a village near Pittsburgh after about 50 carriages reportedly derail.
04-02-2023 15:50
The country's internet regulator says the ban will remain in place until all material is removed.
04-02-2023 15:07
The 16-year-old girl was thought to have been swimming in the Swan River, Western Australia Police say.
04-02-2023 13:48
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How the late inventor of cat's eyes, Percy Shaw, got his eureka moment.
04-02-2023 23:50
The Tesla boss is cleared of fraud charges over a tweet about taking the carmaker back into private ownership.
04-02-2023 09:37
The global police agency has built its own virtual reality (VR) space, for users to do training.
04-02-2023 00:01
Worries over privacy and the cost of living have curbed interest in voice assistants like Alexa.
03-02-2023 17:03
One former senior manager tells the BBC the treatment of workers by Elon Musk was "unjustifiable".
03-02-2023 16:13
The Microsoft co-founder also believes artificial intelligence will "dramatically" transform humanity.
03-02-2023 00:13
Worries over privacy and the cost of living have curbed interest in voice assistants like Alexa.
03-02-2023 00:10
The chatbot has been used millions of times since its public launch last year.
01-02-2023 20:16
Tesla invested $1.5bn in the cryptocurrency in early 2021, and briefly accepted it as payment.
01-02-2023 12:58
The online payments platform is the latest technology firm to cut costs as the global economy weakens.
01-02-2023 05:24
Proposals are being set out as scandals and tumbling values raise questions about the industry's future.
31-01-2023 23:28
Washington has been tightening its rules on exports of US technology to China for several years.
31-01-2023 05:50
Projects aimed at lowering carbon emissions are boosting growth in poorer parts of the country.
31-01-2023 01:05
The consumption of pornography is widespread among children, the children's commissioner says.
31-01-2023 00:48
Firms are creating artificial animal fats that they promise will make meat-free products taste better.
31-01-2023 00:06
The sportswear chain says stored data relating to its customers might be at risk following the attack.
30-01-2023 13:43
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Wetlands are being lost at a faster rate than forests, but in some regions beavers are part of the solution.
05-02-2023 09:50
Scientists will monitor the virus, but UK health chiefs say the risk to the public is very low.
02-02-2023 03:53
The UK hasn't seen a single named storm so far this autumn and winter. But why?
02-02-2023 03:13
A Viking leader probably chose his favourite animals to board a longboat to England, scientists say.
01-02-2023 19:04
The tightening of regulations may lead to criminal records for those flouting them, a new policy says.
01-02-2023 18:29
The cosmic ball of ice and dust is about to make its closest approach to our planet.
01-02-2023 00:53
The Royal Society calls for the delivery of a UK-wide land-use framework to clear up confusion.
01-02-2023 00:35
A blueprint is set out to restore nature in England after criticism over pollution and wildlife decline.
31-01-2023 07:31
Ministers set out plans for restoring nature amid growing criticism over pollution and wildlife decline.
31-01-2023 01:11
About the size of a bus, the space rock whipped over the southern tip of South America.
27-01-2023 00:57
Take up of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme is lagging behind schedule
26-01-2023 18:43
They say it is "perfectly understandable" that people are upset that wild camping was restricted.
26-01-2023 17:27
About the size of a bus, the space rock will whip over the southern tip of South America.
26-01-2023 09:37
Landowners in England will be rewarded for environmental work as well as for producing food.
26-01-2023 01:25
Landowners and farmers in England are told exactly what environmental work they will be paid for.
26-01-2023 01:25
Researchers believe gestures used by chimps and bonobos were a "starting point" for our language.
25-01-2023 01:57
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Sir Ed Davey says a higher minimum wage for the sector would help prevent an "exodus" to better paid jobs.
05-02-2023 00:09
With NHS England about to enter its biggest round of strikes, leaders say clearing backlogs will be difficult.
04-02-2023 12:08
People aged 16-49 in England have until 12 February to take up the offer of a vaccine booster.
04-02-2023 09:36
A survivor and a detective say stopping the brutal ritual has become their life's work.
04-02-2023 07:36
People aged 16-49 in England have until 12 February to take up the offer of a free vaccine booster.
04-02-2023 00:00
Nurses, ambulance staff, midwives and physios are weighing up an extra 3% pay offer by ministers.
03-02-2023 22:47
Brain scans show it can improve sexual desire, but larger studies are needed to confirm the findings.
03-02-2023 16:05
Nurses, ambulance staff and physiotherapists will consider an extra 3% pay offer by ministers.
03-02-2023 15:54
An inquiry into the "worst treatment disaster in NHS history" hears its final evidence.
03-02-2023 15:34
An inquiry into the "worst treatment disaster in NHS history" prepares to hear from its final witness.
03-02-2023 01:35
Research suggests many 18-24 year-olds do not know the five major things to look for.
03-02-2023 01:31
Lucy Letby wrote a sympathy card to the parents of a baby she allegedly killed, her trial hears.
02-02-2023 15:10
Sean Crawford says the movie about a reclusive teacher with severe obesity resonates with his life.
02-02-2023 06:29
Current government proposals do not go far enough to help pregnant women, leading experts claim.
02-02-2023 03:55
Anne Vivian-Smith is disabled and struggles to pay her bills - her story prompted a generous donation from one reader.
02-02-2023 03:06
D?ith?'s Law would introduce a transplant opt-out system but has been held up at Stormont.
01-02-2023 18:06