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title='Notabene: disable a restriction for mobile internet sharingNowadays some of cell operators have a practice of restricting internet sharing function for smartphones. Usually it's an attribute of family tariffs which also propose home internet and digital TV. This article will describe how to disable this restriction. The article is only for educational purpose of course, the author takes no responsibility for what you're going to do with this information.   Read more...
13-01-2020 19:31
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The U-turn comes after Senegal's top court ruled attempts to delay February's poll "unconstitutional".
16-02-2024 17:43
Further damage is reported at Nasser, as Israel says it has captured 7 October attackers there.
16-02-2024 17:38
Many believe the opposition leader paid the ultimate price for opposing Putin - what do we know?
16-02-2024 17:26
A New York judge is expected to rule in a civil fraud trial that threatens his family's business empire.
16-02-2024 15:48
Yulia Navalnaya tells a conference in Munich she doesn't know whether the "horrible news" is true.
16-02-2024 15:12
Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny has died in jail, prison authorities say.
16-02-2024 14:14
The state of New York wants to ban Donald Trump and two of his sons from doing business there.
16-02-2024 13:55
The influencer was detained after claiming to have been abducted in the port city of Sihanoukville.
16-02-2024 13:26
Navalny, an outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin, had been held in a Russian jail since 2021 on charges widely viewed as politically motivated.
16-02-2024 11:38
President Macky Sall's controversial decision to delay the presidential poll sparked deadly protests.
16-02-2024 11:35
The Renaissance superstar announced two new country songs during the Super Bowl final.
16-02-2024 11:04
The outfit has been compared to famous Star Wars character C-3PO on social media.
16-02-2024 10:13
The Beach Boys star will "remain at home" and "continue to work" at his discretion, the family says.
16-02-2024 10:11
An hour later, the party said that income tax officials had unfrozen its accounts.
16-02-2024 08:07
The US and Ukraine admit Ukrainian troops are running out of ammunition in the eastern town of Avdiivka.
16-02-2024 07:34
The new president's radical measures to overhaul the economy are loved by some, loathed by others.
16-02-2024 06:04
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Former workers at X's Africa base say they have got their severance pay after a year-long campaign.
18-02-2024 12:15
Twenty firms have signed an accord pledging to stop voters being deceived but critics say it lacks teeth.
16-02-2024 17:15
There's huge demand for low and no-alcohol beer and breweries are competing for the best flavour.
16-02-2024 00:17
Why the war between the big games console makers may be coming to an end.
15-02-2024 22:20
A mass legal action alleges Facebook abused its dominance to monetise 45 million UK users' personal data.
15-02-2024 17:24
Campaigners at the Tech Transparency Project in the US found paid-for features for organisations.
15-02-2024 09:58
It comes after a judge in Delaware annulled his $55.8bn pay package from electric carmaker Tesla.
15-02-2024 03:02
As AI uses more electricity, new data centres could have their own nuclear power stations.
15-02-2024 01:08
A charity warns that creating or viewing such images is still illegal, even if the children are not real.
15-02-2024 00:51
US Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco says the US wants tougher sentences for crimes involving AI.
14-02-2024 17:00
The tech giant is deploying AI to help identify large sources of methane leaks in satellite data.
14-02-2024 13:18
The Meta boss says his firm's headset is 'the best product, period' after trying Apple's rival headset.
14-02-2024 12:42
The multi-billionaire moved to Florida last year, which has no state tax on share sales above $250,000.
14-02-2024 05:03
Hovhannes Avoyan, founder of picture and video editing app Picsart, shares his advice for our CEO Secrets series.
14-02-2024 00:01
Over 100 facilities have been affected with some doctors resorting to pen and paper.
13-02-2024 17:47
Mobile and tablet apps are unaffected, meaning users can still download BBC shows to watch later.
13-02-2024 13:09
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Scientists say they have discovered what lies at the heart of the cosmos's most famous explosion.
23-02-2024 13:01
Intuitive Machines completes the first ever lunar touchdown by a privately built spacecraft.
23-02-2024 08:08
A remarkably complete fossil of a bizarre Triassic reptile in unprecedented detail has been found.
23-02-2024 04:51
Positronium has the potential to revolutionise physics but the elusive substance had been too hot to handle.
22-02-2024 16:01
The ECT allowed fossil-fuel companies to sue governments for billions in compensation for lost profits.
22-02-2024 12:34
Scientists deduce how whales sing under the sea, and why they can be drowned out by noisy ships.
22-02-2024 02:29
Pollution controls have seen mercury emissions plummet - but levels in tuna have remained stable.
21-02-2024 14:41
Cantor's giant softshell turtle is native to the rivers of south Asia and is critically endangered.
21-02-2024 14:32
Investigation by Global Witness suggests cattle farming is driving illegal deforestation in the savannah featured in BBC's Planet Earth III.
21-02-2024 03:22
Europe's pioneering ERS-2 Earth observation spacecraft will make an uncontrolled dive to destruction.
21-02-2024 00:36
Rishi Sunak unveils support for farming and food production, at the NFU's annual conference.
20-02-2024 11:33
Astronomers report an object that shines with a brightness equivalent to 500 trillion suns.
20-02-2024 09:54
The zoo found the coins during a routine examination and urged visitors not to throw coins into exhibits.
20-02-2024 00:26
Animal welfare charities welcome the African Union decision to ban the donkey skin trade across the continent.
19-02-2024 09:03
Right to roam campaigners say hundreds of "open country" locations are inaccessible to the public.
19-02-2024 03:33
A stingray called Charlotte is pregnant despite having no mate, in a suspected case of parthenogenesis.
15-02-2024 12:02
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NHS bosses warn of significant disruption to services in England during the five-day walkout.
24-02-2024 10:19
Under the law backed by MPs, possession will be legal, but strict rules mean it will be complicated.
23-02-2024 15:49
Social enterprises say hardworking front-line staff have not received one-off payments agreed last May.
23-02-2024 05:08
The series follows the success of Mr Bates Vs the Post Office, which drew in over 10m viewers.
22-02-2024 15:48
Symptoms can be considered a disability and firms must make adjustments, the equalities watchdog says.
22-02-2024 13:18
The daily pill, ritlecitinib or Litfulo, helps fight inflammation that can lead to hair loss.
22-02-2024 12:23
As the NHS enters 2024 and a difficult winter period, find out what's happening in your area.
22-02-2024 11:40
The General Medical Council is "truly sorry' for past prejudices that ended some gay doctors' careers.
22-02-2024 10:53
Writer Bryony Gordon opens up on her OCD, food addiction and health inequality.
22-02-2024 02:42
Campaigners say they are "thrilled" that millions of families will finally have their losses recognised.
22-02-2024 02:19
Two men who never met now call themselves blood brothers - after one donated stem cells to the other.
21-02-2024 01:52
The Luton Town defender collapsed on the pitch after a cardiac arrest last December.
20-02-2024 10:10
Experts are particularly worried about the proportion of younger people whose health is at risk.
19-02-2024 12:49
Patients are facing delays for ongoing cancer care, heart check-ups and eye treatment in England.
19-02-2024 10:49
Hannah Huxford from Grimsby is unable to get hold of her ADHD medicine due to a national shortage.
19-02-2024 06:01
Karen Cook has a rare condition called pain hyperacusis which causes crippling and debilitating pain.
19-02-2024 03:24