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title='Notabene: disable a restriction for mobile internet sharingNowadays some of cell operators have a practice of restricting internet sharing function for smartphones. Usually it's an attribute of family tariffs which also propose home internet and digital TV. This article will describe how to disable this restriction. The article is only for educational purpose of course, the author takes no responsibility for what you're going to do with this information.   Read more...
13-01-2020 19:31
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The ex-American football star was controversially acquitted of the murder of his wife and a friend in 1995.
12-04-2024 01:12
The reservoir that provides around 70% of water in Colombia's capital is at less than 17% capacity.
12-04-2024 01:05
A selection of the best photos from across the African continent this week.
11-04-2024 23:15
Muaziza Ambaraje is one of the few people to escape alive after a boat sank off the coast of Mozambique.
11-04-2024 23:11
One of Ukraine's main electricity providers says the Trypillya plant can no longer generate power.
11-04-2024 22:59
With young people like college student Ben Salas dying, families and experts are searching for answers.
11-04-2024 22:22
White House says it will require all gun show and internet dealers to conduct background checks.
11-04-2024 22:18
Former American football star OJ Simpson, acquitted of his ex-wife's murder in a 1995 trial, has died at 76.
11-04-2024 21:52
The artist's songs were removed from the platform in January after a dispute over licensing.
11-04-2024 21:30
Prosecutors say Ippei Mizhuara impersonated the baseball star to banks to steal millions for betting from Ohtani.
11-04-2024 20:04
Israel says Ismail Haniyeh's sons were all members of Hamas's military wing.
11-04-2024 17:32
Trypillya power plant was the largest provider of electricity for three regions, including Kyiv.
11-04-2024 17:15
The former American football star was accused in 1994 of the murder of his ex-wife and a friend.
11-04-2024 17:05
International pressure has led Israel to agree to let in more aid after seven charity workers were killed.
11-04-2024 17:02
Abortion in Poland is heavily restricted, but the new prime minster has pledged to liberalise the law.
11-04-2024 16:48
The conscription bill is approved as the military faces Russian advances in the east.
11-04-2024 16:27
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A committee says the government should be more relatable in its communications with the public.
11-04-2024 23:08
Super Mario Bros Wonder won two, while Star Wars Jedi: Survivor missed out despite six nominations.
11-04-2024 21:21
CMA points to "interconnected web" involving Google, Apple, Microsoft, Meta and Amazon.
11-04-2024 15:23
The platform will use AI-powered systems to detect nude images and identify sextortion accounts.
11-04-2024 11:38
The Tesla boss is expected to announce major investment plans in India as the firm faces slowing demand.
11-04-2024 05:30
Zelda, Baldur's Gate 3 and Spider-Man 2 are among the frontrunners at this year's ceremony.
10-04-2024 23:08
China's NetEase and games publisher Activision Blizzard end their feud which had angered fans.
10-04-2024 04:46
Some TikTok users have received notifications about a new app for photo posts "coming soon".
09-04-2024 16:07
The trial, brought by the family of Apple engineer Walter Huang, was scheduled to begin this week.
09-04-2024 05:18
The US government has directed unprecedented sums of money at green energy projects.
08-04-2024 23:03
The firm says its new London hub will "drive pioneering work" to advance AI models and development.
08-04-2024 09:46
The billionaire owner of social media platform X has defied a court order to block certain accounts.
08-04-2024 04:19
The tech giant is cutting 600 jobs from its abandoned self-driving car project, reports say.
05-04-2024 09:35
Chip prices recover from a post-pandemic slump while demand for AI-related products booms.
05-04-2024 03:51
Magnets are central to much modern technology and firms are racing to make them more efficient.
04-04-2024 23:09
The site formerly known as Twitter is giving premium access to those with more than 2,500 verified followers.
04-04-2024 19:10
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Record-breaking rainfall leaves fields under water, threatening this year's harvest yield and quality.
11-04-2024 23:58
Officials finalise a new federal rule for drinking water - designed to protect people from toxic substances.
10-04-2024 14:44
Satellite images reveal the impact of the long drought on one of the country's main water sources.
10-04-2024 00:31
Our ancestors may have kept foxes as pets long before domestic dogs, archaeological evidence suggests.
09-04-2024 23:29
The renowned scientist came up with revolutionary ideas in the 1960s, sparking a 50-year search for evidence.
09-04-2024 20:17
"We are not made to sit in a rocking chair and knit," said one of the older Swiss women who won.
09-04-2024 16:24
Locals say they have "grave concerns" over rising water levels at the Ffos-y-Fran opencast site.
09-04-2024 05:31
Monthly hot streak continues in March with scientists struggling to explain the scale of recent heating.
09-04-2024 02:00
Stunning spectacle is witnessed by millions across the continent. Here are some of the stories.
08-04-2024 23:04
A partial solar eclipse will be visible in some parts of the UK on Monday - weather allowing.
08-04-2024 09:41
Forecasters predict heavy cloud cover in some places, but better viewing conditions elsewhere.
07-04-2024 18:07
Scientist Marie Makuate wants more African countries to have their own satellites orbiting Earth.
07-04-2024 01:24
The blackout will give scientists a rare chance to do experiments they cannot do any other time.
07-04-2024 00:44
If you are not lucky enough to live along the route in North America, you can still follow its journey here.
05-04-2024 09:45
From wearing eclipse glasses to using your hands as a projector, here are ways to avoid an eye injury.
05-04-2024 08:23
The US government has asked Nasa to develop a way to keep track of time on the Moon.
03-04-2024 11:23
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People eligible for the free vaccine in England, including everyone aged over 74, can book from Monday.
11-04-2024 23:58
Two ex-ministers say the government should pause demands for large sums of money from benefits overpayments.
11-04-2024 23:16
The latest figures show many patients face long waits, but the PM insists headway is being made.
11-04-2024 15:57
Zoe Carlin says she was left dehumanised after being admitted to hospital with chest pains.
11-04-2024 14:56
Victoria Atkins is challenged to name some health trusts meeting their targets to cut waiting lists.
11-04-2024 09:09
The oral treatment - the first of its kind - could soon be available after being recommended for NHS use.
10-04-2024 23:51
At the time of Ms Mercer's death possession was not illegal but that changed last November.
10-04-2024 18:18
A landmark report says "toxicity" of debate is hampering medical research into gender services.
10-04-2024 14:46
Doctors at the Royal Stoke Hospital helped a 13-year-old girl with her rare liver condition.
10-04-2024 08:44
Cannabis vapes are being sold containing the dangerous animal tranquiliser xylazine, experts say.
09-04-2024 23:41
BBC Panorama investigates patient safety at a major private provider used by the NHS.
08-04-2024 17:19
The UK's largest study of Covid patients treated in hospital found signs of active inflammation.
08-04-2024 15:00
A study was carried out of more than 12,200 health workers.
08-04-2024 06:04
Molly Cuddihy shares her story in a podcast covering themes including mental health and body image.
07-04-2024 08:13
Jonathon Dean stole drugs to inject a woman "for high risk sexual kicks", a court heard.
05-04-2024 20:08
Union members vote for offer, which sees pay rise of nearly 20% in 2023-24 for some.
05-04-2024 11:34