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Recently I had to solve the problem of finding the shortest path from A to B and implement it programmatically. "There exists tons of solutions for sure", - that what I thought... I was wrong. Few days of searching didn't give any relevant result. The maximum I have found is some mentions that this problem can be solved by using graphs theory and so called BFS algorithm (breadth first search). In this article I'll try to analyze this method of finding chess pieces shortest path in details with code examples and explanations.   Read more...
11-01-2018 14:33
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South Africa's ex-President Thabo Mbeki says his party has abandoned non-racialism over land reform.
25-09-2018 16:43
The comedian, 81, must undergo counselling for life and appear on the sex offenders' registry.
25-09-2018 16:28
The US is increasing pressure on Venezuela's president by imposing sanctions on his key allies.
25-09-2018 16:09
The 450km Haramain line linking Mecca and Medina via Jeddah has trains that can travel up to 300km/h.
25-09-2018 15:59
The co-founders of the photo-sharing app are stepping down. What made their idea so successful?
25-09-2018 15:53
Donald Trump tells the UN he has done more in under two years than almost any previous US president.
25-09-2018 14:58
Unions say Ryanair faces its biggest day of industrial action as they fight for better conditions.
25-09-2018 14:53
The man who left the four-year-old unattended is given a three-month suspended sentence.
25-09-2018 14:53
An increasing number of people are choosing the plant-based diet.
25-09-2018 14:20
Stefan Lofven loses a vote of confidence weeks after an election which saw a far-right surge.
25-09-2018 13:57
A ballet dancer was the subject of Courbet's L'Origine du Monde, says a French literary expert.
25-09-2018 13:31
It is thought to be the first such case since gay sex was decriminalised earlier this month.
25-09-2018 12:38
A suspect is in custody after an unnamed officer was found dead in their residence, the US says.
25-09-2018 12:26
Satire censorship backfires on Russian city authorities.
25-09-2018 12:21
Local officials say most of the lions likely died due to "in-fighting" to protect their territories.
25-09-2018 11:31
The New Zealand PM is among several politicians to take their newborn to work.
25-09-2018 11:26
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Qualcomm's complaint is the latest clash between the two global technology giants.
25-09-2018 16:24
A contractor working on the social network says it does not do enough for traumatised staff.
25-09-2018 13:27
The dating platform is testing letting women take control of sending the first message to a match.
25-09-2018 13:19
Twitter asks its members to help shape new rules banning "dehumanising speech".
25-09-2018 13:18
But Labour's Angela Eagle says tech giants should work for the "common good" and not just profit.
25-09-2018 11:27
It says it targeted "harmful" online content, spreading "improper values, vulgarity or obscenity".
24-09-2018 13:48
Chris Taylor who has bone cancer got to play Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game early following a social media campaign.
24-09-2018 13:42
Cody Wilson has been released from prison in Houston after being charged with the sexual assault of an under-age girl.
24-09-2018 09:12
One woman says a potential donor turned out to be married and had undergone a vasectomy.
24-09-2018 06:13
Why would someone spend nearly ?10,000 a year to study for an esports degree?
24-09-2018 01:35
Modern day codebreakers have used wartime methods to read messages scrambled by an Enigma machine.
21-09-2018 23:25
Picture gives father and daughter the chance to bond over memories of time served in the armed forces.
21-09-2018 17:00
Within seconds of setting up a profile on the mobile messaging app, Taylor (not their real name) was approached.
21-09-2018 16:31
Zoe Kleinman explores concerns that law enforcement agencies are collecting too much biometric data.
21-09-2018 16:05
Sexually suggestive clips featuring children were recommended to users, an investigation finds.
21-09-2018 12:26
The social network will no longer send employees to work at the offices of political campaigns.
21-09-2018 11:18
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Europe's workhorse rocket reaches for a milestone as it battles American competition.
25-09-2018 15:08
Climate change is killing Antarctic's mosses, hardy plants growing at the bottom of the planet for centuries.
25-09-2018 00:32
There are many myths and misunderstandings about evolution - how much do you know?
25-09-2018 00:02
India has big solar ambitions, but could recent policy uncertainties cast a shadow on its plans?
24-09-2018 23:09
Researchers have used gene editing to completely eliminate populations of mosquitoes in the lab.
24-09-2018 15:57
See what life is like as a medical photographer at a city hospital.
22-09-2018 23:44
Pictures have emerged from the surface of an asteroid after Japan landed two robotic rovers on it.
22-09-2018 14:52
A box of archives reveals the story of a pioneering 19th century gardener who blazed a trail for women.
22-09-2018 08:48
Frank and Veronica Tett have been nursing hedgehogs back to health for the last 30 years.
21-09-2018 23:19
England is recycling more plastic than ever - but for this trend to continue, the system needs to change
20-09-2018 23:40
Pandas have to be within 20 metres of each other to identify each other's calls in their bamboo forest home.
20-09-2018 14:20
Japan's space agency sets dates for its plan to explore the surface of an asteroid with robots.
20-09-2018 12:11
It may help stop the animal's rapid and destructive march across Australia, researchers say.
20-09-2018 03:21
A British satellite successfully deploys a net in orbit to demonstrate how to capture space debris.
19-09-2018 00:04
People dislike wasps but love bees despite both species providing similar ecological benefits says a new study.
19-09-2018 00:03
Both are as ecologically useful, say scientists, and the same effort must be made to protect them.
19-09-2018 00:03
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Improvements have ground to a halt for the first time since records began, in 1982, ONS data shows.
25-09-2018 10:15
Limited supplies have meant long waits for some people to get the potentially life-saving drug.
25-09-2018 09:56
The hospital was placed in special measures by inspectors who said patients were discharged too soon.
25-09-2018 00:38
The backdated increases put in place all the recommendations made by an independent pay review panel.
24-09-2018 23:44
A pioneering new machine allows doctors to see tumours as they administer radiotherapy to them.
24-09-2018 18:05
Inquiry hears emotional testimonies by people caught up in the "worst-ever NHS treatment disaster".
24-09-2018 16:41
Krastan Antonov, 24, wants to remain working as a carer despite better paid jobs being available.
24-09-2018 14:38
Mental health nurse Laura Nuttall says encouraging them to see a GP is a "great stepping stone".
24-09-2018 13:46
The government is considering action amid fears they are being abused by people with eating disorders.
24-09-2018 11:51
Dentists are asking the Scottish government for a "bolder approach" on healthy food choices in schools.
24-09-2018 09:30
One teenage girl has to travel five hours to London to get treatment for anorexia due to a lack of Welsh services.
24-09-2018 06:51
Cancer Research UK predicts excess weight will be linked to more cancers in women than tobacco in 25 years.
24-09-2018 06:39
One woman says a potential donor turned out to be married and had undergone a vasectomy.
24-09-2018 06:13
Barbara's husband was a victim of the contaminated blood scandal that left nearly 3,000 people dead.
24-09-2018 02:39
The government will launch an adult social care recruitment campaign to promote care careers.
24-09-2018 01:24
Families say children have to be suicidal before they receive help.
23-09-2018 23:10