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14-03-2014 23:16
World news
EINDHOVEN Netherlands The bodies of the first victims from a Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine last week arrived on Wednesday at a military base in the Netherlands - a nation in shock and sorrow.
23-07-2014 19:37
HAVANA Chinese President Xi Jinping ended an eight-day trip through Latin America on Wednesday with a visit to eastern Cuba, where both the island’s independence struggle against Spain and Fidel Castro’s revolution began.
23-07-2014 19:00
DONETSK Ukraine A powerful Ukrainian rebel leader has confirmed that pro-Russian separatists had anti-aircraft missiles of the type Washington says were used to shoot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.
23-07-2014 16:59
UNITED NATIONS U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday named Danish diplomat Ellen Margrethe Loj as his new special envoy to South Sudan and head of the U.N. peacekeeping mission in the world's newest nation.
23-07-2014 16:55
KADUNA Nigeria At least 82 people were killed on Wednesday in two bombings in the northern Nigerian city of Kaduna targeting opposition leader and former president Muhammadu Buhari at a busy market and a moderate Muslim cleric about to lead a crowd in prayer.
23-07-2014 16:53
BEIRUT A Lebanese soldier has defected to an al Qaeda group in neighboring Syria, in the first such incident, in protest at what he said was the injustice against Sunni Muslims in his country.
23-07-2014 16:12
MOGADISHU A veteran Somali protest singer who had become a member of parliament was shot dead in central Mogadishu on Wednesday by Islamist gunmen who blocked her car and sprayed it with bullets.
23-07-2014 15:13
TAIPEI A TransAsia Airways plane crashed on landing on an island off tyhoon-hit Taiwan on Wednesday, killing 40 people, China's Xinhua news agency said.
23-07-2014 13:47
NAIROBI A Somali member of parliament famed for political and patriotic songs she sang over decades was shot dead on Wednesday in Mogadishu by Islamist gunmen, a fellow lawmaker and Islamist rebels said.
23-07-2014 13:31
BAGHDAD Iraq's parliament, which had been due to elect the country's president on Wednesday, postponed the vote by a day, delaying the formation of a power-sharing government urgently needed to confront a Sunni Muslim uprising.
23-07-2014 13:00
KADUNA Nigeria A bomb tossed off the back of a motorcycle at a Nigerian Muslim cleric killed at least 15 people on a busy commercial road in the northern city of Kaduna on Wednesday, witnesses said.
23-07-2014 12:59
TRIPOLI Fuel storage tanks that supply Tripoli were hit on Wednesday in clashes between rival Libyan militias, igniting a huge blaze near the international airport.
23-07-2014 12:53
BERLIN For lawmaker Jan van Aken, little symbolizes more potently all that he finds indefensible about Germany's arms exports than the German and French-made anti-tank missile that he was shown in northern Syria.
23-07-2014 11:55
MANILA Philippine soldiers should keep clear of politics, the military's new chief said on Wednesday, as rumors of a possible coup swirled in the capital after the Supreme Court declared President Benigno Aquino's economic stimulus fund illegal.
23-07-2014 10:13
DUBAI Iran said on Wednesday nuclear talks with six world powers would resume in early September, according to state television, after both sides agreed to continue talking for four more months to try to reach a final agreement on Tehran's nuclear program.
23-07-2014 09:34
GIGLIO ISLAND Italy Maneuvers began early on Wednesday to remove the rusty hulk of the Costa Concordia cruise liner from the Italian island where it struck rocks and capsized two years ago, killing 32 people.
23-07-2014 07:23
SAN FRANCISCO AT&T Inc and the Chernin Group are close to buying a majority slice of Fullscreen, in a deal that will value the popular YouTube video network at $200 million to $300 million, tech blog Re/code cited sources familiar with the target company as saying.
23-07-2014 19:41
NIAMEY Niger has awarded Celtel, a mobile phone operator owned and operated by Bharti Airtel, a license to operate a 3G network and renewed its 2G license in the West African nation, the government said on Wednesday.
23-07-2014 18:09
SAN FRANCISCO/FRANKFURT (This July 22 story was corrected in paragraph four to show Almunia said he would not conduct a formal market test, instead of that he would not consult complainants)
23-07-2014 17:54
HAMBURG/FRANKFURT Hamburg has told Uber, a U.S. car service whose smartphone app summons rides at the touch of a button, to stop operating in the German city, adding to resistance the company has faced globally from local regulators and taxi drivers.
23-07-2014 17:05
BCE Inc , Canada's largest telecommunications company, said it would take Bell Aliant Inc private by buying the stake it does not already own in the company.
23-07-2014 11:28
LONDON British broadband provider TalkTalk added 185,000 subscribers to its TV service in its first quarter, taking its base to more than 1.1 million and helping revenue rise 3.1 percent to 434 million pounds ($741 million).
23-07-2014 10:13
TOKYO Sony Corp said on Thursday it would invest 35 billion yen ($345 million) to increase production of image sensors for smartphones and tablets, as the company courts handset makers to get more orders for front-facing camera sensors, used to take selfies.
23-07-2014 07:34
SEATTLE/BOSTON eBay Inc's StubHub online ticket resale service said it was the victim of a massive international cyber fraud ring, the details of which authorities plan to disclose on Wednesday as they announce arrests in the case.
23-07-2014 05:48
SAN FRANCISCO Apple Inc's iPad is losing steam just four years after its release, but an alliance with International Business Machines Corp could rejuvenate a flagging product by entering into a largely untapped corporate market.
23-07-2014 01:23
SAN FRANCISCO Broadcom Corp said on Tuesday it is winding down its money-losing cellular baseband chip business and cutting one-fifth of its total workforce, instead of selling the unit.
22-07-2014 22:45
SAN FRANCISCO Video game publisher Electronic Arts Inc reported better-than-expected revenue and profit for the first quarter, driven by robust sales of titles such as "Titanfall," digital revenue and cost control.
22-07-2014 21:29
NEW YORK The government will call Mark Zuckerberg to testify against an upstate New York man accused of trying to cheat the billionaire founder of Facebook Inc out of half his stake in the social media company, a federal prosecutor said on Tuesday.
22-07-2014 21:26
SAN FRANCISCO Broadcom posted better-than-expected adjusted second-quarter earnings on Tuesday that pushed the chipmaker's stock higher as it plans to exit the fiercely competitive cellular baseband business.
22-07-2014 20:58
NEW YORK/SAN FRANCISCO Apple, once a can't-miss stock, is finding it tough to persuade portfolio managers to come back into the fold.
22-07-2014 19:22
LAGOS PayPal has signed up "tens of thousand" of Nigerians in its first week of operating in Africa's biggest economy, with consumers already purchasing items from Britain, China and the United States via its online platform, a company official said.
22-07-2014 18:14
SAN FRANCISCO European Union antitrust regulators are preparing to step up investigations into Google Inc's practices on several fronts, and are likely to revise certain terms in a settlement over its search engine that was proposed earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.
22-07-2014 17:31
SEATTLE A series of explosions set off by a team of scientists were expected to rattle Washington state's Mount St. Helens on Wednesday as researchers map the interior of the volcano, whose 1980 eruption was the deadliest in U.S. history.
23-07-2014 19:23
LONDON A group of seven leading drugmakers has agreed to share an array of neglected experimental medicines with British academic researchers in the latest example of the deepening ties between industry and external scientists.
21-07-2014 23:22
CHICAGO The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "may never know" how a fairly harmless form of bird flu was cross-contaminated with a dangerous bird flu strain before it was sent to a laboratory outside of the CDC, an agency spokesman said on Monday.
21-07-2014 21:11
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. Forty-five years after the first Apollo lunar landing, the United States remains divided about the moon's role in future human space exploration.
20-07-2014 17:06
SEATTLE Experts have mapped a huge magma reservoir below Mount Rainier in Washington state that begins melting deep in the Earth's mantle before pushing upwards to where it will eventually be tapped for eruption.
18-07-2014 20:55
POWRANNA Australia Thousands of Black Angus bulls snort steam gently into the frigid early morning air at Tasmania's largest cattle feedlot as they jostle for space at a long grain trough.
18-07-2014 02:56
WASHINGTON As far as agricultural genome research goes, this may be the best thing since sliced bread - wheat bread, that is.
17-07-2014 21:52
An experimental drug to reduce excess parathyroid hormone levels in patients with chronic kidney disease succeeded in meeting the primary and secondary goals of a Phase III study, Amgen Inc said on Thursday.
17-07-2014 20:56
FARNBOROUGH England Once the preserve of science fiction, a one-man flying machine is now a viable, cost-effective option for the police and military, according to UK manufacturer Parajet International.
17-07-2014 16:56
SALT LAKE CITY A pair of California condors have successfully hatched a chick in the rocky peaks of Utah's Zion National Park, biologists have said, in what is believed to be the first birth of its kind in the Western state.
17-07-2014 00:13
LONDON Corticosteroid drugs given via inhalers to children with asthma may suppress their growth, according to two systematic reviews of scientific studies on the issue.
16-07-2014 23:06
AUSTIN Texas Mutant worms generated at a lab at the University of Texas may provide a pathway to prevent people from becoming intoxicated after drinking alcohol, a study released on Wednesday said.
16-07-2014 21:43
WASHINGTON Researchers on Wednesday described fossilized remains unearthed in China showing in fine detail the brain structures of a bizarre group of sea creatures that were the top predators more than half a billion years ago.
16-07-2014 20:58
CAPE CANAVERAL Fla. An Orbital Sciences Corp cargo ship reached the International Space Station on Wednesday with a delivery of food, supplies, science experiments and a fleet of tiny Earth-imaging satellites that will be launched from the orbital outpost.
16-07-2014 18:13
WASHINGTON Researchers have succeeded in turning ordinary cardiac muscle cells into specialized ones that deliver a steady heartbeat using a gene therapy procedure they predict could become an alternative to implanted electronic pacemakers.
16-07-2014 18:03
DUBAI The United Arab Emirates said on Wednesday it planned to send an unmanned probe to Mars by 2021, in the Arab world’s first mission to another planet.
16-07-2014 10:44
SHANGHAI/LANGFANG China Yum Brands Inc's China division severed ties to OSI China after Shanghai police detained five people from that supplier's meat processing factory at the center of a food safety scare that has ensnared several major Western brands.
23-07-2014 19:45
WARSAW Poland's veterinary authorities on Wednesday confirmed a case of African swine fever in farm pigs near the eastern city of Bialystok.
23-07-2014 14:49
WASHINGTON U.S. rules, aimed at ensuring prescription medicines are not misused, have been manipulated by brand-name drug companies to keep cheaper competition off the market, costing consumers billions of dollars, a report said on Wednesday.
23-07-2014 14:44
Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc said its drug to treat abnormal growth of pre-cancerous cells on the surface of the cervix met its main goal in a mid-stage trial.
23-07-2014 14:30
FREETOWN The head doctor fighting the deadly tropical virus Ebola in Sierra Leone has himself caught the disease, the president's office said.
23-07-2014 14:08
WARSAW Polish local authorities said on Wednesday that preliminary tests have pointed to a case of African swine fever (ASF) among farm pigs in eastern Poland near the city of Bialystok.
23-07-2014 13:57
Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved its drug to treat an inherited life-threatening condition called malignant hyperthermia (MH).
23-07-2014 12:20
NEW YORK Smoking during pregnancy has been linked to a higher chance of the child having attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and a new study suggests women who use nicotine replacement products may also have children with an elevated risk.
22-07-2014 21:11
WASHINGTON A U.S. Senate committee voted on Tuesday to advance a U.N. treaty to protect people with disabilities from discrimination, but the agreement faces a tough fight winning the two-thirds majority needed for ratification by the full Senate.
22-07-2014 20:57
CHICAGO The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will announce its safety advisory panel later this week following breaches in its handling of anthrax and a deadly form of bird flu in recent weeks, the director of the agency said on Tuesday.
22-07-2014 20:52
NEW YORK Cartoonist Roz Chast, famous for her deceptively simple drawings in The New Yorker magazine, is now touching a chord with the “sandwich generation” with her wryly sensitive graphic memoir about caring for her aging parents.
22-07-2014 20:34
CHARLESTON S.C. A patient who contracted a rare bacterial infection during surgery at a South Carolina hospital died last week, bringing the total deaths to four since the outbreak was first suspected in May, a hospital spokeswoman said on Tuesday.
22-07-2014 20:26
NEW YORK A new study disputes a common stereotype that women who become pregnant during surgical training often drop out of those training programs.
22-07-2014 18:53
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Over 100 locations on the human genome may play a role in a person’s risk of developing schizophrenia, according to a new study.
22-07-2014 17:46
NEW DELHI India's health minister called for tougher laws on Tuesday after a media report alleged that laboratories had offered kickbacks to doctors who referred patients to their diagnostic centers.
22-07-2014 17:38
WASHINGTON Two federal judicial panels on Tuesday delivered conflicting rulings on how the government subsidizes premiums through President Barack Obama's healthcare law, creating more uncertainty over signature legislation that has been dogged by challenges from Republicans and other conservatives.
22-07-2014 17:37