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Recently I had to solve the problem of finding the shortest path from A to B and implement it programmatically. "There exists tons of solutions for sure", - that what I thought... I was wrong. Few days of searching didn't give any relevant result. The maximum I have found is some mentions that this problem can be solved by using graphs theory and so called BFS algorithm (breadth first search). In this article I'll try to analyze this method of finding chess pieces shortest path in details with code examples and explanations.   Read more...
11-01-2018 14:33
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Several places experience record-breaking low temperatures as an Arctic air mass hits the country.
13-11-2019 02:23
A Nigerian father who used to chase health workers away from his home has a change of heart.
13-11-2019 01:51
Fashion bloggers are covering up and sales of modest clothes are up in high street stores.
13-11-2019 01:49
Yarsan is of one of the Middle East's oldest faiths and has more than one million followers in Iran.
13-11-2019 01:38
Mikhail Galin is stripped of his air miles after sneaking his overweight cat on an Aeroflot flight.
13-11-2019 01:13
When two people bumped into each other, a tale of death threats, hijack and escape emerged.
13-11-2019 00:29
Christian Bale and Matt Damon on fighting for roles, as they team up in new movie Le Mans '66.
13-11-2019 00:20
Ranniel dives into one of Manila's most polluted rivers for less than two dollars a day.
13-11-2019 00:13
The BBC's Orla Guerin meets a family waiting to cross to Europe from Libya with orphaned children whose mother died on the way.
13-11-2019 00:00
A student who set himself on fire on Friday blamed his severe financial difficulties on government.
12-11-2019 23:28
The ex-Vatican treasurer is given his final chance to challenge his sexual abuse convictions in Australia.
12-11-2019 22:53
The American Meteor Society said it received more than 120 reports of a meteor sighting.
12-11-2019 21:16
Violence has escalated after Israel killed a top Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant in an air strike.
12-11-2019 20:44
The daytime limit will be cut in a bid to tackle a pollution crisis, cabinet sources tell Dutch media.
12-11-2019 19:45
The blazes did not bring the "catastrophic" damage feared in New South Wales but it remains on high alert.
12-11-2019 16:46
An alleged US Islamic State militant is stuck after Turkey deported him and Greece refused him entry.
12-11-2019 14:53
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Richard Taylor looks at what is new at the LA Adobe MAX Creative Conference for BBC Click.
13-11-2019 00:49
The party says the first DDoS attack against it failed and it has "ongoing security processes in place".
12-11-2019 17:15
Disney's new streaming service is reported to be down by many users as its global launch unfolds.
12-11-2019 15:40
The app is making changes so transgender users experience less harassment as they user the program.
12-11-2019 15:35
A new trailer for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie has been released after fans hated original design.
12-11-2019 13:12
Users could get warnings about web pages that are poorly designed and take time to show up.
12-11-2019 12:10
A 'deepfake' video has been made where the PM and Labour leader endorse one another in the election.
12-11-2019 08:05
Voi Technology says the UK could be left behind by not changing regulations to allow electric scooters.
12-11-2019 06:55
The US-China over artificial intelligence is heating up, but some warn the US could be over-reacting.
12-11-2019 00:02
The US-China over artificial intelligence is heating up, but some warn the US could be over-reacting.
12-11-2019 00:02
The social media platform is removing visible 'likes' for some users, after trials in seven countries.
11-11-2019 23:57
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology released a video of nine four-legged robots hopping around the campus.
11-11-2019 23:03
Like Patrol had offered users a way to see which posts their "friends liked" and whom they followed.
11-11-2019 20:57
The technology lets people browse the web at connection speeds of hundreds of megabits per second.
11-11-2019 17:30
Clemmie Hooper apologises for using a different social-media platform to criticise fellow influencers.
11-11-2019 14:10
Apps that try to trick people into handing over cash or lock up phones could be caught by the scanners.
11-11-2019 13:35
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Why has the huge amount of rainfall that hit South Yorkshire had such a large impact on people and property?
12-11-2019 17:45
Plastic is building up in the areas of the ocean where fish feed and grow, according to research.
12-11-2019 12:40
The Conservatives are accused of harbouring ambitions to revive fracking after the general election.
12-11-2019 11:58
The most damaging tropical cyclones are three times more frequent now than they were 100 years ago.
11-11-2019 20:53
A loss of snow and ice cover are the main reasons for the reduction of the Arctic's albedo effect, not soot as had been previously thought.
11-11-2019 20:06
Astronomers are observing a rare event, a transit of the planet Mercury.
11-11-2019 14:33
Land speed record holder Andy Green finally gets to drive the Bloodhound car across the Kalahari.
11-11-2019 13:39
Cutting the speed of ships by 20% can benefit health, protect whales and limit warming, say campaigners.
11-11-2019 00:51
A British Airways insider says the industry deliberately fills planes with extra fuel to save costs.
11-11-2019 00:47
Engineers think they understand why a heat sensor has been playing up on the superfast desert vehicle.
09-11-2019 15:28
The British supercar cuts short its latest run because of temperature concerns but still clocks 481mph.
08-11-2019 15:57
Scientists say the decline of Arctic sea ice is connected to the spread of disease among marine mammals.
08-11-2019 09:56
The UK-led challenge to the land speed record clocks 501mph in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa.
06-11-2019 19:23
Co-leader Sian Berry urges ?100bn a year to be spent on climate action at the party's campaign launch.
06-11-2019 18:34
Fossils of a newly-discovered ancient ape could give clues to how walking on two feet evolved.
06-11-2019 18:11
Lawyers say police now face claims for false imprisonment from "potentially hundreds" of protesters.
06-11-2019 16:35
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Between the ages of six and 11, children became 17 minutes less active per week every year - study.
12-11-2019 12:53
An inherited gene makes certain healthy foods taste exceptionally bitter and unpleasant, according to researchers.
12-11-2019 10:43
John Davies' blood cells will be genetically modified in a US lab in the hope of curing him.
12-11-2019 00:49
Vaping caused a catastrophic reaction in Ewan Fisher's lungs that meant he could not breathe.
12-11-2019 00:36
An inquest hears the woman was able to get online prescriptions without her GP's knowledge.
11-11-2019 22:27
Twins from Margate could be left permanently scarred after getting black henna tattoos in Egypt.
11-11-2019 14:11
The drugs, used to treat epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, are recommended for use by the NHS in England.
11-11-2019 02:05
The party says it will deliver 6,000 more GPs in England by 2025, despite missing a previous target.
09-11-2019 12:09
NHS Lothian has confirmed two related cases of the disease and say infection protocols are in place.
09-11-2019 12:00
The UK is spending millions on skincare products promising to improve acne - we spoke to the experts about what works and what doesn’t.
09-11-2019 00:20
The Royal College of Nursing says the proposed "NHS visa" will not do enough to fix staff shortages.
08-11-2019 15:55
Two women share their experience of loneliness and how it relates to their parents and children.
08-11-2019 03:22
Pubic hair is there for a reason, and other top tips from the woman known as Twitter's resident gynaecologist.
08-11-2019 00:59
At-risk children in affected schools are advised to go to their GP for an injection.
07-11-2019 16:17
A coroner said with earlier hospital transfer Myla Deviren would probably have survived.
07-11-2019 11:08
NHS praised as being accessible, but it gets by with fewer staff, and elderly care is lacking.
07-11-2019 10:40