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The story of this project is taking me back to 5 years to the times when I've been just getting started to enter to Apple technologies world, to be more prescice when I was migrating to Mac OS X. As a lot of people I was feeling not too good about a lack of habitual programs and system interface elements. One of such confusion was a miss of Start button equivalent. To be honest I'm still not sure wether the way I'm launching an OS X programs is most traditional (I'm using a Spotlight). So, after few years I deviced to get rid of this disadvantage.   Read more...
05-04-2015 21:53
World news
WASHINGTON The United States and Venezuela have embarked on their most extensive dialogue in years in an attempt to improve their acrimonious relations, according to a senior U.S. administration official.
01-07-2015 19:43
BUJUMBURA At least six people, including one policeman, were killed in Burundi's capital on Wednesday, witnesses and a police spokesman said, in the latest violent clash between police and residents since Monday's parliamentary election.
01-07-2015 19:40
DAR ES SALAAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Four men, including a witchdoctor, were sentenced to death by Tanzania's High Court on Wednesday after being found guilty of abducting, killing and dismembering a 17-year-old albino boy.
01-07-2015 18:02
ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - It wasn't an invitation she expected, but Canadian environmentalist Naomi Klein - a self-styled secular Jewish feminist - was happy to address Vatican officials on Wednesday after Pope Francis enlisted her for a campaign against climate change.
01-07-2015 17:57
ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Scientists in Switzerland announced a clean-energy breakthrough on Wednesday; a cheaper, solar technology that splits water molecules to create clean-burning hydrogen fuel.
01-07-2015 17:31
BERLIN Germany on Wednesday named a former senior judge as special investigator to inspect a list of targets that German intelligence tracked on behalf of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), causing a political uproar.
01-07-2015 17:08
ANKARA Alarmed by Syrian Kurds' advances against Islamic State, and irked by Western reluctance to tackle Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, President Tayyip Erdogan has once again raised the prospect of a Turkish military intervention in Syria.
01-07-2015 16:16
LONDON A man who became known as the "British Schindler" for saving hundreds of Czech children from Nazi persecution in the run-up to World War Two, has died at the age of 106.
01-07-2015 15:58
BRASILIA/SAO PAULO The popularity of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff's government fell to a new low, driven by a deteriorating economy, higher interest rates and a widening corruption scandal tarnishing her political party, a nationwide poll showed on Wednesday.
01-07-2015 15:14
OSLO Mass killer Anders Behring Breivik launched legal action on Wednesday accusing the Norwegian state of violating his human rights by keeping him in strict isolation in prison four years after he massacred 77 people.
01-07-2015 15:10
MAIDUGURI, Nigeria Two suicide bombers blew themselves up near a hospital in Maiduguri in northeast Nigeria on Wednesday, shortly after Vice President Yemi Osinbajo arrived in the city to visit camps for people fleeing a militant Islamist insurgency.
01-07-2015 15:04
ADEN Shells fired by Yemen's dominant Houthi group killed 18 people near the southern port city of Aden early on Wednesday, local officials and witnesses said, while the United Nations warned a dengue fever outbreak in Aden was rapidly gaining pace.
01-07-2015 14:38
BRUSSELS The president of the European Parliament has urged lawmakers to support a trade deal between Europe and the United States, telling them that setting up a new European court to settle trade disputes could overcome public resistance to the accord.
01-07-2015 14:29
JERUSALEM A Jerusalem family has found a 2,000-year-old Jewish ritual bath under their house while renovating the living room floor, Israel's Antiquities Authority said on Wednesday.
01-07-2015 14:26
TUNIS Tunisian authorities have identified all 38 victims from Friday's attack on a resort hotel, including 30 British nationals among them, the health ministry said on Tuesday.
01-07-2015 13:31
HARARE U.S. President Barack Obama hailed last week's Supreme Court decision to allow same-sex marriage as a "thunderbolt" but few share his view of gay rights in socially and religiously conservative Africa, which he visits this month.
01-07-2015 12:27
Real estate developer Donald Trump's string of luxury hotel properties, The Trump Hotel Collection, could be the latest victim of credit card breach, KrebsonSecurity reported, citing data shared by several U.S.-based banks.
01-07-2015 19:36
CHICAGO Visa Inc said on Wednesday it is joining MasterCard Inc and American Express Co in barring its credit cards from being used to pay for ads on following a request from a Chicago sheriff who said the site is used by sex traffickers.
01-07-2015 18:42
DUESSELDORF/FRANKFURT A German court reaffirmed on Wednesday that YouTube was only responsible for blocking copyright-infringing videos which had been brought to its attention, but the judicial panel said the Google video unit could do more to stop breaches.
01-07-2015 16:36
FRANKFURT BMW is open to building cars for other companies such as Google or Apple, the automaker's production chief said on Wednesday.
01-07-2015 10:25
VIENNA An Austrian student's legal battle against Facebook, accusing it of helping the U.S. security service collect personal data, suffered a setback after a Vienna court rejected his case on procedural grounds, both sides said on Wednesday.
01-07-2015 10:19
TOKYO SoftBank Group Corp said on Wednesday it had hired former LinkedIn Corp executive Deep Nishar as managing director of investments as the Japanese telecoms conglomerate targets growth overseas to counter a shrinking domestic market.
01-07-2015 10:10
Ratan Tata, chairman emeritus of the holding company of India's Tata conglomerate, has bought a stake in online taxi-hailing firm Ola, the company said on Wednesday.
01-07-2015 10:00
FRANKFURT Global Fashion Group, the e-commerce firm backed by Kinnevik and Rocket Internet, has raised 150 million euros ($166.52 million) in funding, valuing the possible stock market flotation candidate at 3.1 billion euros ($3.45 billion).
01-07-2015 09:38
CAIRO Telecom Egypt, the country's landline monopoly, is expected to acquire a 4G mobile license next year, Egypt's telecoms minister said on Wednesday.
01-07-2015 07:26
NEW YORK A U.S. judge signed off on Tuesday on a $50 million settlement between the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Sprint Corp over claims the mobile carrier added unauthorized charges to customer phone bills.
30-06-2015 22:06
MEXICO CITY Mexico's telecoms regulator said on Tuesday that it will open access to the "last mile" of Telmex telephone network to rivals, in a decision that aims to increase competition in a sector dominated by billionaire Carlos Slim.
30-06-2015 20:27
FRANKFURT The world’s top banks and insurers are seeing their business models challenged by “fintech” start-ups, which are reshaping what consumers and businesses expect from financial services, industry insiders and experts say.
30-06-2015 20:14
MUNICH, Germany Google won a legal victory on Tuesday over German performing rights organization Gema, which had sought to make the company's video-sharing service YouTube pay each time users watched music videos by artists it represents.
30-06-2015 17:22
SAO PAULO Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has started making devices in Brazil, a senior executive said on Tuesday, in an effort to evade steep import tariffs that have pushed up prices and slowed smartphone adoption in the country.
30-06-2015 16:03
NEW YORK A divided federal appeals court on Tuesday said Apple Inc orchestrated a conspiracy with five publishers to increase e-book prices.
30-06-2015 14:04
Cisco Systems Inc said on Tuesday it would buy OpenDNS, a privately held cloud-based security company, for $635 million in cash and equity awards.
30-06-2015 12:30
WASHINGTON The ferocious saber-toothed cat Smilodon was a star in Hollywood long before it became Tinseltown, with extensive remains of this Ice Age predator that prowled North and South America preserved in the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles.
01-07-2015 18:46
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. The comet being studied by Europe’s Rosetta spacecraft has massive sinkholes in its surface that are nearly wide enough to swallow Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza, research published on Wednesday shows.
01-07-2015 18:27
WASHINGTON More than half a billion years ago, a peculiar little creature with rows of spikes on its back and delicate, feather-like front limbs to strain bits of food from the water thrived in the primordial seas of what is now China.
30-06-2015 01:04
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla SpaceX on Monday was searching for what destroyed its Falcon 9 rocket after liftoff over the weekend, leaving customers still loyal but unsure when their satellites might fly.
29-06-2015 21:41
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - An unmanned SpaceX rocket exploded about two minutes after liftoff from Florida on Sunday, destroying a cargo ship bound for the International Space Station in the latest in a string of mishaps in supplying the orbiting outpost.
28-06-2015 20:12
Animal health drugmaker Aratana Therapeutics Inc said its experimental appetite-stimulating drug was found effective in dogs in a pivotal study.
26-06-2015 21:25
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. A U.S. Air Force competition to develop a rocket propulsion system to end dependence on Russian rocket engines drew broad response from companies, the Air Force said on Friday.
26-06-2015 19:40
LONDON Scientists have identified a key gene used by poppies to make morphine, paving the way for better methods of producing the medically important drug, potentially without the need for cultivating poppy fields.
25-06-2015 18:21
LONDON Banks, investors and big drug companies should consider creating a 10-billion-pound ($15.7 billion) "megafund" to help biotech firms in London and across Britain compete with U.S. rivals, London mayor Boris Johnson said on Thursday.
25-06-2015 10:22
WASHINGTON It was a creature so strange that experts literally could not make heads nor tails of it.
24-06-2015 17:59
WASHINGTON It looked like an odd lizard with a bulky body and only the skeletal precursor of a shell, but scientists say 240 million-year-old fossils unearthed in a quarry in southern Germany represent the grandfather of all turtles.
24-06-2015 17:54
PORTLAND, Ore. Scientists agree that children raised by same-sex couples are no worse off than children raised by parents of the opposite sex, according to a new study co-authored by a University of Oregon professor.
23-06-2015 19:32
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla An unmanned Vega rocket blasted off from French Guiana on Monday to put a sophisticated Earth-watching satellite into orbit, a European Space Agency webcast showed.
23-06-2015 11:46
WASHINGTON Scientists who have devoted years developing medicines to cure disease are now working for tobacco companies to make e-cigarettes.
23-06-2015 08:56
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla A rookie Kazakh cosmonaut will take over British singer Sarah Brightman’s seat on a Russian Soyuz capsule heading to the International Space Station in September, officials said on Monday.
22-06-2015 21:54
WASHINGTON You may not know it, but you probably have some Neanderthal in you. For people around the world, except sub-Saharan Africans, about 1 to 3 percent of their DNA comes from Neanderthals, our close cousins who disappeared roughly 39,000 years ago.
22-06-2015 16:45
Every Independence Day for the past eight years, Shawn Gourley and her family have left their Indiana home for remote campgrounds to escape the fireworks that trigger her veteran husband's wartime memories.
01-07-2015 20:07
LONDON, Scientists investigating why a GlaxoSmithKline flu vaccine triggered narcolepsy in some people say they have the first solid evidence the rare sleep disorder may be a so-called "hit-and-run" autoimmune disease.
01-07-2015 18:19
Some nursing home facilities prescribe antibiotics more often than others, which is tied to increased health risks, even for residents who don’t receive the medications, according to a new study.
01-07-2015 17:08
Roughly half of first-time mothers in the U.S. gain too much weight during pregnancy, about the same proportion who are overweight at the start, a study finds.
01-07-2015 16:12
The availability of indoor tanning outside of tanning salons may promote risky use because of lax regulation, U.S. researchers say.
01-07-2015 16:04
COPENHAGEN Denmark's Novo Nordisk, the world's biggest insulin producer, is to stop selling its new long-acting insulin drug Tresiba in Germany following a row over pricing.
01-07-2015 16:00
Bayer Healthcare said on Wednesday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved using transvaginal ultrasound as an alternate test to confirm if the company's Essure permanent birth control device has been placed properly.
01-07-2015 15:29
SACRAMENTO, Calif. California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill on Tuesday to make it harder for parents to opt out of vaccinating their children for communicable diseases in the aftermath of a measles outbreak at Disneyland that was linked to low inoculation rates.
30-06-2015 22:40
Women with symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may be at an increased risk for heart attacks and strokes, suggests a new study.
30-06-2015 21:36
In an international study, plastic surgeons from different countries had varying preferences for the ideal size and shape of breasts and size of areolas.
30-06-2015 20:53
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it is seeking additional data and comments on liquid nicotine as it considers warning the public about the dangers of its exposure amid a rise in electronic cigarette use.
30-06-2015 20:10
One in four seniors who've been in car accidents will have lasting pain, and many will struggle to perform basic daily activities in the months afterward, a new study suggests.
30-06-2015 20:03
MONROVIA A Liberian teenager has died of Ebola, more than seven weeks after the west African country was declared free of the virus, a government minister said on Tuesday.
30-06-2015 17:05
HAVANA The World Health Organization on Tuesday declared Cuba the first country in the world to eliminate the transmission of HIV and syphilis from mother to child.
30-06-2015 16:59
PARIS The World Health Organization, animal health and national defense officers called on Tuesday for wider international cooperation to avoid the spread of animal diseases that could be used as biological weapons.
30-06-2015 16:49
Almost a third of American adults own a gun, but the rate varies widely by state and tops out at almost 62 percent of people in Alaska, new survey data show.
30-06-2015 16:44