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title='Notabene: disable a restriction for mobile internet sharingNowadays some of cell operators have a practice of restricting internet sharing function for smartphones. Usually it's an attribute of family tariffs which also propose home internet and digital TV. This article will describe how to disable this restriction. The article is only for educational purpose of course, the author takes no responsibility for what you're going to do with this information.   Read more...
13-01-2020 19:31
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Police are treating the case as attempted murder and have now ruled out terrorism.
04-03-2021 12:43
Parents of girls released by kidnappers had thrown rocks at officials during the reunion ceremony.
04-03-2021 10:37
Rapid approval without lengthy tests can happen if new vaccines are needed to fight variants, say regulators.
04-03-2021 09:51
Linda Reynolds is sorry for the “offensive remark” about an alleged rape victim, Australia's PM says.
04-03-2021 05:48
Chancellor Merkel says The EU member is the latest country to reverse its policy on the vaccine's use on older people.
04-03-2021 05:15
It is the first such death from the venomous ocean animal in Australia in 15 years.
04-03-2021 05:11
Lawmakers cancel a session as they are told of "potential threats" from a militia on Thursday.
04-03-2021 02:05
See how extreme weather has affected an crucial reservoir in California.
04-03-2021 01:16
Pro-choice activists hope Argentina's legalisation of abortion will bring about change elsewhere.
04-03-2021 01:11
Believers are using an old, irrelevant law to herald the supposed return to power of Donald Trump.
04-03-2021 01:07
President Biden criticises moves to relax Covid restrictions in the southern state and Mississippi.
04-03-2021 00:49
Researchers hoping to collect mud samples deep beneath an Antarctic ice sheet were amazed to discover small creatures living in the dark, freezing water.
04-03-2021 00:02
Fishermen on Lake Victoria in Kenya have begun using some of Africa’s first electric fishing boats.
04-03-2021 00:02
Asylum seekers who have been waiting at the border for over a year have started entering the US.
03-03-2021 23:23
Over 160,000 residents in Mississippi have been without drinkable water for two weeks after storm.
03-03-2021 20:14
Christian Lantenois, 65, was assaulted with his own camera while covering youth violence in Reims.
03-03-2021 19:42
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Unmanned aerial vehicles are to be used in scientific trials in Scotland and Wales.
04-03-2021 06:10
The Nakajima twins develop games for women and three-quarters of their workforce are female.
04-03-2021 00:16
Steve Huffman says he supported the aims of a Reddit group taking on the hedge funds.
04-03-2021 00:05
The tech giant says it will not develop workarounds once it abandons third-party tracking cookies.
03-03-2021 17:36
Netflix boss' claims about the theatrical release window denied by UK Cinema Association chief.
03-03-2021 17:32
Amazon removed the social-network platform from its web-hosting service in January over rule breaches.
03-03-2021 17:08
"I am so pleased to have participated in a new way to share Bible stories," says the Bishop of Ely.
03-03-2021 16:03
The deal is "a huge win" for Fall Guys, its team says as it prepares to launch on Xbox and Nintendo.
03-03-2021 13:03
The new design shows a folded corner of blue tape on an Amazon box.
03-03-2021 11:48
NFT is a way for artists to sell digital art ownership without giving up the original file itself.
03-03-2021 11:03
Sweden is trying to encourage consumers to repair household items like washing machines.
03-03-2021 00:07
AI software can now match footage of motorists throwing rubbish with their car's number plate and issue an automatic fine .
03-03-2021 00:03
From Clubhouse to Twitter's Spaces, LJ Rich looks at the rise of a new type of social network.
03-03-2021 00:02
The advertising watchdog reprimands the social media influencer over an Instagram prize draw.
03-03-2021 00:01
The founder of Natural Cycles criticises the approval of Clue Birth Control in the US.
02-03-2021 14:33
Twitter warns users who post Covid vaccine-related misinformation that they face permanent bans.
02-03-2021 13:33
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Green measures such as a change to the Bank of England's remit do not go far enough, critics say.
03-03-2021 17:01
A Nottinghamshire power station is put forward as a possible site for a prototype reactor.
03-03-2021 12:21
The pesticide was given temporary clearance to be used earlier this year because of a virus threat.
03-03-2021 10:35
How the priceless skull of an ancient ancestor was brought to the UK from South Africa for study.
02-03-2021 08:00
Spacecraft that can see through cloud get their first good look at the frozen block known as A74.
01-03-2021 13:37
Social media users reported seeing a 'flash' with a 'tail of orange light' in the night sky.
01-03-2021 09:11
Wildlife experts urge the Prime Minister to step up action on the loss of species in the UK.
01-03-2021 08:56
Foreign ambassadors say Boris Johnson's tacit support for the mine prompts accusations of hypocrisy.
01-03-2021 06:04
Prof John Mallard, formerly of Aberdeen University, was known for his pioneering work in medical imaging.
26-02-2021 20:10
An ice block almost the size of London splits from the White Continent, very close to Halley station.
26-02-2021 14:22
Nations' current carbon-cutting plans will not keep global temperature rise below 1.5C, the UN says.
26-02-2021 13:22
The National Trust is planning to plant dozens of blossoming trees to create new green spaces.
26-02-2021 00:15
The National Trust is planning to plant dozens of blossoming trees at different sites around the UK.
26-02-2021 00:15
A computer program that can solve 1980s exploration games could help improve robot intelligence.
25-02-2021 17:00
The 19th Century fossil hunter's achievements were often overlooked during her own lifetime.
25-02-2021 08:03
Researchers are developing new technology to help reduce human-elephant conflicts.
25-02-2021 00:53
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Infections fell by two-thirds in lockdown but one in 200 people still have the virus, a study says.
04-03-2021 00:10
A single dose of the Pfizer or Oxford vaccine cuts hospital admissions of older people by about 80%.
03-03-2021 14:55
The race is on to find out if those with cancer and other conditions can be protected as the UK unlocks.
03-03-2021 00:35
Actress Ruthie Henshall is calling for more visiting access to family members in care homes.
02-03-2021 19:42
Experts say most cases involve genuine but misplaced health anxieties, not faked illness.
02-03-2021 18:13
The first detailed studies of the P.1 variant suggest it may be up to twice as transmissible.
02-03-2021 13:52
Rapid tests will give confidence that schools can open safely, a government science adviser says.
02-03-2021 13:18
A look at how schools are preparing to welcome back most pupils on 8 March.
02-03-2021 11:04
The UK will soon be in a "very different world", government scientists promise after the success of the jabs.
01-03-2021 20:37
Professor Jonathan Van-Tam says that for over 70s, both the Oxford-AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines are 60% effective against illness after the first dose.
01-03-2021 18:12
Jim Ashworth-Beaumont needs the prosthetic after being involved in a cycling accident last year.
01-03-2021 15:13
The study measured infection rates in school staff and pupils in November and December.
01-03-2021 13:05
The whereabouts of one infected person is unknown, as they did not give their full contact details.
01-03-2021 12:15
The UK has 7.3 critical care beds per 100,000 people, compared to Germany's 33.8 and the US's 34.3.
01-03-2021 10:08
More cases are being found in the UK, including a variant first seen in Brazil.
01-03-2021 09:48
The milestone is a "huge national achievement" and "every jab makes a difference", Boris Johnson says.
28-02-2021 16:47