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title='Notabene: disable a restriction for mobile internet sharingNowadays some of cell operators have a practice of restricting internet sharing function for smartphones. Usually it's an attribute of family tariffs which also propose home internet and digital TV. This article will describe how to disable this restriction. The article is only for educational purpose of course, the author takes no responsibility for what you're going to do with this information.   Read more...
13-01-2020 19:31
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The film initially caused outrage - but now the tourism board sees it as the perfect marketing tool.
27-10-2020 10:25
Stronger India-US ties are aimed at countering China's influence in the region, experts say.
27-10-2020 09:20
The viral image has raised questions about the conservation impact on the animal native to Indonesia.
27-10-2020 08:55
Dozens more were injured in the attack during a class in the city of Peshawar, police say.
27-10-2020 06:38
Aboriginal Australians condemn the destruction of the tree, which holds particular importance to women.
27-10-2020 05:15
The bank is yet to say if it will shed more jobs beyond the 35,000 it flagged earlier this year.
27-10-2020 05:05
Donald Trump scores pre-election win as US Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett as Supreme Court judge.
27-10-2020 00:54
The US president has sided with Egypt in the escalating dispute over a mega dam, analysts say.
27-10-2020 00:44
A Chinese rocket scientist helped two superpowers reach the moon, but his story is remembered in only one of them.
27-10-2020 00:41
Hundreds of dolphins beach each year, but this US team has dramatically improved survival rates
27-10-2020 00:33
Kim Kyeong Yeon developed his virus-destroying machine after his child injured herself.
27-10-2020 00:06
Her birth has also led to a debate about the ethics of using technology to create a child.
27-10-2020 00:04
The huge number voting this way injects massive uncertainty into the White House race.
26-10-2020 23:23
With presidential candidates spending billions of dollars to win, the world's most powerful job doesn't come cheap.
26-10-2020 23:07
Will Trump’s promise to build a wall along the Mexico border help or hinder his attempt to win four more years?
26-10-2020 23:06
A top doctor tells the BBC they had no choice, to avoid the hospital system collapsing within days.
26-10-2020 22:53
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The watchdog Ofcom says the move should encourage more people to switch and save money.
27-10-2020 07:00
Many conservative Americans believe Facebook and Twitter are biased against them, despite denials.
27-10-2020 00:03
Uber drivers claim they were wrongly dismissed by an algorithm without a right to appeal.
26-10-2020 19:48
The Chinese firm is set for the biggest stock market listing ever, beating Saudi Aramco's $29bn flotation.
26-10-2020 15:48
The company's internet-streamed games will not work on iPhones or iPads at launch.
26-10-2020 13:58
Batteries that power mobile phones and other devices are causing fires because they are not disposed of properly.
26-10-2020 08:07
The rAInbow chatbot learns people's behaviour to help detect whether users are in an abusive relationship.
26-10-2020 06:17
Boris Johnson's techno-optimism ignores the need for big societal changes, experts warn.
25-10-2020 00:16
Some owners of Apple's new phones get an error message when trying to run the contact-tracing app.
24-10-2020 18:08
One head teacher says he was "flattened" when the 61 laptops he was expecting was cut to 13.
24-10-2020 15:36
The software should be able to speed up the time in takes to separate truth from fiction.
24-10-2020 02:35
A man has made a Google map showing businesses offering free food for children during half term.
23-10-2020 16:51
The troubled French contact-tracing app has a new name, but suffers teething issues.
23-10-2020 11:57
An alert issued via the app will not mean the recipient can claim a payment for self-isolating.
23-10-2020 11:10
The government is urged to label devices like phones, laptops and washing machines to cut waste.
23-10-2020 10:52
Worries over dangerous products sold via online marketplaces prompt a call for changes in the law.
23-10-2020 10:26
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The "unambiguous detection of water" will boost Nasa's hopes of establishing a lunar base.
26-10-2020 16:02
Millions of highly polluting, unsafe used cars from rich countries are exported to African and Asian countries.
26-10-2020 09:48
London's Natural History Museum is set to stage one of the most ambitious exhibitions in its history.
26-10-2020 09:04
The Osiris-Rex spacecraft collected so much rock from asteroid Bennu that bits are leaking out.
24-10-2020 09:55
Soil is being "translocated" to new sites but ecologists question whether the process is effective.
23-10-2020 03:33
Norway pays for a monthly satellite dataset to track the state of the world's tropical forests.
22-10-2020 17:00
The first images are released of the Osiris-Rex spacecraft trying to grab rock from asteroid Bennu.
22-10-2020 01:28
The Met Office is launching a tool to help planners prepare for further weather extremes.
22-10-2020 00:22
Air pollution in big cities could increase because so many people are working from home, a report says.
21-10-2020 23:56
How a tiny insect with super-tough body armour can survive being stamped on or run over by a car.
21-10-2020 18:55
Researchers have developed a white paint that reflects sunlight and helps cool buildings.
21-10-2020 15:11
The GHGSat company releases a tool to show how methane varies in the atmosphere across the world.
21-10-2020 12:30
Four years in the making, Britain's new ?200m polar ship is leaving the builder's yard for testing.
21-10-2020 05:49
A study suggests old age increases the risk, as does asthma, excess weight, and being female.
21-10-2020 04:30
Extreme E are inviting applications from scientists to conduct ocean based research aboard their 'floating paddock', the St Helena.
20-10-2020 08:16
Osiris-Rex will make the briefest of contacts with Asteroid Bennu to try to pick up rock samples.
19-10-2020 23:23
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A new mural in east London is four storeys high, created with more than 200 flowers.
27-10-2020 00:06
Some parts of the surrounding county will also face the toughest Covid rules.
26-10-2020 18:58
The ?120 nasal swab test will be available to people not showing any symptoms.
26-10-2020 09:16
Units for new mothers and women with serious mental health issues are facing unique challenges.
26-10-2020 06:00
The Bake Off star leads a review into hospital meals, suggesting digital menus and 24 hour food service.
26-10-2020 04:20
Covid's second wave has hit one part of south Bradford badly, and residents have an idea where the problem began.
26-10-2020 01:05
Devi Nurjandoa survived Covid but is now having to adjust to a new way of life.
26-10-2020 01:04
As well as a night-time curfew, travel between regions can be banned under the emergency measures.
25-10-2020 21:59
It comes as a senior Conservative MP criticises leaders of NHS Test and Trace, urging "decisive" change.
25-10-2020 10:36
Mothers of babies with Down's syndrome reveal the pressure they felt to terminate their pregnancies.
24-10-2020 23:12
Kate Courtman and Sarah Mountford set up the Bra Sisters to help women find bras post-mastectomy.
24-10-2020 23:05
As the second wave of the pandemic takes deep root across parts of the UK, thousands of NHS workers are struggling to recover from what they have already been through.
23-10-2020 23:09
The highest levels continue to be in the north of England, says the Office for National Statistics.
23-10-2020 15:03
The aim is to create an early warning system to detect local outbreaks before they spread.
23-10-2020 09:34
Why does the biology of coronavirus mean it poses such a threat to human life?
22-10-2020 22:58
Why does the biology of coronavirus mean it poses such a threat to human life?
22-10-2020 22:58