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The story of this project is taking me back to 5 years to the times when I've been just getting started to enter to Apple technologies world, to be more prescice when I was migrating to Mac OS X. As a lot of people I was feeling not too good about a lack of habitual programs and system interface elements. One of such confusion was a miss of Start button equivalent. To be honest I'm still not sure wether the way I'm launching an OS X programs is most traditional (I'm using a Spotlight). So, after few years I deciced to get rid of this disadvantage.   Read more...
05-04-2015 21:53
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WASHINGTON U.S.-led coalition aircraft bombing Islamist militants in Syria were re-routed at least once in the last six days to avoid a close encounter with Russian planes, a Pentagon spokesman said on Wednesday.
07-10-2015 17:53
UNITED NATIONS The United Nations secretary-general welcomed on Wednesday a U.S. decision to release some 6,000 federal prisoners to ease overcrowding and provide redress for people who had received disproportionately long sentences for non-violent drug-related offenses.
07-10-2015 17:08
BRUSSELS European Union states will step up efforts to repatriate thousands of migrants fleeing poverty rather than war by speeding up deportations and exerting pressure on their home countries to take them back, an EU document says.
07-10-2015 16:24
BERLIN Germany's interior ministry said on Wednesday that it had received 43,071 applications for asylum in September, a 126 percent rise compared to the same month last year.
07-10-2015 14:58
DAMATURU, Nigeria Unidentified suicide bombers killed 17 people in three blasts in the northeastern Nigerian city of Damaturu on Wednesday, a spokesman for the governor of Yobe state said.
07-10-2015 14:57
PARIS Europe must live up to the challenge of an upheaval that has forced hundreds of thousands of refugees to flee Syria, where everyone including Iran, Russia and the West must seek a political solution, French President Francois Hollande said on Wednesday.
07-10-2015 14:08
PRAGUE Half of Czechs are against accepting any refugees from war zones, a survey showed on Wednesday, underlining the deep opposition in the Czech Republic and central Europe to policies opening the door to growing numbers of asylum seekers.
07-10-2015 13:29
PARIS A public prosecutor demanded on Wednesday that Nicolas Sarkozy's top aide before and after he became French president be handed a suspended jail sentence and fined for pocketing money from a cash fund used for police investigations.
07-10-2015 13:08
MOGADISHU Islamist al Shabaab gunmen ambushed and killed the nephew of Somalia's President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud in the capital Mogadishu on Wednesday, police and the rebels said.
07-10-2015 12:27
YANGON Huddled in an open-plan office atop a tower block in Yangon's scruffy downtown, a group of teenagers in jeans and T-shirts sifts through the list of candidates in Myanmar's election and stares at their computer screens and mobile phones.
07-10-2015 11:43
KATHMANDU Nepal is considering air-lifting fuel, possibly from Bangladesh, as supply routes from India stay blocked by protesters opposing its new constitution, a short-term solution ahead of a key festival even as the government talks to China for help.
07-10-2015 11:11
BERLIN Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled a trip to Germany planned for Thursday, German government sources told Reuters, as tensions rise between Palestinians and Israelis after about 10 days of violence.
07-10-2015 10:56
ROME Police evacuated one of the terminals at Rome's Fiumicino airport, Italy's busiest, for "controls", a spokesman said on Wednesday, without providing further details.
07-10-2015 10:40
BEIRUT Russian air strikes have destroyed the main weapons depots of a U.S.-trained rebel group in Syria, their commander said on Wednesday, in an expansion of Russian attacks on insurgents backed by foreign enemies of President Bashar al-Assad.
07-10-2015 10:18
ISLAMABAD Pakistan's highest court on Wednesday upheld the death sentence for the killer of the governor of the country's wealthiest and most populous province after he had called for reform of the blasphemy law.
07-10-2015 10:07
GENEVA Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) called on Wednesday for an independent international fact-finding commission to be established to investigate the U.S. bombing of its hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, which it deems a war crime.
07-10-2015 10:02
Hi-TechJump to World newsScienceHealth Inc's cloud business, Amazon Web Services, launched a service on Wednesday to help companies analyze their data, as well as a suitcase-like product that will let them ship large amounts of data for storage on the cloud.
07-10-2015 18:36, the online retailer founded by former executive Marc Lore, said on Wednesday that it dropped its $50 annual membership fee, marking a shift in business strategy for the upstart as it seeks to undercut Amazon and others on price.
07-10-2015 16:40
Alphabet Inc, formerly Google Inc, announced a new open source code that allows faster loading of Web pages with heavy content such as video, animation and graphics on smartphones and tablets.
07-10-2015 14:31
HELSINKI Finnish network equipment maker Nokia said on Wednesday its executives would dominate the new leadership team once it completes its proposed acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent.
07-10-2015 11:26
AppDirect, which helps developers and businesses create, use and sell apps, said it raised $140 million in a funding round led by an investment fund advised by J.P. Morgan Asset Management, valuing the company at $1.04 billion.
07-10-2015 11:01
TOKYO Sony Corp's chief executive flagged next year as a make-or-break year for its struggling smartphones, saying it could consider other options for the unit if it failed to turn profitable.
07-10-2015 10:38
(Please note that paragraph six contains language that may be offensive to some readers)
07-10-2015 02:28
BRUSSELS The EU's highest court struck down a deal that allows thousands of companies to easily transfer personal data from Europe to the United States, in a landmark ruling on Tuesday that follows revelations of mass U.S. government snooping.
07-10-2015 01:53
Adobe Systems Inc forecast 2016 revenue and profit below estimates, sending its shares down 8 percent in extended trading.
06-10-2015 20:44
BRUSSELS/FRANKFURT From Vienna cafes to the European Union's highest court, an Austrian law student's two-year battle against Facebook and mass U.S. surveillance culminated on Tuesday in a landmark ruling that has rippled across the business world.
06-10-2015 20:29
WASHINGTON The 500 largest American companies hold more than $2.1 trillion in accumulated profits offshore to avoid U.S. taxes and would collectively owe an estimated $620 billion in U.S. taxes if they repatriated the funds, according to a study released on Tuesday.
06-10-2015 19:17
PARIS Alcatel-Lucent said on Tuesday it will not sell its undersea cables unit, meaning the strategic business which underpins the global Internet will be taken by Nokia once it completes its acquisition of the Franco-American group.
06-10-2015 18:34
BRUSSELS The EU's highest court struck down a deal that allows thousands of companies to easily transfer personal data from Europe to the United States, in a landmark ruling on Tuesday that follows revelations of mass U.S. government snooping.
06-10-2015 18:12
NEW YORK Apple Inc's antitrust compliance program has improved, but the company continues to impede a court-appointed monitor overseeing the program, acting as "its own worst enemy," the monitor told a federal judge in a report made public on Tuesday.
06-10-2015 16:34
SAN FRANCISCO Etsy Inc, the online store that made its name selling handmade crafts, is trying to stop merchants from defecting as giant rival Amazon Inc prepares to attack it on its own ground with a new site for artisanal items called Handmade.
06-10-2015 15:35
SAN FRANCISCO Facebook Inc updated its Newsfeed feature on Tuesday so that content loads quickly even with weak Internet connections.
06-10-2015 13:36
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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Football is a dangerous sport. Even with the best protective gear, sprained knees, pulled muscles and an occasional broken bone are part of the game. But seven years of research into the impact of head trauma in high school players points to new dangers that parents will find extremely alarming. 
07-10-2015 18:44
WASHINGTON They come in many shapes, sizes and hues, from Cuba's tiny bee hummingbird to the flightless ostrich of Africa's plains, Antarctica's emperor penguin and the Southern Ocean's majestic wandering albatross.
07-10-2015 17:10
STOCKHOLM/LONDON Three scientists from Sweden, the United States and Turkey won the 2015 Nobel Prize for Chemistry on Wednesday for working out how cells repair damaged DNA, providing new ammunition in the war on cancer.
07-10-2015 11:41
STOCKHOLM/LONDON A Japanese and a Canadian scientist won the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physics on Tuesday for discovering that elusive subatomic particles called neutrinos have mass, opening a new window onto the fundamental nature of the universe.
06-10-2015 19:12
WASHINGTON Homo naledi, the ancient human ancestor whose fossils have been retrieved from a South African cave, may have been handy with tools and walked much like a person, according to scientists who examined its well-preserved foot and hand bones.
06-10-2015 18:40
STOCKHOLM/LONDON A Japanese and a Canadian scientist won the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physics on Tuesday for discovering that elusive subatomic particles called neutrinos have mass, opening a new window onto the fundamental nature of the universe.
06-10-2015 12:25
LONDON, Oct 5 - Some 30 years after the world's worst nuclear accident blasted radiation across Chernobyl, the site has evolved from a disaster zone into a nature reserve, teeming with elk, deer and wolves, scientists said on Monday.
05-10-2015 22:14
West Lafayette, IND (Reuters) Tahira Reid loves science. So she decided to use that passion to study one of her biggest causes of anxiety. 
05-10-2015 20:10
STOCKHOLM/LONDON Three scientists from Japan, China and Ireland whose discoveries led to the development of potent new drugs against parasitic diseases including malaria and elephantiasis won the Nobel Prize for Medicine on Monday.
05-10-2015 16:21
A Scottish company has developed a commercial scale method of producing biofuel capable of fuelling cars from the unwanted residue of the whisky fermentation process.
05-10-2015 11:10
LONDON A biotech company founded by a Nobel prize winner has won the go-ahead from European regulators to begin the application process for conditional marketing authorization of a stem cell-based regenerative heart treatment.
05-10-2015 08:15
WASHINGTON The world had been wrecked. An asteroid impact in Mexico compounded by colossal volcanism in India 66 million years ago had killed about three-quarters of Earth's species including the dinosaurs.
05-10-2015 07:39
WASHINGTON The blue whale is the largest creature on Earth and perhaps the biggest that ever lived, so it is no surprise it has a huge appetite. But the strategies this behemoth uses to get enough food has not been well understood - until now.
02-10-2015 18:09
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla./WASHINGTON United Launch Alliance, a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and Boeing, on Friday said it would not bid in a U.S. Air Force competition to launch a GPS satellite unless it received some relief from a ban on use of Russian rocket engines.
02-10-2015 15:45
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. An unmanned Atlas 5 rocket blasted off from a seaside launch pad in Florida on Friday to put a communications satellite into orbit for Mexico.
02-10-2015 14:14
URUDI, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Motorcycle taxi operators waiting for passengers in this village in western Kenya's Kisumu County lounge on their various machines – but Alfred Omondi's plug-in electric scooter stands out from the crowd.
02-10-2015 11:01
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DAKAR The three West African countries at the heart of an Ebola epidemic recorded their first week with no new cases since the U.N. World Health Organisation recognized the outbreak in March 2014, it said on Wednesday.
07-10-2015 17:58
- Infants may get enough vitamin D from breast milk if their mothers take high-dose vitamin D supplements, a U.S. study suggests, offering a potential alternative to the vitamin drops parents are currently advised to give nursing babies.
07-10-2015 14:21
The reason why many doctors find electronic health records (EHR) difficult to use might be that the software wasn't properly tested, researchers suggests.
07-10-2015 14:18
Diabetics considering weight-loss surgery to help send their disease into remission should opt for the most popular procedure, a gastric bypass, researchers suggest.
07-10-2015 05:13
COLUMBUS, Ohio The first lawsuit against DuPont by a cancer patient who claims her disease was linked to a chemical used in the making of Teflon went to jurors at a U.S. federal court in Ohio on Tuesday after three weeks of testimony.
06-10-2015 22:52
Express Scripts Holding Co, the largest manager of prescription drug plans for U.S. employers and health plans, said it has reached deals to cover two costly new cholesterol drugs and expects to spend no more than $750 million on them next year.
06-10-2015 22:06
Risk factors for intoxicated driving in high school, or for riding with impaired drivers, may be evident in children as young as 12, a new study suggests.
06-10-2015 22:05
Traffic pollution near the home – and specifically, benzene in the air - increases the risk of one type of childhood leukemia, according to a nationwide study in France.
06-10-2015 20:38
Advaxis Inc said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has put on hold the clinical trials of its experimental cancer drug after a patient died.
06-10-2015 20:19
SAN FRANCISCO Nevada has agreed to pay the city of San Francisco $400,000 to settle a lawsuit claiming that the state bused patients, many of them poor and mentally ill, from a Las Vegas hospital to the Bay Area without plans for their care, Governor Brian Sandoval's office said on Tuesday.
06-10-2015 19:20
For new mothers in the U.S. who receive government-sponsored health insurance, it’s becoming easier to get intrauterine devices (IUDs) implanted immediately after giving birth, a study found.
06-10-2015 18:17
(Reuters Health) – - The flu vaccine may help prevent flu-related pneumonia, a study suggests.
06-10-2015 16:46
Microsoft Corp unveiled on Tuesday a new version of its wearable fitness tracker, Microsoft Band, that will run on Windows 10, its latest operating system.
06-10-2015 14:40
AmerisourceBergen agreed to buy PharMEDium Healthcare Holdings Inc for $2.58 billion from private equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice to boost its drug distribution business.
06-10-2015 11:49
ZURICH Swiss drugmaker Roche said final survival data from a Phase III clinical trial showed the Cotellic drug used in combination with Zelboraf helped people with previously untreated BRAF V600 mutation-positive advanced melanoma live significantly longer compared to Zelboraf alone.
06-10-2015 05:21
DENVER Two Colorado marijuana users have sued a cannabis grower claiming a "patently dangerous" agricultural fungicide that becomes poisonous when ignited was applied without their knowledge to pot plants they later smoked, court documents showed on Monday.
06-10-2015 05:05