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From time to time there I face a problem how to convert the plist file from binary representation back to XML. This problem usually occurs when you need to extract project plist file from IPA archive and see what's inside. This is complicated by the fact that the IPA builder (xcrun utility) compresses everything possible to reduce the size of the application, and probably this accelerates application launch. So after I painfully searched the solution for fifth time I've decided to store it to my blog.   Read more...
27-01-2016 12:44
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QUETTA, Pakistan At least nine people were killed and 35 wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up near a military convoy in Pakistan's western city of Quetta on Saturday, police and hospital officials said.
06-02-2016 14:43
VATICAN CITY A British member of a Vatican advisory commission on sexual abuse who has been among the most outspokenly critical of the Vatican, has left the group, the Vatican said on Saturday.
06-02-2016 12:32
LONDON Nigerians have an image problem abroad which makes it difficult to emigrate to the West, but they can stay at home where their services are needed, President Muhammadu Buhari was quoted as saying by a British newspaper on Saturday.
06-02-2016 11:33
BERLIN German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Saturday for better protection at the European Union's external borders in order to maintain the passport-free Schengen zone.
06-02-2016 11:30
VIENNA Austria's Finance Minister Hans-Joerg Schelling has asked the European Commission to provide 600 million euros ($670 million) to cover the costs of taking in additional refugees, a ministry spokesman said on Saturday.
06-02-2016 10:45
PERTH The premier of an Australian state offered on Saturday to look after a group of asylum seekers facing repatriation to a camp on a remote Pacific island, adding to opposition to the federal government's policy of offshore detention.
06-02-2016 10:31
ONCUPINAR, Turkey Tens of thousands of Syrians sought refuge in Turkey on Saturday, while those who have already made the crossing waited and worried about the fate of their families on the other side of the border.
06-02-2016 09:22
QIAN'AN/DONGGUAN, China This year, laborer Fan Fu and 20 or so colleagues working on the Zixia Garden apartment complex in Hebei province have not joined China's legion of migrant workers returning home to celebrate new year with their families.
06-02-2016 08:03
DUBAI Al Qaeda's branch in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) mourned the killing of a senior commander in southern Yemen, a statement distributed on social media showed, after he was reported dead in a suspected U.S. drone strike last week.
06-02-2016 07:49
NAYPYITAW/YANGON As Aung San Suu Kyi's lawmakers smiled for the cameras at the first sessions of Myanmar's parliament, a summit of generals convened at a base just minutes from the chamber. On every mind was the same question: who will be the country's next president?
06-02-2016 06:23
WASHINGTON Satellite images taken this week of North Korea's Sohae rocket launch site show apparent fueling activity seen in the past shortly before a rocket launch, a U.S. think-tank said, as U.S government officials signaled that a launch could occur as early as Monday.
06-02-2016 04:38
PORT-AU-PRINCE Haiti slipped deeper into unrest on Friday as former fighters roamed the capital and a mob of protesters stoned one of them to death, days before President Michel Martelly is due to leave office with no elected successor.
06-02-2016 02:17
TAINAN, Taiwan A powerful quake struck southern Taiwan before dawn on Saturday near the city of Tainan, toppling a 17-story apartment building where more than 100 people are feared trapped.
06-02-2016 00:39
WASHINGTON The Pentagon on Friday released 198 photographs linked to allegations of abuse of detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan, many of them showing close-ups of cuts and bruises to arms and legs of prisoners held in U.S. facilities.
05-02-2016 23:50
WASHINGTON The United States and its allies are probably many weeks or even months away from launching a new military campaign against Islamic State in Libya, despite mounting concern about the group's spread there and its attacks on oil infrastructure, U.S. officials say.
05-02-2016 23:10
CONAKRY A journalist was shot and killed in Guinea on Friday during clashes between rival factions of the West African nation's main opposition party, witnesses and the government said.
05-02-2016 22:51
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TORONTO BlackBerry Ltd is cutting 200 jobs at its hometown headquarters in Ontario and in Florida in order to trim costs, it said on Friday, as the smartphone maker moves to turn around its fortunes and put more emphasis on its enterprise software business.
06-02-2016 00:08
WASHINGTON Russian authorities in November raided offices associated with a Moscow film distribution and production company as part of a crackdown on one of the world’s most notorious financial hacking operations, according to three sources with knowledge of the matter.
05-02-2016 23:59
LinkedIn Corp's shares plunged about 35 percent on Friday, wiping out nearly $9 billion of market value, after the social network for professionals shocked Wall Street with a revenue forecast that fell far short of expectations.
05-02-2016 14:35
LinkedIn Corp will need to improve its profile to reconnect with investors after the social network for professionals shocked the market with a full-year revenue forecast that fell far short of expectations.
05-02-2016 14:09
FRANKFURT The free flow of data across the Atlantic, the lifeblood of modern business dealings, faces an uncertain future, despite a belated, high-level deal between European and U.S. officials this week.
05-02-2016 12:29
TAIPEI Taiwan's Foxconn has offered to invest around 659 billion yen ($5.6 billion) in struggling Japanese electronics maker Sharp Corp, two sources with knowledge of the matter said.
05-02-2016 00:08
WASHINGTON The U.S. Internal Revenue Service said on Thursday it had resumed processing individual and business tax returns at about 5 p.m. EST on Thursday after a system outage.
04-02-2016 23:45
Australian Atlassian Corp PLC reported a 44.7 percent increase in quarterly revenue as more customers purchased its software that help companies collaborate and manage their operations.
04-02-2016 21:56
SAN FRANCISCO GoPro's fall from grace has created a rush by traders to short the camera maker's stock, but they may soon face a squeeze as institutional shareholders sell their shares after six months of declines.
04-02-2016 18:37
MUMBAI Indian IT services exports are likely to grow at a slower pace next fiscal year than in the recent past as global clients rein in technology spending, an industry lobby group said on Thursday.
04-02-2016 14:08
BRUSSELS The European Commission said on Thursday it had cleared Western Digital's planned acquisition of SanDisk after concluding that the takeover would not harm competition in the data storage market in Europe.
04-02-2016 13:11
SAN FRANCISCO IBM's efforts to bolster its cloud offerings could get a boost from new developer tools it is unveiling on Thursday.
04-02-2016 13:03
BEIJING Hackers in China attempted to access over 20 million active accounts on Alibaba Group Holding Ltd's Taobao e-commerce website using Alibaba's own cloud computing service, according to a state media report posted on the Internet regulator's website.
04-02-2016 10:21
BRUSSELS An EU watchdog said on Wednesday it needed time to study a new EU-U.S. agreement on data transfers to determine whether the United States was committed to limiting intelligence surveillance of Europeans.
04-02-2016 07:25
TOKYO Japanese industrial conglomerate Toshiba Corp said it expects a bigger loss than it previously forecast amid mounting restructuring costs after a $1.3 billion accounting scandal.
04-02-2016 06:29
Google parent Alphabet Inc said Amit Singhal, the longtime chief of its Internet search business, will leave the company and be replaced by the head of the technology giant's artificial intelligence business.
04-02-2016 02:46
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SANTIAGO An Italian consortium, including construction company Astaldi Spa, is close to securing a contract to build the world's largest telescope in the Chilean desert, project owner the European Southern Observatory (ESO) said on Thursday.
04-02-2016 21:32
RIO DE JANEIRO One major hurdle is thwarting efforts to measure the extent of the Zika epidemic and its suspected links to thousands of birth defects in Brazil: accurate diagnosis of a virus that still confounds blood tests.
04-02-2016 21:29
WASHINGTON In an ancient streambed on Kenya's Rusinga Island, scientists have unearthed fossils of a wildebeest-like creature named Rusingoryx that boasted a weird nasal structure more befitting of a dinosaur than a mammal.
04-02-2016 20:14
PORTLAND, Ore. Researchers have bestowed a grandiose scientific name on a tiny, spider-like cousin of the daddy longlegs, officially dubbing the newly discovered denizen of remote Oregon forests the Cryptomaster behemoth.
04-02-2016 02:54
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. Two veteran Russian cosmonauts returned to the International Space Station on Wednesday after replacing experiment equipment that is testing how materials and biological samples fare in the harsh environment of space.
03-02-2016 20:11
Cambridge, MASS Wearable electronics will revolutionize the way doctors diagnose and treat patients, according to researchers at MIT, who are developing stretchable hydrogels that share many of the same properties of human tissue.
03-02-2016 19:57
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. U.S. private space companies Space Exploration Technologies and United Launch Alliance, a partnership of Lockheed Martin and BoeingN>, have scheduled more than 30 launches from Florida this year, up from 18 last year, according to company and Air Force officials.
03-02-2016 19:50
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. Two veteran Russian cosmonauts floated outside the International Space Station on Wednesday to replace experimental equipment that is testing how materials and biological samples fare in the harsh environment of space.
03-02-2016 15:11
BRUSSELS Luxembourg, the tiny European Union state nestled between France, Germany and Belgium, has a big new goal - it wants to be a center for space mining.
03-02-2016 15:01
WASHINGTON They emerge from their hiding places at night, driven to slake their thirst for human blood. Vampires? No. Bedbugs!
02-02-2016 22:13
JERUSALEM Prehistoric cave-dwellers enjoyed munching on tortoises roasted in their shells as an appetizer or side dish, Ran Barkai, an archaeologist at Tel Aviv University, said on Tuesday.
02-02-2016 10:32
A new spray technology that shoots a targeted droplet with incredible accuracy could cut agricultural use of chemicals by more than 99 percent, according to the developers. The technology has the potential to not only save farmers money, but also help protect the environment by dramatically reducing the amount of chemicals that are applied.
01-02-2016 14:33
LONDON, Feb 1 - Scientists in Britain have been give the go-ahead to edit the genes of human embryos for research, using a technique that some say could eventually be used to create "designer babies".
01-02-2016 11:13
WASHINGTON The mystery behind the extinction of a huge flightless bird called Genyornis that flourished in the grasslands and woodlands of prehistoric Australia may have been solved, with burned eggshells as the clue and people as the culprits.
30-01-2016 00:32
FRANKFURT Europe launched the first part of a new space "data highway" on Friday night that will pave the way for faster than ever monitoring of natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.
29-01-2016 23:35
FRANKFURT A Russian Proton rocket blasted off in Kazakhstan on Friday night to put into orbit both the first part of Europe's new space "data highway" and a Eutelsat communications satellite.
29-01-2016 22:58
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RIO DE JANEIRO Authorities in Brazil said on Friday Zika has been detected in patients' saliva and urine, adding to the concern over the spread of the virus, while U.S. officials offered new guidance on sex for people returning from Zika-hit regions.
06-02-2016 00:35
Although worker protections are supposed to prevent it, a new U.S. study of nursing home workers finds that within six months of an injury, workers are more likely to lose their jobs.
05-02-2016 22:18
The Kansas health department has confirmed one positive case of norovirus related to Buffalo Wild Wings Inc, the department's Johnson County office said.
05-02-2016 21:42
Condom makers including Ansell Ltd are offering to help Zika-affected countries after the first case of the virus being sexually transmitted added to growing concerns over the spread of the disease.
05-02-2016 21:27
Eating soy foods may help protect against reproductive effects of bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical in many plastic consumer products and lining the inside of some canned foods, according to a study of women undergoing fertility treatments.
05-02-2016 20:14
The suspected link between the Zika virus and a birth defect known as microcephaly appears "stronger and stronger" as researchers study whether there is a causal connection, the head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday.
05-02-2016 19:06
Even though a wide range of social and economic factors may influence whether teens get involved with weapons, two things appear to increase the odds for white, black and Hispanic youth alike – emotional distress and substance abuse – a recent U.S. study suggests.
05-02-2016 18:59
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday revised its guidelines for pregnant women to include a recommendation that even those without symptoms of the Zika virus should be tested after returning from affected areas.
05-02-2016 18:22
Reuters (Health) - People living in countries with public smoking bans have lower exposure to secondhand smoke and better health, according to a fresh look at past research from 21 nations.
05-02-2016 15:36
FRANKFURT Europe's drug regulator said on Friday the defective blood clotting test device used in a key trial for the approval of Bayer's top-selling anti-clotting drug Xarelto did not distort the main findings.
05-02-2016 14:35
U.S. Food and Drug Administration staff members on Friday said clinical data from Celltrion Inc's biosimilar form of blockbuster arthritis drug Remicade indicated it is "highly similar" to the branded product in terms of safety, purity and potency.
05-02-2016 14:31
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has denied the expanded use of Vertex Pharmaceutical Inc's bestseller, Kalydeco, in certain cystic fibrosis patients, the company said on Friday.
05-02-2016 14:08
SYDNEY The tiny South Pacific island nation of Tonga has declared an outbreak of the Zika virus after five cases of the mosquito-borne illness were confirmed and another 259 suspected, the country's chief medical officer said on Friday.
05-02-2016 07:35
BRASILIA Two cases of Zika being transmitted through blood transfusions were reported in Brazil on Thursday, adding to concerns over the virus that has been linked to severe birth defects and is typically spread through mosquito bites.
05-02-2016 06:45
MANAGUA/TEGUCIGALPA Nicaragua and Honduras have both detected their first cases of the Zika virus in pregnant women, the Central American countries' governments said on Thursday.
05-02-2016 00:00
Differences among alcoholics in who gets severe liver damage and who doesn’t might be partly due to differences in their gut microbes, suggests a new study using mice and people.
04-02-2016 22:55