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title='Notabene: disable a restriction for mobile internet sharingNowadays some of cell operators have a practice of restricting internet sharing function for smartphones. Usually it's an attribute of family tariffs which also propose home internet and digital TV. This article will describe how to disable this restriction. The article is only for educational purpose of course, the author takes no responsibility for what you're going to do with this information.   Read more...
13-01-2020 19:31
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The walls of three-year-old Sachu's house collapsed when it was hit by heavy rain and flooding in Kerala.
22-10-2021 22:55
The controversial law will be tested next month when the court holds an expedited hearing.
22-10-2021 21:56
Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu killed five family members and her boyfriend for life insurance, a court rules.
22-10-2021 17:51
Chancellor Merkel bows out from her role at the EU's helm, praised as Europe's "compass".
22-10-2021 15:48
The health workers say security forces injured 30 colleagues when they opened fire at a protest.
22-10-2021 15:38
Students were suspended and barred from school activities for wearing long hair, the suit says.
22-10-2021 14:45
Students march into parliament in the Democratic Republic of Congo demanding better pay for teachers.
22-10-2021 11:25
Scientists say poaching during Mozambique's civil war led to more females being born without tusks.
22-10-2021 11:23
The one-off payment to lower-income groups is prompted by the spike in fuel and energy prices.
22-10-2021 10:21
Halyna Hutchins, who has died on a film set, had been named an American Cinematographer rising star.
22-10-2021 09:24
It has not specified why Ananya Panday has been questioned for a second day in a row.
22-10-2021 09:01
Bernard Haitink led the world's top orchestras in London, Amsterdam, Chicago and Dresden.
22-10-2021 07:03
His comments are an apparent departure from the long-held US position of "strategic ambiguity".
22-10-2021 07:02
Observers said his detention could be seen as a warning to other "immoral" celebrities.
22-10-2021 05:32
A man is also being treated in hospital after the firearm was discharged on set in New Mexico.
22-10-2021 03:50
Shares opened up 6% after reports the Chinese property giant made a payment before a crucial deadline.
22-10-2021 03:19
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The social-media giant has found tweets from parties on the political right are "amplified" more.
22-10-2021 13:07
Jen Copestake looks at the best of the week's technology news stories.
22-10-2021 11:05
One company plans to build the world's longest electricity cable to connect Morocco to the UK.
21-10-2021 23:04
Nick D'Aloisio previously sold an app to Yahoo when he was only 17 years old.
21-10-2021 14:29
Almost a million people in the UK were misled by calls or messages over the summer.
20-10-2021 15:20
The streaming giant added 4.4 million new users in the third quarter as foreign language shows continued to fly.
20-10-2021 14:55
The video games giant is attempting to repair its reputation following a series of lawsuits.
20-10-2021 12:37
The CMA says the social media giant, which also may be changing its name, deliberately broke rules.
20-10-2021 11:02
The Royal Mint plans to recycle gold and precious metals from old phones and laptops.
20-10-2021 07:49
Decode Genetics is researching how genetics shape our bodies, our minds and our personalities.
20-10-2021 07:44
After Sir David Amess' death, we look at the detail of the Online Safety Bill and what measures it offers.
19-10-2021 23:32
The tech giant will pay $14.5m to settle claims it routinely hired foreign instead of US workers.
19-10-2021 20:02
About 1,800 Openreach customers are affected by the outage in North Devon.
19-10-2021 18:06
New AI features such as "magic" photo editing and on-device voice processing come with the new chip.
19-10-2021 17:00
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has been adapted for use in schools for teaching about the Vikings.
19-10-2021 16:12
A group of 50 women sued MindGeek over a sex-trafficking operation by Girls Do Porn.
19-10-2021 15:12
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Government advisers express "deep concern" at planned reductions in aid spending before COP26.
22-10-2021 00:57
Nasa's next-generation spaceship is attached to the rocket that will return people to the Moon.
21-10-2021 12:19
Ministers say the Environment Bill shows global leadership, but critics accuse them of "inaction".
21-10-2021 10:47
Countries are asking the UN to play down the need to move rapidly away from fossil fuels.
21-10-2021 06:31
The recent crisis exposed deep flaws in the way the market was structured, top executive says.
21-10-2021 04:00
A research paper recommending people shift towards plant-based foods is not policy, the government says.
20-10-2021 15:39
Sir Andrew Pollard warns against possible moves to reverse planned investment in science.
20-10-2021 13:40
Who is responsible for climate change and who should take the lead in trying to fix it?
20-10-2021 11:58
Support for roads, aviation and fossil fuel drilling could undermine UK's green credentials at COP26.
20-10-2021 09:10
Government plans to extract coal, oil and gas are incompatible with safe temperatures, says the UN.
20-10-2021 04:08
What can homeowners do to reduce their energy consumption?
20-10-2021 00:54
The science committee chair will hear of the impact of possible changes to research spending.
20-10-2021 00:32
Ministers say the new law will demonstrate global leadership, but critics accuse them of "inaction".
19-10-2021 23:14
Ministers say the new law will demonstrate global leadership, but critics accuse them of "inaction".
19-10-2021 23:14
The government reveals its long-awaited strategy days before global leaders meet for COP26 in Glasgow.
19-10-2021 15:58
The Orion spacecraft is ready to be placed on top of a rocket that will send it towards the Moon.
19-10-2021 15:06
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Tougher measures to stop the spread of coronavirus could be avoided with early action, advisers say.
22-10-2021 16:17
Three daughters are now qualified nurses like their mother, and one is a physiotherapist.
22-10-2021 14:39
It may be more contagious than Delta, but there is no evidence yet that it causes worse illness, experts say.
22-10-2021 13:51
Fewer adults are practising social distancing than think it is important, figures for Great Britain show.
22-10-2021 10:57
There is a "real risk" that people "are being misled over the capability" of 111, a coroner warns.
22-10-2021 07:39
Alison McDonald was diagnosed with a blood cancer after she suddenly lost several inches in height.
22-10-2021 05:23
Relationship education is now compulsory in England, including sex education at secondary schools.
21-10-2021 23:18
Sex education is compulsory in England's secondary schools, while primary schools teach about relationships.
21-10-2021 23:18
England's Care Quality Commission issues a warning, saying staff are "exhausted and depleted"
21-10-2021 23:07
Boris Johnson is urging those eligible for a third dose to organise appointments straight away.
21-10-2021 17:27
The Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust says there is "unprecedented demand" on services.
21-10-2021 16:02
More than four million people have had a Covid vaccine booster dose.
21-10-2021 14:56
A doctors' union says ministers must reimpose measures such as compulsory face masks as cases rise.
21-10-2021 13:33
Doctors fear they could be overwhelmed, but new measures are still not being deployed in England.
21-10-2021 12:16
Waiting lists in Wales stand at 657,539, which is equivalent to more than a fifth of the population.
21-10-2021 11:04
Sarah Buckle woke up in hospital after a suspected spiking incident in a Nottingham nightclub in September.
21-10-2021 08:31