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title='Notabene: disable a restriction for mobile internet sharingNowadays some of cell operators have a practice of restricting internet sharing function for smartphones. Usually it's an attribute of family tariffs which also propose home internet and digital TV. This article will describe how to disable this restriction. The article is only for educational purpose of course, the author takes no responsibility for what you're going to do with this information.   Read more...
13-01-2020 19:31
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Prime Minister Stefan Lofven loses the vote following a dispute over rent controls.
21-06-2021 10:39
Up to 10,000 Japanese fans - or 50% capacity - will be permitted at venues at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, despite warnings from health bosses.
21-06-2021 09:32
Abiy Ahmed is hoping to secure a popular mandate, but polls are not being held in war-torn Tigray.
21-06-2021 05:00
NZ weightlifter Laurel Hubbard is headed for Tokyo but critics say she has an unfair advantage.
21-06-2021 04:44
Ministers urge people to follow yoga but ask them to avoid big gatherings to mark the day.
21-06-2021 04:28
It comes after 500 officers raided the paper and froze HK$18m worth of assets linked to the company.
21-06-2021 04:08
Birtukan Mideksa, a former opposition leader who went into exile in the US, says "shortfalls are inevitable".
20-06-2021 23:57
How one Labrador has helped the victims of violent crime in southern France.
20-06-2021 23:51
Paul Harris has records that show a link to the president via recently discovered English ancestors.
20-06-2021 23:46
In 2016 North Korean hackers planned a $1bn raid on Bangladesh's national bank and came within an inch of success. But how did they do it?
20-06-2021 23:45
The Olympic champion and his girlfriend Kasi Bennett announced the births on Instagram.
20-06-2021 23:29
Police say the vehicle, driven by a 77-year-old man, accelerated unexpectedly, hitting two people.
20-06-2021 21:25
The US Navy conducted a 'Full Ship Shock Trial' against its aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford.
20-06-2021 20:55
Thousands of people rushed to KwaHlathi village after a man found what turns out to be quartz.
20-06-2021 19:29
The victims include eight children from a local foster home, and a father and his baby daughter.
20-06-2021 17:04
The Irish deputy PM says for some it will "always be the wrong time" to talk about Irish unification.
20-06-2021 13:52
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In 2016 North Korean hackers planned a $1bn raid on Bangladesh's national bank and came within an inch of success. But how did they do it?
20-06-2021 23:45
With stores closed the beauty industry has embraced augmented reality testing apps.
20-06-2021 23:22
The logistics industry has been building at breakneck speed, but we still haven't reached "peak shed".
20-06-2021 23:17
The crewless ship is returning to Plymouth after developing "a minor mechanical issue", bosses say.
19-06-2021 11:12
The ads will appear in only a few games at first as the firm assesses users' reactions.
18-06-2021 12:35
BBC Click's Chris Fox explores what Huawei's new operating system can do.
18-06-2021 11:56
The Information Commissioner says the technology could be used "excessively or even recklessly".
18-06-2021 00:09
Anyone flouting the rules faces having their drone confiscated, being fined or even imprisonment.
18-06-2021 00:08
By sifting and analysing huge amounts of data, market researchers say they can find out what's on your mind.
17-06-2021 23:37
People are sharing ways in which the mapping tool has accidentally connected them with dead relatives.
17-06-2021 12:59
The partnership will also see working groups looking at emerging technologies such as AI.
17-06-2021 12:09
Canadian company General Fusion is set to build a $400m fusion demonstrator near Oxford.
17-06-2021 11:48
The new experience is a wonderful and complex mix of creativity and technology, BBC's LJ Rich says.
17-06-2021 10:39
Lucy Mecklenburgh and Chloe Ferry were also named by the Advertising Standards Authority for failing to disclose ads.
17-06-2021 08:51
Lucy Mecklenburgh and Chloe Ferry were also named by the Advertising Standards Authority for failing to disclose ads.
17-06-2021 08:51
A watchdog is reported to be investigating whether Didi has been unfairly squeezing out smaller rivals.
17-06-2021 06:15
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Boris Johnson says the country will be able to "breathe life into more breakthroughs that transform lives".
20-06-2021 22:08
There are many ways to reduce a property's environmental impact, says the Energy Saving Trust.
20-06-2021 06:04
Singapore sees its traditional rag and bone collectors as key to its sustainability plans.
18-06-2021 23:09
Three weeks of talks see little movement amid worries about the impact of Covid on poorer nations.
18-06-2021 07:37
The Paraceratherium linxiaense was taller than a giraffe and weighed as much as four large African elephants.
18-06-2021 04:08
The coelacanth was thought to live for about 20 years, but a new study suggests it's nearer 100.
17-06-2021 16:27
Three astronauts successfully take off for China's longest ever human spaceflight mission.
17-06-2021 09:07
The captive-bred hazel dormouse is now settling into its new woodland home in Lancashire.
16-06-2021 23:50
Homes need to be more resilient and the government is in a worse position than five years ago, report says.
16-06-2021 04:16
The UK might soon be reliant on electric vehicles imported from abroad, warns an influential group.
15-06-2021 23:27
The sighting of the Egyptian vulture, if confirmed to be wild, would be the first for 153 years.
15-06-2021 13:27
Biologists have uncovered the genetic secrets of water shrews, the world's smallest diving mammals.
14-06-2021 23:44
Campaigners say government position is 'a step in the right direction but 'not yet on the money'.
14-06-2021 15:59
A marine biologist says it’s the first time he’s ever seen a long-snouted seahorse in the wild.
13-06-2021 23:04
In a shock result, voters narrowly reject a tax on flights and a fuel levy among other policies.
13-06-2021 17:24
G7 leaders make new pledges to combat climate change, but campaigners say they lack detail.
13-06-2021 14:08
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Seven organisations representing the sector in England say a plan must be published within a month.
21-06-2021 11:31
Ex-pupils caught up in the infected blood scandal decades ago will give evidence at an inquiry.
20-06-2021 23:04
Vaccination, testing and new treatments should mean fewer restrictions if Covid infections increase.
20-06-2021 09:08
A girl, 15, who donated her hair to a cancer charity finds out a year later she has cancer herself.
19-06-2021 23:00
One patient describes spending two months on wards without seeing her family.
19-06-2021 14:32
Luke Horne was self-isolating because he thought he had Covid - but his dad spotted something else was wrong.
18-06-2021 23:16
Ros Atkins traces back the story of the Delta variant and how it delayed the UK’s reopening plans.
18-06-2021 23:00
The vaccine rollout is now available for younger adults. What do they need to know about getting jabbed?
18-06-2021 15:15
There is some regional variation in infection rates and some good news on vaccine efficacy.
18-06-2021 15:09
Paul Lamb leaves a "fierce legacy" of fighting for patients and the right to die, supporters say.
18-06-2021 08:08
Warren Higgs says doctors believe he might have the heaviest kidneys in the world.
18-06-2021 06:01
The device - which gives a high-energy electric shock to the heart - helped save the player's life.
18-06-2021 05:44
There were 1.5 million fewer procedures in 2020 than expected, a study in England and Wales suggests.
17-06-2021 23:07
People aged 18 and over are being invited to make an appointment for their first vaccination.
17-06-2021 23:02
Mark King’s 12-year-old son died after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.
17-06-2021 15:18
Some people are saying their symptoms are worse than ever - but can that be the case?
17-06-2021 06:24