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Recently I had to solve the problem of finding the shortest path from A to B and implement it programmatically. "There exists tons of solutions for sure", - that what I thought... I was wrong. Few days of searching didn't give any relevant result. The maximum I have found is some mentions that this problem can be solved by using graphs theory and so called BFS algorithm (breadth first search). In this article I'll try to analyze this method of finding chess pieces shortest path in details with code examples and explanations.   Read more...
11-01-2018 14:33
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Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias and his partner faced an outcry after buying a €600,000 house.
28-05-2018 04:35
The boy band with a devoted global fan base are the first K-pop export to crack the US top spot.
28-05-2018 04:28
President Michel Temer makes a concession to end a truckers' strike that has paralysed the country.
28-05-2018 03:23
Up to 8 inches (20cm) of rain fell on Ellicott City in two hours, according to local media.
28-05-2018 02:12
Supporters of conservative Ivan Duque celebrate his lead in the inconclusive first round.
28-05-2018 01:36
The US has imposed tariffs on Rwanda over an obscure import: Second-hand clothes.
28-05-2018 00:56
A media crackdown suggests a war of nerves between the deposed PM and the military.
28-05-2018 00:52
President Macron is to thank a Malian man who saved a child dangling from a fourth-floor Paris balcony.
28-05-2018 00:24
A look at how the Clinton/Lewinsky affair could have played out today, compared to the Trump/Stormy case.
27-05-2018 23:35
A former MS-13 gang leader explains his life in one of Central America's most violent gangs.
27-05-2018 23:25
Less than 1% of Russia's 144 million people are black. What is life like for them?
27-05-2018 23:03
Giuseppe Conte renounces his attempt to become PM after the president vetoes his economy pick.
27-05-2018 18:59
The two sides hold talks in the latest sign that the on-off Trump-Kim summit will be held after all.
27-05-2018 18:03
Mohamed Salah says he is "confident" of playing in the World Cup after suffering a shoulder injury in the Champions League final.
27-05-2018 16:56
Supporters of far-right party AfD were met by at least twice as many counter-protesters, police said.
27-05-2018 15:49
Thousands of visitors were evacuated when a blaze engulfed part of Europa-Park.
27-05-2018 14:09
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Organisers say they hope hosting the event in Birmingham will drive more UK players to compete.
25-05-2018 16:27
The LA Times is among many sites blocked to European users over new EU rules on using personal data.
25-05-2018 15:18
A man renting a gamer's home was shot dead by police responding to a hoax call.
25-05-2018 13:54
The fantasy game will be taken offline due to outdated software and an increasing number of bugs.
25-05-2018 11:16
The fantasy game will be taken offline due to outdated software and an increasing number of bugs.
25-05-2018 11:16
Complaints against the web giants are filed on the first day of the EU's new data protection law.
25-05-2018 10:22
Game critic John Bain - known as TotalBiscuit and the Cynical Brit - dies of cancer.
25-05-2018 08:11
BBC Click's Marc Cieslak looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.
25-05-2018 00:04
Strawberry producers say labour shortages are driving them to find robotic fruit pickers instead.
24-05-2018 23:44
Strawberry producers say they can't find enough humans to pick their fruit, so are robots the answer?
24-05-2018 23:44
Britain may be denied full access to the EU's Galileo satellite navigation system on security grounds after Brexit.
24-05-2018 18:01
The self-driving car spotted a woman crossing the road six seconds before killing her, a report says.
24-05-2018 16:30
EU residents are being blocked from several services and in some cases having their accounts wiped.
24-05-2018 13:06
Malware that could 'kill' home routers has been thwarted by the FBI's action against the malicious site.
24-05-2018 12:23
Ride-hailing firm wants to create a sky-based taxi service and is investing in France to make it happen.
24-05-2018 10:22
Test your knowledge of how the EU's data protection law could affect you.
24-05-2018 07:27
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Scientists have tried to measure how dolphins at a French marine park feel about their environment.
28-05-2018 00:01
Animal welfare researchers measure how captive dolphins feel about their environment.
27-05-2018 23:33
Read the experiences of the four surviving astronauts to have set foot on the lunar surface.
27-05-2018 19:21
Environment Secretary Michael Gove launches a review of the country's protected landscapes.
27-05-2018 11:08
Environment Secretary Michael Gove launches a review of the country's protected landscapes.
27-05-2018 00:20
Red-hot rivers of lava and clouds of ash can be deadly - but death by volcano is not inevitable.
26-05-2018 23:31
The UK entrepreneur puts himself through a gruelling training programme so he can rocket to space.
26-05-2018 00:04
Scientists uncover clues to how dinosaurs and early birds shed their skin from 125-million-year-old dandruff.
25-05-2018 15:19
National Geographic magazine has published some startling images of the global plastic pollution scourge.
25-05-2018 11:38
The seal named Relashio was close to death when he was rescued.
24-05-2018 20:04
Vast troughs are identified in one of the last places to be explored on Earth - under the ice at the South Pole.
24-05-2018 18:01
The UK steps up its war of words with the EU over being shut out of new satellite navigation system.
24-05-2018 17:39
Survival depended on whether ancient 'birds' lived on the forest floor or in the branches, say scientists.
24-05-2018 16:48
Initial findings in the National Trust's five-yearly survey suggest an overall decline of 12%.
24-05-2018 11:29
"Dismissive" dealers are a major barrier to boosting sales of electric cars says a new study.
24-05-2018 07:58
The EU is warned the satellite dispute could hinder wider security co-operation after Brexit.
24-05-2018 00:11
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Female doctors are paid on average ?10,000 less than male doctors in England, figures show.
27-05-2018 23:00
A Times newspaper investigation found the NHS was charged ?3,220 for a mouthwash used by cancer patients.
26-05-2018 12:00
Social media stars Zoella and Alfie Deyes feature in a study into the protection of children online.
26-05-2018 08:24
5 live's Rachael Bland says she got the call from her doctor when she was on a day out with her son.
25-05-2018 13:01
A strengthening of laws to ban smoking in public places in Wales is being put forward.
25-05-2018 09:11
A 13-year-old boy bullied because of his cleft lip is working with a charity to help others like him.
25-05-2018 07:25
Economists warn the NHS will need an extra 4% a year - ?2,000 per UK household - for the next 15 years.
25-05-2018 05:19
Taking part in clinical trials can bring enormous benefits, but few people are signing up
24-05-2018 23:40
A leading cancer expert says the problems date back to 2005, but no one was properly checking the data.
24-05-2018 23:39
Health committee chair Sarah Wollaston says rise of 3% will 'not be high enough'
24-05-2018 10:08
Five tricks to help perishables last longer than their recommended 'best before' date.
24-05-2018 05:24
Surgeons say this time of year can bring a spike in accidents with gardening and DIY equipment.
24-05-2018 00:24
Influential economists argue 4% extra a year is needed - and tax rises are the only way to pay for that.
24-05-2018 00:23
The creams work much less well after they have been worn in the sea, warns consumer group Which?.
24-05-2018 00:03
Researchers in Glasgow analysed the amount of time 390,000 people spent looking at TV and computer screens.
23-05-2018 23:51
Two of the three patients who were taken from the treatment centre for prayers have died.
23-05-2018 15:53