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Seoscan service is designed for populating data about website or domain which is highly required for evaluating of search optimization status. With help of Seoscan it's possible to check basic SEO-figures such as Google-PR, Yandex tYC, website presence in catalogs and also to retreive a lot of other useful information. In order to analyze some domain type its name and click Analyze button.
Populated data details
  • Description, keywords and other website meta data;
  • Website screenshot and icon (favicon);
  • Basic figures: Yandex tYC, Google PR, Alexa Traffic Rank;
  • Defining merge for basic features (Яндекс тИЦ, Google PR);
  • The presence of site in catalogs Yandex, DMOZ, rating Rambler Top 100, catalogs and;
  • General search engines information:
    • Referencing websites and pages;
    • Site references from blogs and forums;
    • Images search on website;
    • Indexed website pages;
    • Website cache contents;
    • Similar websites;
    • External website links.
  • Keywords due to which website is at TOP 20 search results of Google;
  • Compitors of analyzed webste in TOP 20 search results of Google;
  • rating website info:
    • Alexa Traffic Rank figure trend chart for last 3 months;
    • General audience percent in entire Internet trend chart;
    • List of similar websites;
    • Website creation date;
    • Owner contacts;
    • Owner name;
    • E-mail;
    • Incoming links number
    • Alexa Traffic Rank figure;
    • Possible data merging with some other domain.
  • website statistics:
    • 1 month audience chart;
    • Audience agregated statistic (for month, week, day).
  • Additional information:
    • Back links in accordance to;
    • Website contents history cache (Wayback Machine);
    • Website downloading speed analysis (;
    • Website highload test (;
    • Piracy grabbed contents search (;
    • Detailed server information (;
    • WHOIS domain data;
    • Data cache WHOIS;
    • HTML validation;
    • CSS validation;
    • Links analysis;
    • Testing website for mobility.
  • Information from server:
    • IP address of server that the website is hosted on;
    • All IP addresses on server;
    • Headers size;
    • Redirections count;
    • All server response headers (including headers of forwarded pages).
  • Document information:
    • Document encoding;
    • Document size;
    • Document links analysis:
      • Total links count;
      • Internal and external links count;
      • Count of links protected by NOINDEX  and NOFOLLOW; tags
      • List of internal and external links:
        • Addresses and texts of links;
        • Images and their links;
    • robots.txt file contents;
    • Meta-tags.
General definitions
What is Yandex Citation Index?
Citation indec (tYC) — The techology belongs to Yandex search engine. It is designed to determine the credibility of online resources depending on quality of links that reference to certain domain. Rank is calculated with a special algorithm, which emphasizes thematic proximity and resource sites link to it. This indicator is primarily used to determine the order of the resources in the following categories of the "Yandex" catalog. All referencing websites must be indexed by Yandex. In this case, the relevant catalog pages indicate only the rounded values ​​to help evaluate relative website autoriry.

What is Google PageRank?
PageRank is a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page[1] and used by the Google Internet search engine, that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of "measuring" its relative importance within the set. The algorithm may be applied to any collection of entities with reciprocal quotations and references.

What is Alexa Rank? is the child company of, this website provides the informaion about websites traffic. Alexa Rank is calculation is based on user count who visits website with installed Alexa Tollbar software