Here is the short overview of professional expirience of author below for those who's been interested in possible cooperetaion. The most important reason of publishing it here is saving the time by skipping the discussion about the formalities like CV and portfolio but focusing on really important business aspects.
Hello, my name is Pavel and this is my personal website. My profession is fully connected with the software development. And this is exactly the most valuable part of my creationship I am truly inspired with. My current development experience can be split to 4 periods.
1. Childhood (age 10-16). My first computer based on intel 8080 processor analogue. Meeting BASIC - first alghoritmization skills. Another legendary computer can be included to this period - ZX Spectrum. Get improvements in BASIC platform, getting deep inside machine codes and Z80 processor architecture, realizing connection between machine codes, assembler and high level language.
2. Adolescence (age 16-22). The PC epoch has begun with self-made computer based on Intel 80286 processor. Meeting Intel architecture, DOS, Pascal, Assembler. Higher education in CAD/CAM. Moving from DOS epoch to Windows, deeper learning object-oriented paradigm with practical application on Delphi plaform.
3. Youth (age 22-25). Working at university, teaching at IT faculty. Leaving science after 2 years and moving to business environment. Learning network protocols, applying it on practice in one startup which was aimed to creation of video conference system.
4. Maturity (25 - until now). 6 years of working at pharmacy holding. Improving and supporting of ERP system based on Oracle Applications E-Buiness Suite. Improving own theorectical skills in relative databases, learning web-technologies (ASP, IIS, CSS, HTML, JavaScript), studying Java. Also learning web platform in apache-mysql-php aspect parallel to basic job. This web site almost fully created by me and there are lot of tutorials populated while long and deep researhes and described in my blog.
Beginning from 2011 I finally moved myself to mobile development and at the moment work as iOS developer at one interesting software company.