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title='Notabene: disable a restriction for mobile internet sharingNowadays some of cell operators have a practice of restricting internet sharing function for smartphones. Usually it's an attribute of family tariffs which also propose home internet and digital TV. This article will describe how to disable this restriction. The article is only for educational purpose of course, the author takes no responsibility for what you're going to do with this information.   Read more...
13-01-2020 19:31
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The hip-hop star will be honoured with a ceremony on the prestigious Los Angeles walkway on 7 June.
01-06-2023 09:41
Police allege the man deliberately started the blaze at the emergency housing hostel in Wellington.
01-06-2023 09:25
Officials in Ukraine's capital say a child, her mother and another woman died in the missile strike.
01-06-2023 05:59
Ben Roberts-Smith had sued newspapers over allegations he killed unarmed prisoners in Afghanistan.
01-06-2023 05:41
Aras Amiri was held for years in a notorious Iranian jail with environmentalists accused of espionage.
01-06-2023 03:59
A Nepali sherpa guide carried the man on his back for six hours during the "very rare" high-altitude rescue.
01-06-2023 03:44
Australia's BHP said the leave and allowance 'errors' will cost the company up to $280m.
01-06-2023 02:41
The Senate must approve the deal and send it to the president's desk this weekend to avoid a default.
01-06-2023 01:27
Bola Tinubu has picked his first big fight with trade unions by deciding to scrap fuel subsidies.
01-06-2023 00:12
Marie Bolden, a black teenager, won the first US spelling bee in 1908. Her win was eclipsed by racism.
01-06-2023 00:09
Three women said the actor sexually assaulted them at his Hollywood home between 2001-03.
31-05-2023 23:45
But the special rapporteur, dismissed by critics as the prime minister's "ski buddy", vows to stay on.
31-05-2023 23:04
Footage of potential human rights abuses may be lost after platforms delete it, the BBC has found.
31-05-2023 23:01
The health ministry says making the pill more easily available "removes an important barrier".
31-05-2023 22:59
The former president could face a stiff challenge for his party's 2024 presidential nomination.
31-05-2023 22:27
Indian wrestlers protesting against sexual harassment have been targeted by an artificially generated image.
31-05-2023 21:12
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It will also pay out after allowing employees of its Ring doorbell system access to customer recordings.
31-05-2023 20:49
Canadian computer scientist Yoshua Bengio tells the BBC he did not realise AI would develop so fast.
30-05-2023 23:05
Investors excited about the possibilities for artificial intelligence have sent the US chipmaker's value soaring.
30-05-2023 20:22
Experts say victims often never get their money back from those who defrauded them.
30-05-2023 17:46
The government wants stronger evidence on psychological impacts of gaming and how the industry works.
30-05-2023 16:20
It will look into claims of unfairness amid reports labels receive the lion's share of royalties.
30-05-2023 14:10
Heads of OpenAI, Google Deepmind and Anthropic say the threat as great as pandemics and nuclear war.
30-05-2023 11:31
The online giant is offering a flexible contract but the GMB union says workers want higher pay.
30-05-2023 02:45
The privacy watchdog is urging groups using the outsourcing giant to check if data has been exposed.
29-05-2023 18:26
Can new chief executive Linda Yaccarino fix Twitter?
28-05-2023 23:11
The lawyer told the judge he did not know content from the artificial intelligence could be false.
27-05-2023 22:20
Elon Musk’s brain chip firm Neuralink has received the US regulatory green light for its first human clinical trial, after earlier controversies.
26-05-2023 18:15
The billionaire's Neuralink implant company wants to help restore people's vision and mobility.
26-05-2023 15:25
OpenAI's Sam Altman previously said if it fails to comply with the forthcoming AI Act, it might exit the EU.
26-05-2023 09:26
Innovation and good timing combined to make California's Nvidia the dominant firm for AI computer chips.
26-05-2023 08:59
Ron DeSantis' launch of his White House presidential campaign was hit by technical problems.
26-05-2023 04:15
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They are largely unpredictable and unforeseeable but are twisters becoming a more serious threat?
01-06-2023 22:30
UK researchers are developing peas that don't taste like peas as an environmentally friendly alternative to soya.
31-05-2023 12:03
The cubs were the first to be born in the country 70 years after the animals were declared extinct here
26-05-2023 04:26
Thousands of 'otherworldly' animals live beneath the ocean in an area that may be mined for metals.
25-05-2023 15:32
Government minister pushes back against EU and US calls for removal of Sultan al-Jaber as head of COP28.
25-05-2023 10:56
The Smithsonian’s National Zoo is celebrating the birth of meerkat pups for the first time in 16 years.
25-05-2023 00:15
A high court judge dismisses a legal challenge over the welfare of fast-growing chickens on farms.
24-05-2023 15:57
The country is the world's largest exporter of chicken meat, and wants to stop the virus spreading.
23-05-2023 04:53
The government plans to extend a ban on dealing ivory to five endangered species.
23-05-2023 00:32
Better early warning systems and disaster management mean fewer lives lost to extreme weather.
22-05-2023 14:05
'Enhanced rock weathering' uses tiny volcanic rocks to capture the greenhouse gas carbon from the atmosphere.
20-05-2023 23:21
The actor and ex-governor tells Laura Kuenssberg politicians must move faster to preserve the planet.
20-05-2023 15:56
Water companies apologise for sewage spills in England, but critics say customers should not foot the bill.
18-05-2023 15:35
Farmers and vets traumatised by mass culls do not get enough mental health support, a report finds.
18-05-2023 00:45
The firms aiming to help eradicate invasive species by making commercial use of them.
17-05-2023 23:40
The tale involves a long legal battle and a unique bond between a man and Smooshi the walrus.
17-05-2023 23:20
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Women in Sudan's few remaining maternity wards are having babies to the sound of gunfire.
03-06-2023 23:04
Olivia Maunder was told her pain was psychological by doctors at Frimley Park Hospital.
02-06-2023 08:43
Women say they are facing "soul-destroying" waits for reconstructive surgery after breast cancer.
02-06-2023 05:08
The Galleri test revealed the correct site of a tumour 85% of the time in a study with 5,000 patients.
01-06-2023 23:08
The US National Eating Disorder Association is investigating reports the chatbot shared harmful advice.
01-06-2023 21:32
As the number of breast reductions rises, women open up on their experience of having bigger breasts.
01-06-2023 09:57
Most adults in NI will now be considered potential organ donors but there are some exceptions.
01-06-2023 06:20
Daniel Knott's mother says her grief has been amplified by a video of his body being shared online.
01-06-2023 05:35
The aim is to protect the most vulnerable as high temperatures become more common due to climate change.
01-06-2023 03:24
Canada will be the first country to have warning labels on the tipping paper of individual cigarettes.
31-05-2023 19:18
A new workplace standard for women with periods or the menopause has been published.
31-05-2023 18:58
Rimegepant will be available only to adults who have tried at least three other preventative drugs.
31-05-2023 13:34
Independent inspectors have been called in to look at how to improve the service, BBC News NI learns.
31-05-2023 07:16
Scientists discover 4,000 year-old plague DNA - the oldest evidence of the disease in Britain.
31-05-2023 05:16
Lacie wears an eye patch to treat her condition and says the new app helps her want to keep it on.
31-05-2023 05:08
Lacie wears an eye patch to treat her condition and says the new app helps her want to keep it on.
31-05-2023 05:08