Here is the short overview of professional expirience of author below for those who's been interested in possible cooperetaion. The most important reason of publishing it here is saving the time by skipping the discussion about the formalities like CV and portfolio but focusing on really important business aspects.
Hello, my name is Pavel and this is my personal website. My profession is fully connected with the software development. And this is exactly the most valuable part of my creationship I am truly inspired with. I can say even more, I've been dreaming about it beginning from my childhood when my parents have bought our first computer for me and my bro. It was one of the first soviet computers based on i8080 processor. I don't know why, but I always liked to deal with electronics, as long as I can remember myself. I was always wandering what's the magic happening inside. It has defined my destiny)
Graduated the university with the higher education dimploma (in CAD/CAM) and tought IT for couple of years, I've come to sad conclusion that I can not achive something outstanding working for domestic scince despite my deepest respect to it.
Remembering the years spent in Alma Mater I have only positive feelings. I've got the greatest expirience one could ever have in the life. I'm talking about the skills of managing own knowleges, make systematic the way of thinking. When I quit the scince my expirience luggage consisted of such technologies and programming languages as BASIC (the starting point of everything:), Z80 assembler, Pascal (the beginning of PC epoch), C, IA32 assembler, Delphi, Java
After working at the IT faculty I began to search for the "job I would love" as I call it.  God is witness what is the kind of branches I didn't try myself in... :)  In the beginning (2004), I was eager to learn of Internet (network) technologies which got mega popularity that days. I've learned the concept of OSI on practice (TCP/IP implementation). Then took part in a web service video conferencing startup. I was programming a lot on Delphi and Java that period of my life. Also I've got a bit of HTML/CSS expirense.
After searchin myself for a couple of years I came to one thougt: it's time to do "something serious" and, as usual, got myself to recruiting website. I was worried too much that no one would hire me, that I did not mean anything in IT, and that I was actually just a complete zero)). but fortunately in vain. I've found perfect job at the pharmaceutical holding. Great team of creative and talented people, great technically competent management, a flexible schedule, a lot of R&D. Me and my colleagues were involved in the development and support of company ERP-system. For 6 years with the company I've got so great experience, that, looking back on myself in past, who was worried that he was a complete zero in IT, I can say for sure: seven years ago, my skills really equalled to zero). I took the accumulated baggage of theoretical and practical knowledge in such technologies and programming languages​​ as databases (Oracle / PLSQL, MSSQL / T-SQL), ERP (Oracle Applications, Forms, Reports), web-developement (ASP, JSP), Java, Delphi.
Simultaneously I was trying to find alternative ways of earning with the possibility of changing my professional preferences. First I've engaged myself with SEO (search engines optimization and promotion). In order to deal with SEO it was necessary to study PHP, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, configuring * NIX systems, apache, and other related stuff. From the beginning I started maintaining this blog. I published (and continue to), some interesting issues from my perspective, some interesting solutions, mostly those solutions which were not easy to find because the most important thing in SEO is the unique content. I also planned to gradually increase the functionality of this website - originally it was just a blog. Now there are few useful services (weather, currency exchange rates, SEO-analysis, etc.), which I've implemented independently, simply because I wanted to do it.
I also had a lucky chance to take part in couple of interesting startups as a web-developer. When I felt my web-experience was quite serious I proposed to integrate some php-solutions on my company enterprise envorionment. It was not an easy decision for the company due to some specific conservatism. However, finallly they have agreed, and I've got more experience with php platform in enteprise-environment aspect - there are certain nuances. In a year 2010 I've interested in Apple techologies. In half of year I've educate myself in OS X, xCode, Objective-C, and received an Apple iOS-developer certificate, then released own application to the AppStore (you can find it and some other in the Creationship section). By the end of 2011, I felt that iOS-development is exactly the thing I'd like to connect myself with in a long term, so I began push myself to iOS-development market. As always I've been providing myself with the doubts in a manner "Am I not a complete zero by chance?" but the fortune has smiled to me again. Now I am working as iOS-developer in very good software company with great team. It's an international company in a certain sense with the agile development style which gives me great experience both in live English and iOS development and self-education of course.
Recently I've found myself interested in Ruby platform.