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Business before pleasure. Part 8.

May 8th, 2013 No comments

No doudbt long weekend is very pleasure thing and the best and reasonble to spend it usefully for health and world outlook. Lond bank holidays we decided to make a little trip to Vyborg. A bit of wiki. Vyborg (English pronunciation: /ˈviːbɔrɡ/ Russian: Выборг) is a town in Leningrad Oblast, Russia, situated on the Karelian Isthmus near the head of the Bay of Vyborg, 130 kilometers (81 mi) to the northwest of St. Petersburg and 38 kilometers (24 mi) south from Russia’s border with Finland. The area where Vyborg is located used to be a trading center on the Vuoksi River’s western branch, which has dried up. The area was inhabited by the Karelians, a Balto-Finnic tribe which gradually came under the domination of Novgorod and Sweden. Vyborg remained in Swedish hands until its capture after the Siege of Vyborg by Emperor Peter the Great in the Great Northern War (1710). The Treaty of Nystad (1721), which concluded the war, assigned the town and a part of Old Finland to Russia. Read more…

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