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title='Notabene: disable a restriction for mobile internet sharingNowadays some of cell operators have a practice of restricting internet sharing function for smartphones. Usually it's an attribute of family tariffs which also propose home internet and digital TV. This article will describe how to disable this restriction. The article is only for educational purpose of course, the author takes no responsibility for what you're going to do with this information.   Read more...
13-01-2020 19:31
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The DeSantis administration has advised against boosters for those under 65, countering US health experts.
14-09-2023 20:47
Aecio Pereira is the first to be convicted over the storming of government buildings in January.
14-09-2023 19:37
President Biden's son Hunter is criminally charged with three counts of lying when buying a firearm.
14-09-2023 19:30
The jumper caused a stir - and speculation about the black sheep's symbolism - before her 1981 wedding.
14-09-2023 17:54
Dubai police uncover 13 tonnes of the drug known as Captagon hidden in doors and wooden panels.
14-09-2023 17:24
Carrefour is telling its customers which products are smaller than they used to be.
14-09-2023 16:44
Nasa's long-awaited report aims to demystify how it investigates unexplained phenomena.
14-09-2023 16:43
The statue, outside the Brussels stock exchange, had just been restored at great cost.
14-09-2023 15:55
Power generation in Nigeria, a major oil and gas producer, fell to zero megawatts early on Thursday.
14-09-2023 15:40
Danelo Cavalcante also reportedly said officers came so close at times they almost stepped on him.
14-09-2023 15:19
The Ocean Explorer with 206 people on board had been stuck since Monday, with some catching Covid.
14-09-2023 15:06
Meanwhile Vladimir Putin has "gratefully" accepted an invitation to visit North Korea, Kremlin says.
14-09-2023 14:20
Residents of Derna tell the BBC how they got out alive as floodwaters smashed through the city.
14-09-2023 14:03
Pictures reveal washed-away streets and thousands of destroyed buildings in the city of Derna.
14-09-2023 12:51
The flooding in Derna swept away houses, buildings and left entire neighbourhoods surrounded by water.
14-09-2023 12:30
The BBC's analysis editor looks at the link between the devastating floods and years of crisis in Libya.
14-09-2023 11:54
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A company that makes ID cards for Greater Manchester Police has been targeted in the attack.
14-09-2023 16:24
A growing number of small studios urge the maker of the game engine to ditch plans for new charges.
14-09-2023 14:21
European regulators assess possible health risks after France's decision to temporarily halt sales.
14-09-2023 13:15
The machine will "help researchers maximise the potential of AI", the government says.
14-09-2023 11:43
The shares were priced at the top of the range that had been indicated to prospective investors.
14-09-2023 01:49
Artificial intelligence is assisting companies in developing their own signature sounds.
13-09-2023 23:06
Test your skills at spotting AI-generated images with Bitesize's monthly AI quiz.
13-09-2023 09:49
Apple confirms new iPhone 15 will have a common USB-C charging port after the EU forced the change.
13-09-2023 07:25
In a landmark trial brought by the US government, the tech giant denies using illegal practices to gain a monopoly.
12-09-2023 20:16
Customers also report problems with payments and check-in as IT systems go down at MGM Resorts' hotels.
12-09-2023 11:22
Apple is set to unveil the iPhone 15 later on today without its traditional lightning cable charger.
11-09-2023 23:02
A robotic surgeon called Da Vinci has been performing surgery for nearly 20 years.
09-09-2023 07:04
The popular children's gaming platform has more than 60 million players a day, according to the firm.
08-09-2023 17:45
The change to the Online Safety Bill comes as a result of a BBC Eye Investigation into global monkey abuse.
08-09-2023 15:56
The technology giant's stock market valuation has fallen by almost $200bn in the last two days.
08-09-2023 11:45
The plan will help ensure YouTubers are genuinely qualified to dish out medical information.
08-09-2023 01:00
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Winning images of the amazing parts of our Universe go on display in London.
14-09-2023 18:43
More than 60 projects receive ?14.5m for habitat restoration for butterflies, bats and birds.
14-09-2023 00:32
Nasa's James Webb Telescope may have discovered a molecule thought only to be produced by life.
12-09-2023 12:36
The UK's independent watchdog has been investigating Defra and the EA for failure to meet environmental law.
12-09-2023 08:58
Researchers are experimenting with robots to help speed up the restoration of coral reefs.
11-09-2023 23:04
Creating the world's first cloned mammal was arguably one of the greatest scientific achievements of the 20th Century.
11-09-2023 13:42
Creating the world's first cloned mammal was arguably one of the 20th Century's top scientific feats.
11-09-2023 13:42
It supplies half of Belfast's drinking water but blue-green algae has caused havoc on Lough Neagh this summer.
09-09-2023 17:47
A review of action on climate since the Paris agreement calls for an end to fossil fuels without carbon capture.
08-09-2023 14:00
Drones and a robot called Spot survey off-limits laboratories at a former arms test site.
08-09-2023 05:02
The storm has rapidly gained strength in the Caribbean from category one status earlier on Thursday.
08-09-2023 03:43
Combining solar panels and a roof garden is a tricky and costly engineering task.
07-09-2023 23:22
Elected last year, PM Anthony Albanese vowed to haul his laggard nation from the "naughty corner".
07-09-2023 16:28
UK-based scientists and institutions will have access to the ?85bn fund from today.
07-09-2023 09:26
If all goes well, the lunar lander that the rocket is carrying will attempt a Moon landing in February.
07-09-2023 04:18
It is still too early to determine whether the Atlantic storm might make landfall in the US.
07-09-2023 01:30
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The NHS must ensure patients know they have the right to a second opinion, the health secretary says.
14-09-2023 10:18
Ministers blame strikes for worsening situation as extra ?200m set aside for winter.
14-09-2023 09:20
The NHS pulled funding for the service, saying it was never intended to be a national helpline.
14-09-2023 05:04
The treatment has been recommended by health experts and will soon be available on the NHS.
14-09-2023 00:06
The Care Quality Commission says the troubled service has improved - but more needs to be done.
13-09-2023 07:30
Researchers hope it could eventually lead to new ways of treating age-related macular degeneration.
13-09-2023 05:07
The talks will cover what extra support is needed in England amid strikes and growing waiting lists.
12-09-2023 23:37
It comes after women told BBC News of assaults by senior surgical colleagues in the operating theatre.
12-09-2023 23:37
Fewer than five patients have been prescribed whole-cannabis medicine, despite it becoming legal in 2018.
12-09-2023 23:36
Under the law change possessing the drug would carry a sentence of up to two years in prison or a large fine.
12-09-2023 20:29
A coroner says Melissa Kerr should have been made aware of the dangers of the operation in Turkey.
12-09-2023 14:24
Martha Mills, 13, died when doctors failed to spot and treat a sepsis infection early enough.
12-09-2023 08:59
Shannon Doherty spoke out after her baby son, R?an, became critically ill with the infection.
12-09-2023 07:29
Merope Mills, whose daughter's death was preventable, says she will meet Stephen Barclay this week.
12-09-2023 04:50
Trainees are being abused by senior male surgeons, a major analysis given to the BBC reveals.
11-09-2023 23:00
The cheese featured in the advert doesn't comply with advertising standards, TfL says.
11-09-2023 15:15