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Recently I had to solve the problem of finding the shortest path from A to B and implement it programmatically. "There exists tons of solutions for sure", - that what I thought... I was wrong. Few days of searching didn't give any relevant result. The maximum I have found is some mentions that this problem can be solved by using graphs theory and so called BFS algorithm (breadth first search). In this article I'll try to analyze this method of finding chess pieces shortest path in details with code examples and explanations.   Read more...
11-01-2018 14:33
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South Korea says silencing the propaganda broadcasts will help set the mood for the inter-Korean summit.
23-04-2018 04:54
The candidate from the ruling Colorado Party, Mario Abdo Ben?tez, is elected after a close-fought race.
23-04-2018 04:05
The Hej Framling! (Hey Stranger!) group puts migrants and locals in touch so they can go running together.
23-04-2018 03:19
The animal, Max, remained with the three-year-old girl as she took shelter in Australia.
23-04-2018 02:14
France's president visits his US counterpart this week, but their relationship hasn't always been steady.
23-04-2018 01:40
The law shortens asylum application deadlines and doubles the time illegal migrants can be detained.
23-04-2018 01:15
President Daniel Ortega revokes pensions and social security cuts after at least 25 people die in riots.
23-04-2018 00:29
New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern talks exclusively to the BBC about how she'll juggle a baby with politics.
23-04-2018 00:19
Meet "Plastic King" Robert Bezeau and his four-storey castle made out of recycled bottles in Panama.
22-04-2018 23:52
Lonnie's tongue is about to be removed. What will he say to loved ones with his final words?
22-04-2018 23:34
The unlikely personal rapport between Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump raises France's global profile.
22-04-2018 23:31
A young tribesman is leading protests against killings and abductions by Pakistan's army.
22-04-2018 23:23
Using single-number identity systems for everything is not a good idea.
22-04-2018 23:21
The former New York Mayor offers $4.5m to cover the lapsed US contribution to the Paris climate deal.
22-04-2018 23:15
Police find the body of a Canadian man who was accused of murdering an indigenous spiritual leader.
22-04-2018 22:31
Andrea Nahles becomes the SPD's first woman leader in 154 years - at a time of crisis for the party.
22-04-2018 20:32
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The health secretary wants action from the sites on underage use, bullying, and screen-time limits.
22-04-2018 00:43
How does a free app with no adverts go about becoming a success with Hollywood actors whilst giving away thousands in cash?
21-04-2018 00:00
Organisations have just seven weeks to prepare for a major shake-up to EU data privacy laws.
20-04-2018 20:07
The media regulator says launching more local TV stations in the UK is not viable.
20-04-2018 14:09
Publishing giant Axel Springer has lost a long-running case seeking to limit the use of Adblock Plus.
20-04-2018 12:19
An investigation found groups offering free accommodation for young men in exchange for sex.
20-04-2018 11:13
Android phones are beginning to receive Google's feature-rich new service called Chat.
20-04-2018 10:34
BBC Click's Jen Copestake looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.
20-04-2018 10:05
The team behind God of War tell Newsbeat the gaming industry is maturing to tackle more complex emotions than ever before.
20-04-2018 04:47
Farmers are working on robotic solutions due to a shortage of human workers to pick difficult crops.
19-04-2018 23:04
Farmers are turning to robots to plant seedlings and pick produce because of human worker shortages.
19-04-2018 23:03
A total of 1.5 billion international Facebook users will not be protected under GDPR.
19-04-2018 11:43
The odd jobs marketplace has been investigating a "cyber-security incident".
19-04-2018 09:46
TalkTalk, Vodafone and BT drew the most complaints for their services, the regulator says.
19-04-2018 09:38
The C-Thru lens uses augmented reality to improve firefighters’ sight in poor visibility.
19-04-2018 09:21
India's youngest billionaire, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, says Indian firms are ready to challenge the West.
18-04-2018 23:44
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An activist who helped expose a water crisis in a US town has been awarded a prestigious environment prize.
23-04-2018 06:57
A Nasa flight analyst explains three things you need to know about going to Mars.
21-04-2018 23:29
An international team found that a protein causes brain cells to die when it is stuck in the jelly phase.
20-04-2018 12:48
Engineers finish assembly of the test model for Europe's ExoMars rover mission.
20-04-2018 11:03
Designer Stella McCartney says fashion is a medieval industry, which produces a huge amount of waste.
20-04-2018 05:34
The world-famous specimen is the world's best-preserved example of the extinct bird.
20-04-2018 00:52
The gender gap in science subjects like physics is likely to persist for hundreds of years, study suggests.
20-04-2018 00:40
The new director-general of the National Trust says the charity needs to reach out to people in urban areas.
19-04-2018 23:57
People across the UK have been enjoying unusually warm weather, but when can we call it a heatwave?
19-04-2018 20:02
In an example of human natural selection, Asia's Bajau people have evolved bigger spleens for diving.
19-04-2018 18:49
Scientist Vladimir Uglev has no doubt the agent that poisoned the Skripals was made in Russia.
19-04-2018 16:00
Plan for ban in England announced as Commonwealth leaders urged to join fight against plastic waste.
19-04-2018 01:44
The US space agency's Tess satellite lifts off on a mission to find thousands of new worlds.
19-04-2018 00:22
A record number of Nepalese women are climbing Mount Everest this spring season, officials tell the BBC.
18-04-2018 22:55
Wild equines are being reintroduced to the grasslands of Kazakhstan where they once roamed in large numbers.
18-04-2018 22:50
Recurring spells of ocean warming impact the diversity of coral reef communities.
18-04-2018 17:12
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Patient's lives are being saved by poo, but how far can microbial medicine go?
21-04-2018 23:54
Tommy says hospital staff don’t always understand the needs of dementia patients.
21-04-2018 23:49
Tommy says hospital staff don’t always understand the needs of dementia patients.
21-04-2018 23:49
Allied Healthcare, one of the UK's biggest providers of in-home care, blames a "challenging environment".
21-04-2018 15:53
Health ministers call on company to lower price of the drug Orkambi so that the NHS can afford it.
21-04-2018 10:25
Gemma has OCD, but has found bodybuilding helps her manage and works as coping strategy.
21-04-2018 01:21
Some 40,000 runners are due to take part in the London Marathon, but are those 26.2 miles doing us harm?
20-04-2018 23:59
Experts say more screening is needed to tackle the disease, which affects pregnant women.
20-04-2018 21:28
The court has also refused permission for the parents of the terminally ill toddler to appeal.
20-04-2018 18:46
With the temperature rising, here are our top tips in reducing your hay fever-induced tears.
20-04-2018 16:17
An internal investigation will take place at Russells Hall Hospital after Natalie Billingham's death
20-04-2018 13:42
This London Marathon may break the record for the hottest yet, so how do you run in the heat?
20-04-2018 13:19
The patient had a lucky escape say doctors, but now two more cases have been discovered.
20-04-2018 12:56
An international team found that a protein causes brain cells to die when it is in the jelly phase.
20-04-2018 12:48
Gbadebo Olasunkanmi Alabi said "Everything on your body is perfect" to the patient.
20-04-2018 12:41
Dr Jaco Nel lost both his legs and all of the fingers on one hand after contracting sepsis.
20-04-2018 11:21