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Recently I had to solve the problem of finding the shortest path from A to B and implement it programmatically. "There exists tons of solutions for sure", - that what I thought... I was wrong. Few days of searching didn't give any relevant result. The maximum I have found is some mentions that this problem can be solved by using graphs theory and so called BFS algorithm (breadth first search). In this article I'll try to analyze this method of finding chess pieces shortest path in details with code examples and explanations.   Read more...
11-01-2018 14:33
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The US president says the agency is 'spending too much time trying to prove' Russia-Trump ties.
18-02-2018 05:39
Mateusz Morawiecki said Jews were among the perpetrators of the Holocaust, drawing Israeli scorn.
18-02-2018 05:03
The blaze at the ancient Jokhang monastery in Lhasa was quickly put out, Chinese state media say.
18-02-2018 02:09
Toronto’s LGBT community grieves after one of their own is charged with targeting and killing gay men.
18-02-2018 00:39
Kaviya Ilango is getting attention for her satirical and poignant sketches of "millennial problems".
18-02-2018 00:37
Hugh Schofield has a weird and charming day in a wine region and asks questions about Brexit.
18-02-2018 00:36
Since 2011, all children in Armenia from six to eight years old have compulsory chess lessons - and some now are very good indeed.
18-02-2018 00:34
An exhibition of miniature dioramas offers a glimpse into a disappearing way of life in Hong Kong, reports Grace Tsoi from BBC Chinese.
18-02-2018 00:29
The Russian foreign minister reacts a day after the US indicted 13 Russians over election meddling.
17-02-2018 23:01
Israeli media say this is the worst Gaza border incident since the 2014 war with Hamas militants.
17-02-2018 21:52
Students have been addressing a rally after the February 14 shooting in which 17 people died.
17-02-2018 19:56
Pope Francis reactivates his child protection panel on sexual abuse amid fresh controversy.
17-02-2018 19:43
The aircraft was carrying Mexico's interior minister and the Oaxaca state governor but both survived.
17-02-2018 19:21
An investigation was launched after the former first lady was awarded a doctorate in just months.
17-02-2018 16:32
Karimachiani would have faced an Israeli in the next round, and deliberately lost the match.
17-02-2018 16:08
The BBC's Fergal Keane on a moment of hope in South Africa - a nation that both infuriates and inspires.
17-02-2018 15:42
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The named Russians are indicted along with three Russian companies by special counsel Robert Mueller.
17-02-2018 02:54
Facebook is ordered to stop tracking people without consent, by a court in Belgium.
16-02-2018 16:55
Customers should be allowed to "choose who they share vehicles with", says Transport for London.
16-02-2018 12:17
The search giant will remove features from its image search to appease Getty Images.
16-02-2018 11:36
BBC Click's Marc Cieslak looks at some of the best technology stories of the week.
16-02-2018 09:24
Sweden is one of the most innovative countries in the world, but the business culture discourages bragging.
16-02-2018 00:09
Should social media-friendly experiences designed to make striking photos be considered art?
16-02-2018 00:05
Britain and the US say the Russian military was behind the NotPetya attack which hit firms worldwide.
15-02-2018 22:12
Service blocks access to corruption claim-related posts despite YouTube failing to meet similar demand.
15-02-2018 19:06
Owen Veldhuizen says the surgery, which saw a robot used to operate on his heart, was "phenomenal".
15-02-2018 13:49
The latest versions of the web browser will block "annoying intrusive" ads from today.
15-02-2018 13:13
Leaked copies of a private conversation suggest Wikileaks wanted Trump to become president.
15-02-2018 12:18
The European Commission wants Facebook, Google and Twitter to do more to protect consumer rights.
15-02-2018 11:59
The defence secretary points finger at Kremlin for Ukraine attack, which also hit British businesses.
15-02-2018 03:41
The filmmakers wanted one of the characters to appear in the new film looking as they did in 1982.
15-02-2018 01:11
The tech firm has said owners may have to re-oil surfaces if the ring marks do not fade.
14-02-2018 19:04
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An innovative scanning system is making it easier to find the hidden stories behind artworks.
17-02-2018 10:39
Excessive nitrogen from sewage and livestock waste is damaging the health of marine flowering plants.
16-02-2018 20:48
More than 100,000 of the animals have been killed since 1999.
16-02-2018 17:01
Chemicals from household products rival vehicles as a key source of urban air pollution.
16-02-2018 09:39
Scientists develop technology that goes inside the lung to make fast diagnoses of infection.
15-02-2018 19:02
Tarli, an endangered Asian elephant, has beaten the odds to overcome an Ebola-like virus.
15-02-2018 18:17
The probe provides access deep inside a patient’s lung, which means doctors will be able to diagnose lung conditions much quicker and more accurately.
15-02-2018 18:09
Nitrogen pollutants from motor vehicles fell 12% from 2012 to 2016, according to official statistics.
15-02-2018 12:11
Winning photos from the Underwater Photographer of the Year competition
15-02-2018 01:07
Shark diving is helping tourists improve their perception about the largest predatory fish in the world.
15-02-2018 00:36
A car launched by Elon Musk could stay in space for millions of years before hitting Earth or Venus.
15-02-2018 00:17
Quantum computing has taken a step forward with the recent development of a silicon-based programmable quantum processor.
14-02-2018 19:25
The move comes after the 'shocking' scale of plastic waste featured on the Blue Planet II series.
13-02-2018 20:31
Cells continue to function even after an individual dies, a discovery that could be developed into a forensic tool.
13-02-2018 17:56
Study of an Amazon fish has challenged ideas about how DNA gathers deadly mutations over time.
13-02-2018 13:19
Mr Trump's proposed budget includes funds to transition the space station from public to private.
12-02-2018 22:36
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Regular exposure to cleaning products significantly affects lung function, research has suggested.
16-02-2018 12:44
Peter Maggs' chest wall was rebuilt using the technology after a large tumour was removed.
16-02-2018 12:04
Ultra-processed foods have been linked to cancer - so should we be worried about eating bread?
16-02-2018 10:06
A genetic study will look at whether damage was done to the DNA of veterans who saw nuclear weapon tests.
16-02-2018 09:12
The best paid male consultant pocketed ?740,000 last year - two-and-a-half times that of the top woman.
16-02-2018 02:56
James Garden says drawing helps him cope with his feelings.
16-02-2018 01:55
For 16 years, Mercy Ngulube felt unable to tell people she had HIV - but now she's a vocal campaigner.
15-02-2018 20:03
Many cases of seemingly sporadic ovarian cancer might actually be inherited from paternal genes.
15-02-2018 19:25
She was able to produce enough milk to be the baby's only food source for the first six weeks, a study says.
15-02-2018 14:24
Sofie Hartley, who's 27, wants to have a hysterectomy so that she can take back control of her body.
15-02-2018 12:44
An online consultation into a possible opt-out scheme in England has received more than 11,000 replies.
15-02-2018 09:01
Boys born in the richest areas are likely to outlive those born in the poorest by 8.4 years, a study says.
15-02-2018 02:26
The Girls star reveals the pain of endometriosis led her to have surgery to remove her womb.
14-02-2018 17:40
BBC Radio 4 wants you to take part in an experiment on the extent and effects of loneliness
14-02-2018 17:33
Marathon runner Aaron found he had Parkinson's aged 39 but through his love of exercise he's found a way to combat the symptoms.
14-02-2018 16:52
A mum describes how she had her daughter arrested after she became violent because of the drug alprazolam.
14-02-2018 16:22