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title='Notabene: disable a restriction for mobile internet sharingNowadays some of cell operators have a practice of restricting internet sharing function for smartphones. Usually it's an attribute of family tariffs which also propose home internet and digital TV. This article will describe how to disable this restriction. The article is only for educational purpose of course, the author takes no responsibility for what you're going to do with this information.   Read more...
13-01-2020 19:31
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The US daily death toll from Covid-19 has risen above 2,000 for the first time since February.
20-09-2021 13:33
Douyin users aged under 14 will be limited to 40 minutes a day on the platform.
20-09-2021 13:03
A Rwandan court finds Paul Rusesabagina guilty of supporting a terrorist group.
20-09-2021 11:48
Paul Rusesabagina, who was portrayed in Hotel Rwanda, has gone from national hero to enemy of the state.
20-09-2021 11:09
The attacker is said to have walked on to the university campus on Monday morning and started shooting.
20-09-2021 09:24
The pro-Kremlin United Russia party is on course for a majority in a parliamentary vote.
20-09-2021 05:27
Pyongyang said the pact would "upset the strategic balance in the Asia-Pacific region".
20-09-2021 05:18
Netflix's royal drama and Apple's comedy series swept the drama and comedy prizes at Sunday's event.
20-09-2021 03:24
Paris is angry after Australia cancelled a submarine contract in favour of a deal with the UK and US.
20-09-2021 02:53
Mosilo Mothepu has paid a heavy price for speaking out about corruption in her firm.
20-09-2021 02:02
Heavy rains have caused water levels to rise, forcing about 100,000 people to flee, a charity says.
20-09-2021 01:55
Canadians are voting on Monday and Justin Trudeau's party faces a stiff challenge to retain power.
20-09-2021 01:13
Pregnant women, new mothers and infants are bearing the brunt of a worsening healthcare crisis.
20-09-2021 00:59
Kaley Cuoco, Olivia Colman and Gillian Anderson are among the stars attending the ceremony.
20-09-2021 00:01
Crews searching for missing Florida woman Gabby Petito have found a body, the FBI says.
19-09-2021 23:53
London-based baker Elika Ashoori is campaigning to bring her father home from jail in Iran.
19-09-2021 23:07
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A Swedish tech firm has created an app to help alleviate people's joint pain.
19-09-2021 23:01
Parents and teachers seem to agree it is the number one innovation worth keeping post-lockdown.
19-09-2021 00:36
BBC Click's LJ Rich looks at the best tech news stories of the week.
17-09-2021 14:32
More than 300 traps have been deployed in the French town of Hy?res to catch mosquitos.
17-09-2021 11:33
How better technology and regulation could cut the waste generated by the construction industry.
16-09-2021 22:56
The inventor, entrepreneur and ZX Spectrum pioneer died at his London home following a long illness.
16-09-2021 19:51
The prolific innovator invented the pocket calculator and the ill-fated Sinclair C5 electric car.
16-09-2021 19:30
Piracy is once again in the spotlight as rights holders threaten legal action for illegal streaming.
16-09-2021 15:43
An employee was accused of buying digital art that would later be promoted on the homepage.
16-09-2021 13:12
The infiltration threatened the "very foundations of Wikipedia", BBC News is told.
16-09-2021 10:59
Microsoft says users can delete all passwords from their accounts and use a different login system.
15-09-2021 16:46
The action thriller, which takes place in a time loop, delights critics as it debuts on Playstation 5.
15-09-2021 15:28
We Buy Any Car, Saga and Sports Direct are fined for sending millions of nuisance messages.
15-09-2021 13:02
The Irish regulator says it is looking at how TikTok handles children's data - and where it goes.
15-09-2021 12:13
It had evidence Instagram was a harmful place for young people - but failed to share its findings.
15-09-2021 12:06
The online design platform has become one of the most valuable private firms in the world.
15-09-2021 05:24
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Boris Johnson says he has a "six out of 10" chance of securing pledges before the COP26 conference.
20-09-2021 04:33
Boris Johnson will also visit the White House for the first time since Joe Biden became US president.
19-09-2021 08:35
Boris Johnson will also visit the White House for the first time since Joe Biden became US President.
19-09-2021 03:56
UK activists have protested on the M25, but should they instead be picketing China's embassy?
18-09-2021 01:01
It's 100 years since the great Antarctic explorer set out on his last voyage to the White Continent.
17-09-2021 15:05
The 15 finalists of Prince William's inaugural Earthshot Prize are tackling the planet's problems.
17-09-2021 12:19
Fire-resistant blankets protect General Sherman and other sequoias as a California blaze closes in.
17-09-2021 12:12
The first pictures have been released showing the Inspiration4 crew looking down on the planet.
17-09-2021 07:12
The three astronauts spent 90 days at China's space station, some 380km above Earth.
17-09-2021 05:43
In a study of more than 100 company accounts, 80% of audits didn't assess climate risk.
16-09-2021 20:54
An image of a green sea turtle surrounded by glass fish wins photo award.
16-09-2021 17:02
Established in 1759, the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew has 16,900 unique plant species.
16-09-2021 05:26
The small furry Eastern Barred Bandicoot is bumped off an Australian "extinct in the wild" list.
15-09-2021 16:44
A start-up company has been given ?380,000 to develop the hydrogen-powered concept.
15-09-2021 10:44
Snakes owe their success in part to the asteroid impact that killed off the dinosaurs 66 million years ago.
14-09-2021 15:14
Over half of respondents in a survey believe humanity is doomed and governments are failing to act.
14-09-2021 05:10
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It is part of the drive to get more people protected ahead of winter as the pandemic continues.
20-09-2021 12:39
Drugs charity The Loop found four 'pharaoh' pills in Manchester contained different substances.
20-09-2021 12:11
The positive trial results could pave the way for vaccinating children younger than 12, if approved.
20-09-2021 11:57
The study for children aged 12 to 16 is being run by researchers in Southampton.
20-09-2021 09:43
It is estimated that fortifying flour with folic acid could prevent up to 200 birth defects a year.
19-09-2021 22:26
Gardening is being offered as an alternative for some to lifting weights and running on treadmills.
19-09-2021 06:33
Ros Atkins looks at the ethics of Western countries rolling out Covid booster jabs while millions globally remain unvaccinated.
18-09-2021 00:19
An online tool could help doctors identify those who would benefit from boosters or early therapy.
18-09-2021 00:02
Antibody therapy Ronapreve, given to Donald Trump, will be given to eligible NHS patients in hospital.
17-09-2021 19:56
A debt collection company told some women that future visas for in the UK would be refused if they did not pay.
17-09-2021 15:27
It's the fastest-growing genetic condition in the UK but some feel the illness, which mostly affects black people, isn't taken seriously.
17-09-2021 13:11
People with dementia sing, play instruments and dance at the music cafe, says Manchester Camerata.
17-09-2021 11:50
The former operator of Jeesal Cawston Park says an inquiry's findings do not apply to its homes.
17-09-2021 10:17
Tom refuses to let cancer dominate his life after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour.
17-09-2021 05:21
One in 40 people has some long-lasting symptoms, Office for National Statistics data suggests.
16-09-2021 23:47
There is no evidence of any impact on fertility - but research will help to counter false claims.
16-09-2021 13:00