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The story of this project is taking me back to 5 years to the times when I've been just getting started to enter to Apple technologies world, to be more prescice when I was migrating to Mac OS X. As a lot of people I was feeling not too good about a lack of habitual programs and system interface elements. One of such confusion was a miss of Start button equivalent. To be honest I'm still not sure wether the way I'm launching an OS X programs is most traditional (I'm using a Spotlight). So, after few years I deviced to get rid of this disadvantage.   Read more...
05-04-2015 21:53
World news
VATICAN CITY Pope Francis and Cuban President Raul Castro will meet privately on Sunday, a spokesman said, four months before the pontiff's trip to the Caribbean island, his first as leader of the Catholic Church.
05-05-2015 19:35
NEW YORK The French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, targeted in a deadly attack earlier this year by Islamist gunmen, will be honored on Tuesday at a New York gala under heavy security, organizers said.
05-05-2015 18:44
UNITED NATIONS The United States wants a team of United Nations investigators to determine who is to blame for chemicals weapons attacks in Syria in a bid to pave the way for Security Council action against those responsible, diplomats said on Tuesday.
05-05-2015 18:09
CHISINAU Moldova will step up an investigation into the disappearance of more than $1 billion from three banks, the head of the central bank told Reuters on Tuesday, after around 10,000 people protested over the scandal at the weekend.
05-05-2015 18:05
PARIS French lawmakers approved a bill on Tuesday to let intelligence services deploy fly-on-the-wall spying devices more easily against suspected terrorists after Islamist militant attacks killed 17 people in January.
05-05-2015 16:45
ANKARA Turkey's Kurdish opposition accused President Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday of breaching the constitution with speeches backing the ruling AK Party ahead of a June election, deepening a rift that could jeopardize a Kurdish peace process.
05-05-2015 16:39
MIAMI Miami cigar maker Jose Montagne has been fighting for more than a decade to protect his catchy Cuban brand name, Guantanamera, from Cuban government trademark lawyers.
05-05-2015 15:18
BERLIN German conservatives warned their Social Democrat (SPD) partners on Tuesday not to score points in a row over the activities of the BND intelligence agency after an attack on Chancellor Angela Merkel by the SPD chief threatened unity in the coalition.
05-05-2015 15:04
LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Syrian government forces are targeting civilians in barrel bomb attacks in Aleppo that have forced hospitals and schools to move underground, Amnesty International said on Tuesday, describing the bombings as "crimes against humanity".
05-05-2015 12:35
ROME Migrants arriving on the Italian island of Sicily on Tuesday said around forty others traveling with them had died on the journey, a Save the Children spokeswoman said.
05-05-2015 11:25
DHAKA The leader of al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) claimed responsibility for the murder of a U.S. citizen hacked to death in Bangladesh in February and the deaths of other "blasphemers" in the region, SITE Intelligence Group reported on Sunday.
05-05-2015 10:10
GENEVA Armed factions in the Central African Republic have agreed to free all child soldiers and other children who may be used as cooks or messengers or for sexual purposes, the United Nations children's agency UNICEF said on Tuesday.
05-05-2015 09:48
PARIS France is in talks to agree billions of euros worth of contracts in Saudi Arabia that could be finalised "quickly", ranging from the defense sector to civil aviation, transport and energy, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Tuesday.
05-05-2015 09:27
KIGALI Rwanda's foreign minister said on Tuesday she was concerned about neighboring Burundi's clampdown on more than a week of protests against its president's decision to seek a third term in office.
05-05-2015 09:25
BEIJING Chinese prosecutors are investigating the former chairman of a top investment body in the southwestern province of Sichuan for corruption, state media reported on Tuesday, as the world's second-largest economy deepens its probe into deep-seated graft.
05-05-2015 09:19
PARIS National Front founder Jean-Marie Le Pen hit back at daughter and party leader Marine on Tuesday after she suspended him from the far-right French movement, saying he hopes she loses the 2017 presidential election.
05-05-2015 09:16
NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - New York City programmer Bana Malik was passionate about computers and mathematics from an early age, a video games enthusiast and email user way before many of her male friends.
05-05-2015 18:51
NEW YORK Fourteen U.S. and Canadian cancer institutes will use International Business Machines Corp's Watson computer system to choose therapies based on a tumor's genetic fingerprints, the company said on Tuesday, the latest step toward bringing personalized cancer treatments to more patients.
05-05-2015 18:20
BRUSSELS The European Union will announce a wide-ranging probe on Wednesday into how big technology companies such as Google , Amazon and Facebook use their market power as it considers whether to regulate them more tightly.
05-05-2015 18:18
CHICAGO A new feature on Comcast Corp's pay television service will let parents activate a child-friendly zone that provides access only to age-appropriate shows and movies, the company said on Tuesday.
05-05-2015 15:36
WASHINGTON Netflix Inc has urged the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to reject the pending $48 billion merger of AT&T Inc and DirecTV as currently proposed, according to regulatory disclosures posted on Tuesday.
05-05-2015 15:35
HELSINKI Telecom network equipment maker Nokia could decide not to sell its navigation business HERE when it has completed a review of the unit, its chairman said.
05-05-2015 14:46
WALLDORF, Germany German e-commerce company Rocket Internet on Tuesday reported that the loan portfolio value of its investments has risen by 2.0 billion euros since its initial public offering in October, due in part to its push into online takeaway delivery.
05-05-2015 07:07
SEATTLE Chuck Robbins, the veteran salesman chosen by Cisco Systems Inc to succeed legendary CEO John Chambers, must prove he has the technical knowledge to chart a new course and lead the network equipment maker into the new world of cloud-based computing.
05-05-2015 05:51
Motorola Mobility said a U.S. jury ordered the company to pay $10.2 million in damages for using Fujifilm Corp's patented technology in its phones without permission.
05-05-2015 04:53
Cisco Systems Inc Chief Executive John Chambers will step down in July after 20 years at the helm of the network equipment maker, a symbol of the stock boom 15 years ago now struggling to boost its bottom line in the era of cloud computing.
05-05-2015 04:45
SAO PAULO A Brazilian judge on Monday struck down an injunction issued last week calling for the suspension of the U.S-based Uber ride-sharing service throughout the country.
04-05-2015 22:54
For a glimpse of what is, what might have been and what may lie ahead in wearable devices, look beyond branded tech and Silicon Valley start-ups to the messy labs, dry papers and solemn conferences of academia.
04-05-2015 22:04
SAN FRANCISCO SurveyMonkey Chief Executive Dave Goldberg died while exercising at a hotel gym in Mexico, a person close to the family said Monday.
04-05-2015 18:51
Samsung and Walt Disney's Marvel introduced a marketing campaign that for the first time promotes a movie using short virtual reality films.
04-05-2015 17:28
MUMBAI Facebook Inc opened up its platform to new websites and applications from developers on Monday, a move the social media giant said would boost efforts to get people online in low-income and rural areas in emerging markets.
04-05-2015 11:38
MUMBAI Facebook Inc is launching an open platform for online content and application developers to join its service, in a move the social media giant said would boost efforts to get people online in low-income and rural areas in emerging markets.
04-05-2015 07:13
It's a revolution in food technology that could deliver your food fantasy to your plate in less than a minute.
05-05-2015 16:09
British postgraduate students have devised a pocket-sized fingerprint scanner designed to help patients in the developing world get improved access to healthcare.
05-05-2015 11:14
A self-cleaning paint that can withstand contact with substances such as oil, even after being scratched or scuffed with sandpaper, has been developed by British and Chinese researchers.
05-05-2015 11:12
PORTLAND, Ore. An undersea volcano about 300 miles (480 km) off Oregon's coast has been spewing lava for the past seven days, confirming forecasts made last fall and giving researchers unique insight into a hidden ocean hot spot, a scientist said on Friday.
02-05-2015 00:05
WASHINGTON It may not be space debris, errant asteroids, supply shortages, thruster malfunctions or even the malevolent aliens envisioned in so many Hollywood films that thwart astronauts on any mission to Mars. It may be the ubiquitous galactic cosmic rays.
01-05-2015 19:46
The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration said it would ask the operators of Boeing Co's model 787 airplanes to deactivate the plane's electrical power system periodically.
30-04-2015 23:11
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - NASA's pioneering Messenger spacecraft ended its four-year study of the planet Mercury on Thursday by crashing into the planet’s surface, scientists said.
30-04-2015 20:29
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla NASA’s Pluto-bound New Horizons spacecraft has spotted surface features on the icy world, including a possible polar cap, images released on Wednesday show.
30-04-2015 17:20
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. NASA’s pioneering Messenger spacecraft is expected to end its four-year study of the planet Mercury on Thursday by crashing into the planet’s surface, scientists said.
30-04-2015 15:32
WASHINGTON The U.S. Air Force on Wednesday said it plans to launch an aging weather satellite at an expected cost of hundreds of millions of dollars to prevent a gap in forecasting capability and provide another competitive launch opportunity for privately held Space Exploration Technologies Inc, or SpaceX.
29-04-2015 21:12
San Francisco - Anytime, day or night, no matter which way you look, it seems you'll see someone with a smartphone in their hand.
29-04-2015 19:37
WASHINGTON Scientists in China on Wednesday described one of the weirdest flying creatures ever discovered, a pigeon-size dinosaur with wings like a bat that lived not long before the first birds.
29-04-2015 17:49
MOSCOW Russia has abandoned a 2.6 billion ruble ($51 million) mission to supply the International Space Station, the head of the Roscosmos space agency said on Wednesday, the latest setback for the country's beleaguered space program.
29-04-2015 16:52
MOSCOW An unmanned cargo ship will not be able to dock with the International Space Station (ISS) because of problems after it launched, the head of the Russian space agency said on Wednesday.
29-04-2015 15:44
Lausanne, SWITZERLAND - Neuroscientists have succeeded in creating 'ghosts' in the laboratory by tricking the brains of test subjects into feeling an unexpected 'presence' in the room.
29-04-2015 11:53
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES - Hanbyul Joo is working on his swing. But he's not at a baseball park, instead he's in a massive geodesic dome in the basement of a building at Carnegie Mellon University. As Joo swings, more than 500 cameras capture his motion on video.  Combined and processed, those videos make up the elements for the most advanced 3D reconstruction ever achieved.
29-04-2015 04:53
DAKAR The U.N. envoy on Ebola on Tuesday hailed "extraordinary progress" against the outbreak in West Africa after new cases last week fell below 20 for the first time since mid-2014, but he warned it would take time to end the epidemic completely.
05-05-2015 19:32
CHICAGO The federal Office of Management and Budget has granted U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack the authority to transfer an additional $330 million in emergency funds for the agency's handling of the quickly spreading avian influenza outbreak, USDA agency sources told Reuters on Tuesday.
05-05-2015 19:27
BOGOTA(Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Paraguay's decision to deny a pregnant 10-year-old girl an abortion after she was allegedly raped by her stepfather has sparked a national debate over the country's strict abortion law.
05-05-2015 10:34
LONDON GlaxoSmithKline said on Tuesday it had submitted a gene therapy for approval in Europe, becoming the first big drugmaker to seek marketing authorization for the technology to fix faulty genes.
05-05-2015 09:47
KAMPALA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Inside the second busiest hospital in Uganda, a Somali refugee gingerly paces up and down the maternity ward to ease her labour pains, passing a Congolese woman resting in bed after a Caesarean section.
04-05-2015 23:12
Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc's experimental drug for cystic fibrosis, a rare lung-scarring disease, could be a real money spinner and pose a challenge to rival Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc's successful treatment, Kalydeco.
04-05-2015 21:45
A personalized method for interpreting blood tests identifies more ovarian cancer cases than a generalized approach, a new study suggests.
04-05-2015 21:21
NEW YORK Patients with type-2 diabetes who are overweight but not obese outlive diabetics of normal weight, scientists reported on Monday, in another example of the "obesity paradox."
04-05-2015 21:09
AcelRx Pharmaceuticals Inc said a division of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had rejected the company's request for a meeting to discuss the need for an additional trial of its pain drug device, Zalviso.
04-05-2015 21:00
In a study from Denmark, victims of cardiac arrest who got cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) from a bystander were more likely to eventually return to work.
04-05-2015 20:25
PARIS Turkey has reported an outbreak of H5N1 bird flu virus in a backyard in the northern province of Kastamonu, the first case of the highly pathogenic strain in seven years, the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) said on Monday.
04-05-2015 17:05
High school and college football players suffer more concussions during practices than during games, according to a new study.
04-05-2015 16:23
NEW YORK A U.S. government test program with doctors and hospitals slowed healthcare spending in Medicare coverage for the elderly and disabled by hundreds of millions of dollars in 2012 and 2013 but savings were less in the second year, a study released Monday said.
04-05-2015 14:07
WASHINGTON The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday brought to an end Bristol-Myers Squibb Co's attempt to revive patent protection for its Baraclude treatment for hepatitis B.
04-05-2015 13:55
FRANKFURT German drugmaker Bayer secured the rights to an experimental anti-blood-clotting drug in a deal with California-based Isis Pharmaceuticals to bolster its cardiovascular business led by blockbuster pill Xarelto.
04-05-2015 13:42
SHANGHAI A Chinese regulator investigated Siemens AG last year over whether the German group's healthcare unit and its dealers bribed hospitals to buy expensive disposable products used in some of its medical devices, three people with knowledge of the probe told Reuters.
03-05-2015 03:03