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The story of this project is taking me back to 5 years to the times when I've been just getting started to enter to Apple technologies world, to be more prescice when I was migrating to Mac OS X. As a lot of people I was feeling not too good about a lack of habitual programs and system interface elements. One of such confusion was a miss of Start button equivalent. To be honest I'm still not sure wether the way I'm launching an OS X programs is most traditional (I'm using a Spotlight). So, after few years I deviced to get rid of this disadvantage.   Read more...
05-04-2015 21:53
World news
ISTANBUL Turkish fighter jets launched their heaviest assault on Kurdish militants in northern Iraq overnight since air strikes began last week, a government official said, hours after President Tayyip Erdogan said a peace process had become impossible.
29-07-2015 08:46
DUBAI On the first visit to Iran for 12 years by a French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius conveyed an invitation from President Francois Hollande to Iran's President Hassan Rouhani to visit France in November, Iranian news agency ISNA said.
29-07-2015 07:50
CAIRO Unidentified gunmen shot dead a security guard outside the embassy of Niger in Cairo early on Wednesday morning, the Egyptian interior ministry said in a statement.
29-07-2015 04:40
BEIJING Sometime in the last year, a group of mid-ranked government officials gathered for a dinner in a private room in a Beijing restaurant, all slightly nervous, but keen with anticipation.
29-07-2015 04:24
ISLAMABAD Pakistani police killed the head of the banned sectarian group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi on Wednesday as he attempted to escape as he was being moved between prisons, police said.
29-07-2015 04:09
KUALA LUMPUR A Malaysian parliamentary investigation into a graft scandal at debt-laden state investment fund 1MDB has been put on hold as cracks in the long-ruling party appeared to widen on Wednesday.
29-07-2015 03:40
KABUL Taliban fighters have gained ground in two provinces in northern Afghanistan, overrunning a district centre in Sar-e-Pol and seizing villages in Kunduz, local officials there said on Tuesday.
29-07-2015 03:02
SINGAPORE Singapore has arrested a 51-year-old "self-radicalized" man who tried to join Islamic State (IS) in Syria, under an internal security law that allows for detention without trial for two years, the Ministry of Home Affairs said on Wednesday.
29-07-2015 01:33
MEXICO CITY Five men in northern Mexico were sentenced to an unprecedented 697 years in prison for the gender-driven killing of 11 women, in a state where hundreds of young women have been murdered since 1990.
28-07-2015 23:49
BUCHAREST Romania's leftist Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Tuesday he will be on holiday from Wednesday until Aug. 9, weeks before he is to face hearings by prosecutors conducting a criminal investigation against him.
28-07-2015 22:58
HELSINKI Thousands of people protested in Finland on Tuesday against a lawmaker's anti-immigration remarks and voiced their support for a multicultural Finnish society.
28-07-2015 22:32
NEW YORK The United Nations needs rapid response forces, equipment and training to bolster peacekeeping, the United States' top general said on Tuesday ahead of President Barack Obama's planned summit of world leaders in September to win new commitments.
28-07-2015 19:51
NEW YORK The U.S. government may weigh in on whether the Palestine Liberation Organization and Palestinian Authority must post a multimillion-dollar bond, which they have resisted doing, while the groups appeal a jury's finding that they supported terrorist attacks in Israel.
28-07-2015 19:45
CHAGUANI, Colombia Swinging a pickaxe high above his head, the sweating former Marxist guerrilla brings it down sharply, breaking up hard-packed earth on a wooded hillside in central Colombia.
28-07-2015 18:28
LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - More than 6 million people in Yemen are on the verge of starvation, Oxfam warned on Tuesday, adding that months of war and a blockade on imports were pushing an additional 25,000 people into hunger every day.
28-07-2015 18:05
RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The Brazilian government plans to use drones to strengthen its fight against slave labor in rural areas, the Labour Ministry has said.
28-07-2015 18:04
TOKYO Toshiba Corp said it would slash its interim chief executive's monthly salary for the next two months by 90 percent, including previously announced cuts, following revelations of improper accounting at the Japanese conglomerate.
29-07-2015 06:38
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. In a Beverly Hills mansion on Tuesday, Facebook-owned Oculus rolled out "Henry," a movie that takes advantage of its virtual reality technology to tell the story of a hug-obsessed hedgehog.
29-07-2015 02:34
Twitter Inc's shares fell more than 11 percent in extended trade on Tuesday after the microblogging company said its number of monthly average users grew at the slowest pace since it went public in 2013.
28-07-2015 23:11
NEW YORK Former New York financial regulator Benjamin Lawsky on Tuesday countered criticism from the bitcoin community that he may have generated consulting work for himself by issuing controversial regulations for virtual currency firms before he left his post.
28-07-2015 23:10
Cloud-computing company Citrix Systems Inc said Chief Executive Mark Templeton would retire and separately said it had agreed to give activist investor Elliott Management a board seat.
28-07-2015 20:35
A power outage - it's an experience all are familiar with and everyone dreads. The lights go out, the TV goes black, the computers shut down as their batteries drain. And worst of all - your smartphone dies.
28-07-2015 18:59
FRANKFURT Business planning software start-up Anaplan is nipping at the heels of industry leaders SAP, Oracle and IBM, with sales of its cloud-based service tripling in each of the past three years as it seeks to shake up the market.
28-07-2015 18:17
SAN FRANCISCO Inc launched a new platform on Tuesday that will help startups advertise and distribute their products directly to millions of Amazon customers, filling an important gap for entrepreneurs trying to reach a wider market of consumers.
28-07-2015 16:36
BRUSSELS Facebook may not prevent its users from using fake names, a German privacy watchdog said on Tuesday, in the latest privacy setback for the U.S. company in Europe.
28-07-2015 15:34
NEW YORK The big selloffs in shares of social media companies last quarter following weak results seem to be brushed under the carpet this earnings season as investors focus instead on the success of Facebook Inc .
28-07-2015 15:18
TOKYO Toshiba Corp has decided to propose interim President Masashi Muromachi as a more permanent chief executive officer beyond September after a slew of executives resigned over their roles in the country's biggest accounting scandal in years, Japanese media said on Tuesday.
28-07-2015 01:09
LONDON One of the founders of trading venue Chi-X Europe is joining the race to bring "blockchain" technology, the system that tracks and identifies transactions in digital-currency bitcoin, to the wider financial world.
27-07-2015 20:05
LA PAZ Bolivia already has the largest urban cable car system in the world. Now the booming country is tripling the size of the network and will soon have nine lines whizzing above the administrative capital of La Paz.
27-07-2015 19:49
Taxi legislation needs to adapt to the arrival of online ride-hailing services like Uber, France's Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron said on Monday as he convened talks to address the controversial issue.
27-07-2015 17:40
LONDON Online gambling firm GVC Holdings returned on Monday with a new 1 billion-pound ($1.55 billion) bid for rival Digital Entertainment , looking to trump a recently accepted offer from 888 .
27-07-2015 15:34
Online gambling firm GVC Holdings Plc returned on Monday with a new 1-billion-pound ($1.55 billion) bid for rival Digital Entertainment, looking to gatecrash a recently accepted offer from 888.
27-07-2015 10:27
WASHINGTON U.S. scientists have used high-tech detective work to identify the remains of four leaders of Jamestown, the New World's first successful English colony, more than 400 years after they died, the Smithsonian Institution said on Tuesday.
28-07-2015 20:16
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. Federal investigators cited inadequate training of test pilots by a Northrup Grumman Corp subsidiary on Tuesday as a leading factor behind last year's fatal crash of an experimental Virgin Galactic passenger spaceship over the Mojave Desert.
28-07-2015 20:00
WASHINGTON If you want to know the secret behind the success of Tyrannosaurus rex and its meat-eating dinosaur cousins, look no further than their teeth.
28-07-2015 09:23
KROMDRAAI, South Africa Crouched in a shallow square grid dug into the red African earth, American graduate student Sarah Edlund uses a hand brush to scrape soil into a dustpan.
27-07-2015 16:47
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. A stunning silhouette of Pluto taken by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft after it shot past the icy orb last week show an extensive layer of atmospheric haze, while close-up pictures of the ground reveal flows of nitrogen ice, scientists said on Friday.
24-07-2015 21:00
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. An upgraded Delta 4 rocket delivered a $445 million U.S. military communications satellite into orbit on Thursday, the seventh member of a planned network of 10 satellites.
24-07-2015 01:17
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. A planet remarkably similar to Earth and potentially capable of sustaining life has been discovered in a "habitable zone" around a distant sun-like star, U.S. scientists said on Thursday.
23-07-2015 18:40
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla A Russian Soyuz capsule carrying three new crew for the International Space Station arrived at the orbital outpost on Wednesday after a two-month launch delay, a NASA TV broadcast showed.
23-07-2015 08:10
Engineers in Germany have built a biologically inspired artificial hand with muscles made from bundles of 'smart' wires. An electric charge is all that's needed to make these wires tense or relax, meaning the hand can operate without the bulky and cumbersome electronics that often make artificial prosthetic hands impractical.
22-07-2015 14:24
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla A faulty metal brace in an unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket likely triggered the explosion that destroyed the booster minutes after liftoff from Florida last month, company chief Elon Musk said on Monday.
21-07-2015 02:38
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. A flawed steel strut holding a helium pressurization bottle likely gave way, dooming a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket last month, company chief Elon Musk said on Monday.
20-07-2015 20:42
SAN FRANCISCO/LONDON Scientists are about to embark on the biggest search yet for alien life, sweeping the skies for signals of civilizations beyond our solar system with $100 million from a Russian billionaire and the backing of physicist Stephen Hawking.
20-07-2015 15:04
BERLIN The Philae comet lander has fallen silent, European scientists said on Monday, raising fears that it has moved again on its new home millions of miles from Earth.
20-07-2015 12:15
A long-awaited human mission to the Red Planet is still a number of years away, with NASA planning their first manned voyage in the 2030s. But at more than 55 million kilometers away, astronauts face at least half a year of space travel just to get to Mars -- not to mention the return journey. Of the multitude of obstacles to overcome, the health of the astronauts during such a long period in space is of chief concern.
20-07-2015 11:35
SAN FRANCISCO Wondering if we are alone in the universe has engaged minds through the ages. Add to the list Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, who announced on Monday that he plans to spend $100 million to explore the idea.
20-07-2015 10:47
SEATTLE The world's largest-diameter tunneling machine could resume drilling under downtown Seattle in late November after repairs are completed, allowing a central part of a years-delayed highway project to go forward, Washington state officials said on Friday.
17-07-2015 23:35
PARIS Sanofi said on Wednesday a first late-stage Phase III study of its LixiLan diabetes drug had met its main target, while another would be completed at the end of the third quarter.
29-07-2015 05:16
NEW YORK When Matt and Jen Osmun opened their vape shop in Bethel, Connecticut, last December, they didn't expect to get a boost from the local medical marijuana outlet.
29-07-2015 05:05
SACRAMENTO, Calif. The California lawmker who made it harder for parents to opt out of vaccinating their children, a stance that earned him death threats, is now launching a campaign to save his job, days after the state certified a recall effort against him.
28-07-2015 23:38
Iowa Governor Terry Branstad on Tuesday extended the state's bird flu disaster proclamation by a month until Aug. 30, keeping in place a raft of state resources for poultry farms recovering from an outbreak of the disease, country's worst-ever.
28-07-2015 22:19
Insulin resistance may increase the risk for Alzheimer’s disease by depriving the brain of sugar needed for normal cognition, a small study suggests.
28-07-2015 22:02
WASHINGTON Techniques used by a U.S. Army laboratory in Utah failed to neutralize live anthrax spores on many occasions over more than a decade and the lab should have realized the procedure was inadequate, a top health official told lawmakers on Tuesday.
28-07-2015 21:53
People with type 2 diabetes who skip breakfast and fast until noon may have blood sugar spikes throughout the day, a small study suggests.
28-07-2015 19:17
WASHINGTON Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is planning to hold a vote on legislation in coming days on a Republican bill halting federal funding of Planned Parenthood, following the release of videos involving use of aborted fetal tissue for medical research.
28-07-2015 16:28
NEW YORK Forget the bench press, treadmill and rowing machine. Some experts believe the best way to get fit is to go back to nature and hoist a boulder, jump a stream or climb a rock.
28-07-2015 15:30
The number of deaths, hospital stays and healthcare costs decreased among older Americans on Medicare over the past 15 years, according to a new study.
28-07-2015 15:26
A new study of college students finds that some of their “protective strategies” when they plan on drinking are actually tied to greater alcohol use.
28-07-2015 15:22
Americans are reporting improved health and better healthcare two years after health insurance became available under the Affordable Care Act, according to a new study published on Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
28-07-2015 15:10
Pfizer Inc reported better-than-expected quarterly profit and revenue, helped by strong demand for its pneumonia vaccine Prevnar 13 and sales of its breast cancer drug, Ibrance.
28-07-2015 12:04
Health insurer Centene Corp reported a better-than-expected quarterly profit as it added 1.3 million more members compared with a year earlier.
28-07-2015 10:51
NEW YORK The U.S. Navy is investigating a complaint that seeks the evacuation of civilian and military lawyers from parts of the U.S. base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, following reports of cancer cases among personnel working on the trials of detainees there.
28-07-2015 10:31
SEOUL South Korea declared on Tuesday it is effectively out of danger from Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), more than two months after the first case was reported and began spreading in hospital settings to kill 36 people.
28-07-2015 02:18