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title='Notabene: disable a restriction for mobile internet sharingNowadays some of cell operators have a practice of restricting internet sharing function for smartphones. Usually it's an attribute of family tariffs which also propose home internet and digital TV. This article will describe how to disable this restriction. The article is only for educational purpose of course, the author takes no responsibility for what you're going to do with this information.   Read more...
13-01-2020 19:31
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TB Joshua is one of Africa's most influential evangelists, with top politicians among his followers.
16-04-2021 11:58
Roma defender Chris Smalling and his family were victims of an armed robbery at their home in the early hours of Friday.
16-04-2021 11:27
When the Titanic sank, six Chinese men were rescued - but their ordeal didn't end there.
16-04-2021 06:00
The record figures for the first quarter of the year are skewed due to last year's nationwide lockdown
16-04-2021 03:15
Therapy with surrogate sexual partners is used in Israel to rehabilitate badly injured soldiers.
15-04-2021 23:53
Issues of race were rarely discussed in Decorah, until a death 160 miles away changed everything.
15-04-2021 23:50
Amid a punishing second wave, people across India are finding drugs, oxygen and beds in short supply.
15-04-2021 23:37
The country's vaccination rollout is one of the fastest in the world, so why are Covid cases surging?
15-04-2021 23:23
Opposition newspaper owner Jimmy Lai was arrested under Hong Kong's new national security law.
15-04-2021 23:14
Adam Toledo raises his hands but does not appear to be holding a gun in the moment he was shot.
15-04-2021 23:10
Scientists confirm they have made "chimera" embryos from long-tailed macaques and humans.
15-04-2021 19:54
Arsenal forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been treated in hospital after he contracted malaria while on international duty with Gabon.
15-04-2021 19:21
The US has published a vast trove of amount of information about Russian intelligence activities.
15-04-2021 19:17
Volcanic eruptions force residents from their homes and leave much of the island blanketed in ash
15-04-2021 18:45
Egyptian architects will rebuild the landmark al-Nuri Mosque in the northern Iraqi city.
15-04-2021 18:07
Most experts say the plan is safe but locals, environmentalists and neighbouring countries are not happy.
15-04-2021 17:28
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LJ Rich looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.
16-04-2021 11:10
The online grocery retailer has teamed up with Oxford self-driving firm Oxbotica.
16-04-2021 10:36
Dozens of entities are targeted over attacks including alleged interference in the 2020 elections.
16-04-2021 02:27
Smaller and more powerful lenses promise to bring even better smartphone cameras.
15-04-2021 23:06
Satellite images collected over 37 years are combined to show how Earth in a new way.
15-04-2021 13:00
A campaign group claims the "image-obsessed" platform is dangerous for children's health and privacy.
15-04-2021 10:39
The toymaker is launching new toy cars based on electric models and making some from recycled materials.
15-04-2021 03:24
Some users said they were offered "appetite suppressants" and "fasting" by the search feature.
15-04-2021 00:07
Some users said they were offered "appetite suppressants" and "fasting" by the search feature.
15-04-2021 00:07
The Irish Data Protection Commission is to launch an investigation into whether it broke GDPR rules.
14-04-2021 17:19
The rules are proposals and could take several years to become law.
14-04-2021 14:55
More than ?186,000 was raised on a GoFundMe page set up after Mary Agyapong died with Covid-19.
14-04-2021 11:55
The deal will make the telecoms firm a "powerful" rival to BT, according to analysts.
14-04-2021 10:43
A converted commercial laser cutter is able to 3D-print and assemble functional devices on its own.
14-04-2021 06:45
A boy tells how he replied to an advert on Snapchat and was groomed to sell drugs at the age of 14.
14-04-2021 05:13
Anti-discrimination charity Kick It Out says it would back a Premier League-wide boycott of social media in protest at online racist abuse.
13-04-2021 21:31
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Researchers hope their "ultra-white" paint can save energy by reflecting sunlight from buildings.
16-04-2021 08:37
Sir David Attenborough fronts a new documentary on lockdown's effect on the natural world.
15-04-2021 05:03
Further postponement of the UK climate summit would be better than a failed event, says an expert.
14-04-2021 07:52
US envoy John Kerry will hold talks in Shanghai ahead of a climate summit hosted by President Biden.
13-04-2021 23:41
A review of the state of Britain's native woods and trees finds only 7% are in good condition.
13-04-2021 23:02
The sponge species was unnamed for a decade before nine-year-old Sylvie suggested Parpal Dumplin.
13-04-2021 18:30
With record high CO2 levels and destructive tornadoes, Ben Rich has more on extreme weather around the globe this spring.
13-04-2021 09:03
Activists say authorities in India and Nepal seem underprepared to fight forest fires.
11-04-2021 23:11
The market for exoskeletons - high-tech external body support systems - is tipped to grow strongly.
11-04-2021 23:00
The climate campaigner is concerned about the impact of Covid on attendance at the Glasgow summit.
09-04-2021 10:20
The climate campaigner is concerned about the impact of Covid on attendance at the Glasgow summit.
09-04-2021 09:41
Heavy goods vehicles powered by batteries can compete with diesel ones, say researchers.
08-04-2021 20:12
Many companies want to exploit deep sea minerals but campaigners warn it could damage fragile ecosystems.
08-04-2021 16:50
We take a look at why these unusual clots happen and when they occur.
08-04-2021 16:07
Scientists reveal how male gorillas tell others how big and strong they are by chest beating.
08-04-2021 15:01
Bitcoin emissions in China exceed the total emissions of the Czech Republic and Qatar, study says.
08-04-2021 04:45
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The 21-year-old university student spent 58 days in hospital, including in intensive care.
16-04-2021 10:05
Politicians complain that only three NHS scripts have been issued since the law changed in 2018.
15-04-2021 23:34
The group will assess the prescription of puberty blockers for under-16s, NHS England says.
15-04-2021 20:23
A rapid review of US patients says people being vaccinated should be reassured by the findings.
15-04-2021 16:11
Helen Whitelaw appeared on Tipping Point before Motor Neurone Disease rendered her speechless.
15-04-2021 15:33
Figures for February also show nearly 388,000 people were waiting more than a year for surgery.
15-04-2021 09:55
There had been concerns that large numbers would have to self-isolate after a false positive result.
15-04-2021 07:39
Many Muslims are welcoming pop-up clinics to support the vaccination programme during Ramadan.
15-04-2021 05:16
A study of 59 people compared the drug with a conventional antidepressant.
15-04-2021 00:05
Lawrence Dixon, 30, signed up to the reserve list in the morning and received a jab that evening.
14-04-2021 20:15
It is the first European country to fully withdraw the jab over possible links to rare blood clots.
14-04-2021 17:24
Former cabinet minister Owen Paterson has spoken about the loss of his wife, Rose, who took her own life last year.
14-04-2021 16:28
Nearly half of all older adult care homes do not meet recommended vaccine thresholds, the government says.
14-04-2021 16:21
Pfizer and AZ vaccines had reassuring effects on the body's defences in over-80s after one dose.
14-04-2021 14:41
Hannah Lockhart, 23, says surgery for endometriosis is being refused due to her age and childless status.
14-04-2021 08:00
A young woman with endometriosis says surgery is being refused due to her age and childless status.
14-04-2021 08:00