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It's been a long time I was suffering from lack of "Hide all windows" feature in Mac OS X. Why is it so important to me? I feel discomfort when there are so many windows on the screen, or tabs in browser, or shortcuts on Desktop, it invokes a panic in me. In order to focus on some problem I need there not more than three windows on the screen. Ideally just one. Five years passed away since I've migrated from Windows and all this time I've been using very inconvenient workaround - Hide others (Option-Cmd-H) in applications menu. Today I've finally found quite acceptable way to hide all windows by one mouse click or keyboard shortcut. Let me tell you how to make it.   Read more...
28-05-2016 02:22
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OSLO Former U.S. spy contractor Edward Snowden has failed in a legal bid to win guarantees from Norway that it would not extradite him to the United States if he went there to receive a free speech award, a Norwegian court said on Monday.
27-06-2016 06:39
BERLIN Turkey's journey towards joining the European Union is long and complicated and it is far too early to predict the outcome of accession talks, a German foreign ministry spokesman said on Monday.
27-06-2016 06:14
PRAGUE Britain needs to decide who represents it so that its EU exit talks can take shape, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said on Monday on his way to Prague for post-Brexit vote solidarity talks with eastern European member states.
27-06-2016 04:42
ANKARA Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said on Monday that there was an acceleration in steps to smooth relations with Russia, strained since Turkey shot down a Russian warplane near the border with Syria last November.
27-06-2016 04:35
BANGKOK Thailand's Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said on Monday he would not resign if Thais reject a military-backed draft constitution when they vote in a referendum in August.
27-06-2016 03:41
ANTANANARIVO Two people were killed and dozens injured by an explosion during an Independence Day concert in Madagascar's capital late on Sunday, police said.
27-06-2016 02:40
BEIRUT Twenty-five children were reportedly killed in air strikes that hit heavily crowded areas in a town in eastern Syria, the United Nations children's agency (UNICEF) has said.
27-06-2016 02:32
HANOI China's top diplomat arrived in Vietnam on Monday for a scheduled meeting to strengthen historically close relations, at a time when ties are strained by squabbles over the South China Sea.
27-06-2016 00:32
BEIRUT Several suicide bombers killed six people and wounded 19 others in an attack in a Lebanese village at the border with Syria on Monday, Hezbollah's al-Manar reported.
27-06-2016 00:11
TOKYO Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, stumping for a July upper house election, is warning voters against casting their ballots for the opposition at a time when world financial markets are in turmoil after Britain's shock vote to leave the European Union.
26-06-2016 23:54
OSMANABAD, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Rajshree Gungoo, a chatty 27-year-old with a quick smile, speaks up at a gathering of about 40 women discussing the challenges facing single women in India's western Maharashtra state.
26-06-2016 22:19
Weapons shipped into Jordan for Syrian rebels by the Central Intelligence Agency and Saudi Arabia were stolen by Jordanian intelligence operatives and sold to arms merchants on the black market, the New York Times reported, citing American and Jordanian officials.
26-06-2016 21:16
YENAGOA, Nigeria Seven contractors, including three Australians and a South African, have been released four days after they were kidnapped by gunmen in southern Nigeria, officials said.
26-06-2016 19:48
LONDON Britain will continue to have access to the European Union's single market despite voting to leave the bloc, leading Brexit campaigner and favorite to become the country's next prime minister Boris Johnson said in a newspaper article on Sunday.
26-06-2016 18:50
SYDNEY One of Australia's poorest states is emerging as an unlikely key battleground in July 2 elections that could hand the balance of power to a folksy independent senator and threaten the government's economic agenda.
26-06-2016 18:20
LONDON To leave, or not to leave: that is the question. Still.
26-06-2016 14:49
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TOKYO Japanese messaging app firm Line Corp has delayed setting a tentative price range for its initial public offering (IPO) by one day, until Tuesday, a regulatory filing showed.
27-06-2016 02:16
STOCKHOLM Swedish payments firm Klarna, one of Europe's most highly valued tech startups, said on Monday it had tapped debt markets for the first time, issuing subordinated notes totaling 300 million crowns ($35.2 million).
27-06-2016 01:47
BERLIN/FRANKFURT German robotics maker Kuka is on the brink of agreeing to an investor agreement with Chinese bidder Midea that includes a long-term commitment to existing headquarters, factories and jobs, a source close to the negotiations said.
26-06-2016 08:50
BERLIN Wirecard AG is negotiating with representatives of Alipay, a unit of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba , about it taking a stake of up to 25 percent in the German banking software company, a newspaper reported on Sunday.
26-06-2016 07:28
TOKYO In delaying its IPO by two years, Japanese messaging app company Line Corp bought time to correct weak financial reporting controls, work on its business plan, bolster staffing - and left billions of dollars on the table as its valuation shriveled.
25-06-2016 21:20
BERLIN Wirecard AG is negotiating with representatives of Alipay, a unit of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, about it taking a stake of up to 25 percent in the German banking software company, a newspaper reported on Sunday.
25-06-2016 18:14
Two additional SolarCity Corp board members with ties to Elon Musk are recusing themselves from making decisions regarding Tesla Motors Inc's offer to buy the solar power company, in a bid to alleviate corporate governance concerns surrounding a potential deal.
25-06-2016 14:42
BEIJING China's internet regulator said on Saturday that search engines should tighten management of paid-for ads in search results, making clear which results are paid-for and limiting their numbers.
24-06-2016 23:08
SAN FRANCISCO As valuations flounder for Silicon Valley startups once worth billions of dollars, investor interest is on the rise in startups with both financial and social benefits, such as healthcare software for poor communities or low cost solar panels for homes.
24-06-2016 21:35
SAN FRANCISCO/WASHINGTON Some of the web’s biggest destinations for watching videos have quietly started using automation to remove extremist content from their sites, according to two people familiar with the process.
24-06-2016 20:32
Citigroup Inc said on Friday it resolved a technical issue that had left customers unable to access their accounts remotely.
24-06-2016 20:24
NEW YORK Social media users flooded TD Ameritrade's and Fidelity Investments' Twitter feeds with irate messages on Friday, as customers struggled to access their online brokerage accounts.
24-06-2016 14:04
MUNICH, Germany Robots that work as assistants alongside people are set to upend the world of industrial robotics by putting automation within reach of many small and medium-sized companies for the first time, industry players said this week.
24-06-2016 13:16
A Filipino man has been criminally charged in New Jersey with running a large and sophisticated scheme to hack into the bank and credit card accounts of well-known or celebrity customers, U.S. prosecutors said.
24-06-2016 11:53
COLOGNE, Germany A German court on Friday handed publisher Axel Springer a partial victory on Friday in its fight against so-called ad-blockers, which users can install on computers or mobile devices to prevent advertising from being shown.
24-06-2016 08:27
BRUSSELS The European Union and the United States have agreed changes to a data transfer pact that is key to transatlantic business, including stricter rules for companies holding information on Europeans and clearer limits on U.S. surveillance.
24-06-2016 07:14
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A UK-based laboratory is working to eradicate animal testing in the cosmetics industry by developing alternative methods which are not only cruelty-free but more scientifically advanced than other current tests.
23-06-2016 12:31
SEVILLE, Spain An airplane powered solely by the sun landed safely in Seville in Spain early on Thursday after an almost three-day flight across the Atlantic from New York in one of the longest legs of the first ever fuel-less flight around the world.
23-06-2016 08:47
DARMSTADT, Germany Dreaming of a trip to Mars? You'll have to wait at least 15 years for the technology to be developed, the head of the European Space Agency (ESA) said, putting doubt on claims that the journey could happen sooner.
22-06-2016 10:46
NEW DELHI India successfully launched 20 satellites in a single mission on Wednesday, with most of them set to serve international customers as the South Asian country pursues a bigger share of the $300 billion global space industry.
22-06-2016 06:21
MUNICH, Germany Europe's growing army of robot workers could be classed as "electronic persons" and their owners liable to paying social security for them if the European Union adopts a draft plan to address the realities of a new industrial revolution.
21-06-2016 13:07
FRANKFURT Britain's first official astronaut said on Tuesday he would join another trip to the International Space Station "in a heartbeat" and would love to explore the moon.
21-06-2016 10:06
NEW YORK An airplane powered solely by energy from the sun headed across the Atlantic early on Monday, on one of the longest legs of the first-ever flight around the globe without using a drop of fuel.
20-06-2016 03:52
MOJAVE, Calif. A space launch company bankrolled by Microsoft Corp co-founder Paul Allen intends to compete with space entrepreneurs and industry stalwarts by launching satellites into orbit from the world’s biggest airplane.
20-06-2016 01:00
ZHEZKAZGAN, Kazakhstan A Soyuz capsule carrying a Russian, an American and a Briton from the International Space Station made a safe parachute landing on the steppe near the Kazakh city of Zhezkazgan on Saturday.
18-06-2016 06:36
June 16 Scientists are tagging hawksbill sea turtles in a key South Pacific breeding ground, hoping that information fed to satellites will help them better understand the endangered species' nesting, feeding and migration patterns.
16-06-2016 09:43
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.,  The ground-breaking detection of gravitational waves, ripples in space and time postulated by Albert Einstein 100 years ago, that was announced in February was no fluke. Scientists said on Wednesday that they have spotted them for a second time.
15-06-2016 14:11
OSLO Some coral reefs are thriving and scientists say they may guide efforts to curb threats such as over-fishing and climate change which are blamed for widespread global declines.
15-06-2016 13:16
OTTOBRUN, Germany As airlines struggle to find cleaner ways to power jets and with an industry-wide meeting on CO2 emissions just months away, scientists are busy growing algae in vast open tanks at an Airbus site at Ottobrun, near Munich.
15-06-2016 07:25
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. Scientists for the first time have found a complex organic molecule in space that bears the same asymmetric structure as molecules that are key to life on Earth.
14-06-2016 17:36
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. Scientists for the first time have found a complex organic molecule in space that bears the same asymmetric structure as molecules that are key to life on Earth.
14-06-2016 14:16
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. An unmanned cargo ship pulled away from the International Space Station on Tuesday to stage the first of three planned NASA experiments on how big fires grow in space, an important test for astronaut safety.
14-06-2016 14:14
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Drug developer Allergy Therapeutics Plc said a study on suitable doses of its therapy to treat grass allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, did not find a recommended dose for a late-stage trial.
27-06-2016 04:40
DHAKA The World Bank said on Sunday it has approved $150 million in additional financing to help improve Bangladesh's health systems and services, bringing its total support for health projects in the country to $508.9 million.
26-06-2016 04:22
Arizona has run out of execution drugs, including a sedative implicated in botched lethal injections, according to a filing on Friday in a court case challenging the U.S. state's execution methods.
24-06-2016 21:52
Racial bias on the part of a doctor can lead to poor communication and medical treatment for black cancer patients, a U.S. study suggests.
24-06-2016 18:31
Ten years after gastric-bypass weight-loss surgery, patients in a recent study had managed to keep off much of the weight they’d lost.
24-06-2016 18:09
RIVER GROVE, Ill. As law enforcement officers across the United States feel the heat about excessive use of force, dealing with the mentally ill was the training focus for Cook County sheriff's deputies this week.
24-06-2016 18:04
New guidelines for doctors will help them treat migraine headaches that are severe enough to bring patients to the emergency department.
24-06-2016 16:06
Can pets be good for your health? Possibly yes, a study suggests.
24-06-2016 15:58
DETROIT Federal health officials on Friday confirmed that the blood lead levels of children in Flint, Michigan, rose after the city switched to the Flint River as the source of its drinking water, exposing residents to dangerously high contamination.
24-06-2016 11:14
BRUSSELS An impasse between EU nations on whether to allow Monsanto's Roundup and similar weed-killers to continue to be sold means that the European Commission, rather than national politicians, will decide the issue next week.
24-06-2016 09:43
An advisory panel to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will be asked to vote next week on whether a diabetes drug made by Eli Lilly & Co and Boehringer Ingelheim cuts the risk of cardiovascular death, according to documents posted on the agency's website on Friday.
24-06-2016 09:01
LONDON Britain's vote to leave the European Union spells regulatory uncertainty for drug companies, with the London-based European Medicines Agency (EMA), which approves treatments for all EU countries, expected to have to relocate.
24-06-2016 08:15
WASHINGTON The White House on Thursday threatened to veto the $1.1 billion approved by the U.S. House of Representatives to fight the Zika virus, blasting the measure for short-changing the administration's $1.9 billion funding request.
23-06-2016 18:31
LEGO weapon bricks have become more common in toy sets and depictions of violence in product catalogues have increased as well, according to a new study.
23-06-2016 16:55
NEW YORK San Francisco residents will have a second chance to vote on whether to tax soda after city officials this week added the measure to a November ballot that could result in more of the Bay Area being subject to the controversial levy.
23-06-2016 14:43
DETROIT Federal officials said on Thursday it is safe for anyone to drink properly filtered water in Flint, Michigan, where a public health crisis erupted after residents were exposed to dangerously high levels of lead.
23-06-2016 14:12