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Recently I had to solve the problem of finding the shortest path from A to B and implement it programmatically. "There exists tons of solutions for sure", - that what I thought... I was wrong. Few days of searching didn't give any relevant result. The maximum I have found is some mentions that this problem can be solved by using graphs theory and so called BFS algorithm (breadth first search). In this article I'll try to analyze this method of finding chess pieces shortest path in details with code examples and explanations.   Read more...
11-01-2018 14:33
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Riot police fire tear gas and rubber bullets as anti-government protests continue in Lebanon.
15-12-2019 02:18
The African continent is more vulnerable than any other region to the world's changing weather patterns.
15-12-2019 00:06
Captain Phatsima founded Dare to Dream, an organisation trying to get women into aviation.
15-12-2019 00:02
Murals across the Iraqi capital show how women are taking a rare prominent role in protests.
15-12-2019 00:01
Guymon, Oklahoma, was on its way to becoming a ghost town. Then Mexican immigrants arrived 20 years ago.
15-12-2019 00:00
Nine people are arrested on suspicion of murder and abuse of power after last month's deadly tremor.
14-12-2019 23:45
Protesters rally against the right-wing League party of Matteo Salvini, using sardines as their symbol.
14-12-2019 14:49
Bashir has been sentenced to two years for corruption - but cannot be jailed because of his age.
14-12-2019 12:36
Some of the stories you may have missed this week.
14-12-2019 12:21
The UK, US and Canada have warned people visiting India's north-east to "exercise caution".
14-12-2019 11:32
Krystal Eve Browitt died on White Island, while her father and sister were seriously injured.
14-12-2019 10:37
Patrick Reed's caddie is thrown out of the Presidents Cup in Melbourne after he "shoved" a fan who had been directing abuse at his player.
14-12-2019 08:29
Few details about the test have been released, but it is the second at the same site in less than a week.
14-12-2019 08:15
Fire warnings are in place for many areas including Perth, where temperatures are set to remain high.
14-12-2019 03:12
Growing your own fruit and veg is already eco-friendly, but it could also help fight climate change.
14-12-2019 00:45
We look at 20 photographs of the former KGB agent, who became Russia's president in 1999.
14-12-2019 00:38
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The winning app is being developed by Amazon Web Services and will be released for use in schools.
14-12-2019 16:33
More than three-quarters of consumers who haggled were offered a better deal, according to Which?
14-12-2019 12:21
Videos about the NHS received the highest views and shares on social media platforms.
14-12-2019 01:16
The BBC carried out its biggest test of machine-generated journalism to cover the general election.
13-12-2019 12:31
Sekiro takes home game of the year as Xbox confirm new console for 2020 and big titles get a new trailers.
13-12-2019 09:59
BBC Click's Paul Carter looks at some of the week's best technology stories.
13-12-2019 08:19
Amazon's cloud computing business has been a big hit, but faces some big challenges as its boss explains.
13-12-2019 00:00
A US-based AI institute says that the science behind the technology rests on "shaky foundations".
12-12-2019 19:15
The internet is driving Kenya's entertainment industry and content creators are making money online.
12-12-2019 16:29
Michael Kosanovich was standing between two cars when one was accidentally started with a remote.
12-12-2019 15:13
Humans usually take minutes to learn how to find diamonds in the game, but AI agents struggled.
12-12-2019 14:24
Video shows a hacker talking to a young girl in her bedroom via her family's Ring camera.
12-12-2019 14:02
It all seems futuristic but 2019 has seen a boom in the use of cutting edge robotic technology.
12-12-2019 00:27
The new game on US university campuses is behind computer screens as esports gets major investment.
12-12-2019 00:02
Eleven models are not expected to get a fix until after the Christmas holiday season.
11-12-2019 19:02
Super Smash Bros is the only first-party Nintendo title approved for sale in the country.
11-12-2019 13:28
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Test data indicates a land speed record should be achievable, says the project's chief engineer.
13-12-2019 17:19
A study of North America's only native parrot confirms its disappearance was down to humans alone.
13-12-2019 00:01
Talks in Madrid enter their final day with serious divisions between large emitting countries and small island states
12-12-2019 23:58
Colorado's National Eagle Repository is the only one of its kind in the world.
12-12-2019 21:35
Researchers say the rock star did not introduce the non-native species in Carnaby Street in the 60s.
12-12-2019 14:02
Geoff Grewcock set up the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary in his garden 18 years ago.
12-12-2019 00:30
Tributes are paid to the "larger-than-life" TV broadcaster, scientist and conservationist.
11-12-2019 20:50
The 16-year-old Swedish schoolgirl has inspired a global movement to fight climate change.
11-12-2019 17:18
The ice sheet's contribution to sea-level rise is now seven times what it was in the 1990s.
10-12-2019 16:03
Indigenous people come to COP25 to protest plans to expand oil production in the western Amazon.
10-12-2019 00:50
Climate change could make the problem worse, multiplying the misery for displaced people.
10-12-2019 00:49
Climate change could make the problem worse, multiplying the misery for displaced people.
10-12-2019 00:49
The "grandmother effect" was even stronger with grandmothers that had gone through the menopause.
09-12-2019 21:51
A new study ranks the importance and vulnerability of high-mountain stores of water.
09-12-2019 16:00
Sumatran tigers are critically endangered - with fewer than 400 believed to be left in the wild.
09-12-2019 02:58
The science broadcaster explains why he's been delving into the lives of some extraordinary scientists.
09-12-2019 01:17
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Five-year-old Jacob Scrimshaw was born eight weeks early with most of his left arm missing.
14-12-2019 00:00
Hospitals in England endure their worst-ever performance against waiting times.
13-12-2019 12:29
Three key targets continue to be missed in England - with A&E performance sinking to record low.
13-12-2019 09:54
Poor growth in the womb could lead to problems linked to fertility - but only in men, a study says.
12-12-2019 23:58
Anastrozole is available already, but doctors say substantially more women should be taking it.
12-12-2019 13:32
Patients and their carers in Birmingham meet to reminisce about players and the game they love.
12-12-2019 01:49
One firm lets employees work from the comfort of their own sofa, even after they've been out drinking.
12-12-2019 00:03
Non-medicinal CBD is now on sale in High Street shops across the country, including chemists.
12-12-2019 00:01
Consumers should be told it takes four hours to walk off the calories in a pizza, researchers say.
11-12-2019 01:12
Noah Blanks, aged six, had an eye removed after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.
10-12-2019 17:36
Is Labour right to say that 17,000 NHS beds have been cut by the Conservatives in England?
10-12-2019 17:00
Manish Shah cited Angelina Jolie and Jade Goody to instil fear in his patients about their health.
10-12-2019 16:27
Children in the poorest parts of the country face a bigger risk of being overweight or obese, new figures show.
10-12-2019 13:59
Louise Webb says she waited six hours in hospital for her daughter Lily to be seen by a paediatrician.
10-12-2019 11:08
A UK coroner warns there could be more deaths unless regulation is tightened.
10-12-2019 07:40
Members of the Royal College of Nursing are refusing to do things like working unpaid hours.
10-12-2019 06:48