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Recently I had to solve the problem of finding the shortest path from A to B and implement it programmatically. "There exists tons of solutions for sure", - that what I thought... I was wrong. Few days of searching didn't give any relevant result. The maximum I have found is some mentions that this problem can be solved by using graphs theory and so called BFS algorithm (breadth first search). In this article I'll try to analyze this method of finding chess pieces shortest path in details with code examples and explanations.   Read more...
11-01-2018 14:33
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George Papadopoulos has admitted lying about contacts with Russians while with the Trump campaign.
18-08-2018 03:47
A school trip ended in disaster when the bus was hit by a Saudi-led coalition missile.
18-08-2018 00:47
An artist in India is challenging sexist drawings of women in comic books, by reimaging male heroes.
17-08-2018 23:37
Like the proverbial "tiger mum", many Asians have huge expectations for the Hollywood film.
17-08-2018 23:31
A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.
17-08-2018 23:14
The entrepreneurs finding a way to turn trash from the slums into cash for the people living there.
17-08-2018 23:12
BBC Reality Check looks at the political and economic influence of Pakistan's powerful army.
17-08-2018 23:07
The French capital's new outdoor urinals cause a stir, plus other stories you may have missed.
17-08-2018 23:07
Ibtihaj Muhammad won bronze for Team Sabre at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.
17-08-2018 23:06
Russian president will "drop by" for a controversial appearance on the way to Germany for talks.
17-08-2018 23:03
PM Narendra Modi arrives in Kerala after the state's worst flooding in a century kills at least 324.
17-08-2018 22:38
The eurozone passes an important milestone on 20 August - the formal end of the bailout of Greece.
17-08-2018 21:09
Ex-Trump campaign head Paul Manafort is charged with bank and tax fraud in a high-profile case.
17-08-2018 20:44
Bank teller Boyne Johnston walked off with the equivalent of $2.2m from the safe in 1958.
17-08-2018 19:44
Fewer than half of victims' families are participating in a state funeral for those killed in Genoa.
17-08-2018 18:55
Esteban Santiago, an Iraq war veteran, was handed five life sentences for the 2017 attack.
17-08-2018 18:08
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In an "emotional" newspaper interview, Elon Musk also said he takes a sedative to help him sleep.
17-08-2018 20:07
Passengers will be scanned for explosives and weapons as they enter subway stations.
17-08-2018 11:41
BBC Click's Emily Bates looks at some of the week's best technology stories
17-08-2018 09:33
An Australian 16-year-old is in court following a series of intrusions into Apple's internal network.
17-08-2018 08:37
An offshore dairy farm aims to help Rotterdam produce its own food more sustainably.
16-08-2018 23:20
Online streaming has crushed Blockbuster and its last store is a reminder of a not-so-distant past.
16-08-2018 20:01
A search warrant seen by Forbes magazine reveals the extent of location data the FBI wants.
16-08-2018 15:44
Critics have mocked Motorola for "ripping off" Apple's design.
16-08-2018 12:12
President Trump has signed an order reversing the long-winded process of using cyber-weapons.
16-08-2018 11:24
Losses mount as Uber tries to build future profits by moves into Eats and bike sharing.
16-08-2018 10:15
The UK's competition watchdog launches an investigation into the world of celebrity endorsements.
16-08-2018 10:04
Conference organiser Paddy Cosgrave initially defended her invitation to the technology summit.
16-08-2018 05:26
A study suggests young children will trust robots and change their minds.
15-08-2018 18:00
More than 1,000 posts containing anti-Rohingya hate speech are found on the social network.
15-08-2018 16:36
According to reports, regulators want to question executives at the firm about its privatisation plans.
15-08-2018 16:32
Police made an arrest in a fatal hit-and-run case after a Reddit sleuth identifies obscure car part.
15-08-2018 12:06
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Animal expert Dr Tim Cockerill talks us through the truth about spiders.
17-08-2018 23:07
Some of the earliest galaxies to form in the Universe are sitting on our cosmic doorstep, a study says.
16-08-2018 21:09
Attempts to find a new generation of pesticides to replace neonicotinoids have been dealt a potential blow.
15-08-2018 17:46
How will Ethan Peck compare to Leonard Nimoy and other actors who've played the pointy-eared science officer?
15-08-2018 14:49
Scientists collected footage showing basking sharks being "sociable" with each other off the coast of Mull.
15-08-2018 10:39
The UK heatwave has been good for aerial archaeologists spotting hidden treasures in the dry fields.
15-08-2018 03:44
Conservation groups have called for an end to the "indiscriminate and ruthless" mountain hare culls.
14-08-2018 17:36
The Chinese tree has flowered for the first time since it was planted in Cardiff more than 100 years ago.
14-08-2018 16:00
The next few years could be "anomalously warm", according to a new study.
14-08-2018 15:31
Our big toe was one of the last parts of the foot to become human-like, as our early ancestors evolved to walk on two legs.
14-08-2018 13:35
Large-scale expansion of palm oil in Africa will very likely risk the lives of primates, a study finds.
14-08-2018 00:58
Reducing your dependence on plastics can be daunting, especially if you've got a young family.
13-08-2018 23:05
The animal turned on the Taiwanese man after he got too close with his camera at Lake Naivasha.
13-08-2018 15:50
A newly discovered species of pterosaur that lived about 210 million years ago has been found in the Utah desert.
13-08-2018 15:20
Deforestation of the Amazon and illegal fishing have both been linked to tax havens according to a new study.
13-08-2018 15:00
With frequent floods, sinking markets and engulfed homes, by 2050 parts of Jakarta will be underwater.
12-08-2018 23:10
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Child health experts say the rise is "alarming" and more should be done to reduce obesity.
18-08-2018 00:21
A 42-year-old woman was hit by a shuttlecock when she was 14 and thought the lens had fallen out.
17-08-2018 11:09
Vaping is much less harmful than normal cigarettes and it shouldn't be treated the same way, MPs warn.
17-08-2018 02:20
Moderate carbohydrate consumption is best for health and longevity, researchers say.
17-08-2018 01:28
A mother who lost four babies in four years says she went through a "harrowing experience" trying to get help.
16-08-2018 23:15
It has been nine months since the actress had a total hysterectomy to remove her womb.
16-08-2018 15:28
It is harder to judge the deceased's wishes if there is no free choice in the decision, a study claims.
16-08-2018 04:36
A cancer drug can unlock the liver's ability to regenerate, early stage research suggests.
16-08-2018 02:43
Half of neonatal units lack equipment to check babies are breathing properly, a study suggests.
16-08-2018 01:33
A legal challenge against letting women take abortion pills at home in Scotland is thrown out.
15-08-2018 13:33
It comes after Superdrug said it would start offering the treatment in one of its stores.
15-08-2018 12:39
Near-death experiences are caused by changes in how the brain operates, say researchers.
15-08-2018 07:39
Luis Walker, 8, wrote to Vertex Pharmaceuticals saying Orkambi would make him "feel much better".
15-08-2018 07:31
A BBC map helps you find out how many public toilets have been cut in your area.
15-08-2018 03:29
Researchers reveal how chemicals in some vegetables can prevent bowel cancer.
15-08-2018 00:22
Rachel's daughter Brooke, eight, will have to wait until she is 18 to be tested for the condition.
15-08-2018 00:17