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Business before pleasure. Part 6.

May 26th, 2012 No comments

When I’m planning some long-long travelling (for instance outside the continent) I recall one movie which calls The Thirteenth Floor. The idea of this movie was taken in a couple of scince fiction books one of which (collection of stories about Ion Tilhy) belongs to Stanislav Lemm – well known maitre of sci-fi genre and another one (Simpulation-3) to Daniel F. Galouye. Basic idea is a virtual worlds that are nested to each other. A main character finds the equipment for moving to a virtual world. He’s discovering usual people living there but in fact they all are just artificial intellegence who doesn’t realize itself. Their world has a strict border and there is no familar landscapes behind it. There are just graphical primitives outside. Local people never visited that place and didn’t know they were in artificial environment. This is the way I proove to myself that we’re not ligving inunfinished world when I have some long travelling :) This time I’ve decided to make sure that the one of the World Miracle – egyptian pyramids – really exists. Read more…

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iTunesConnect: storing sales reports to database

May 1st, 2012 12 comments

Recently I’ve faced the problem of populating different statistics from iTunesConnect portal. Mostly I was intrested in getting full downloading statistics. The iTunesConnect portal provides user with ability of viewing and downloading weekly sales reports only for last three monthes and daily reports only for last month which means the oldest stat is simply getting lost. The solution is obvious: we need to create some mechanism which would populate data and save it to database everyday. After implementing main routine we can enjoy with making different decorations such as visualizing and analytics. Besides, we can easily save current application states which can be useful if some of apps are in state of Wating for review.  Read more…